The summer pediatric hospital is a bit busy! How do buttons and snails “drain“ into a child“s body?

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Nearly half of the summer vacation during the epidemic has passed. The children who are not "bound" by online classes are more enjoyable to play, but

Nearly half of the summer vacation during the epidemic period has passed. Children who are not "shackled" by online classes are more enjoyable to play, but injuries that follow occur frequently. In the past few days, the reporter visited the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, Beijing Children's Hospital, Beijing East District Children's Hospital and other specialized children's hospitals and found that the number of children with fractures, trauma, and foreign bodies in the nasal cavity had increased significantly during the summer.

Date kernels, buttons and even snails "drill" into the body

"Doctor, the child stuffed a piece of plasticine into his nostrils..." Last weekend, a young couple had it early in the morning. He hugged his 2-year-old daughter and hurriedly entered the Otolaryngology Clinic of the First Children's Clinic. It turned out that when the little girl was playing, she stuffed a small piece of plasticine into the left nostril. Although the parents immediately rinsed the child's nose with saline, the plasticine still did not come out. It was not until they found the child had a runny nose that the couple panicked and hurried to the hospital.

The summer pediatric hospital is a bit busy! How do buttons and snails “drain“ into a child“s body?

In the Department of Otolaryngology, Seoul Children's Institute, a child with a foreign body in the nasal cavity is undergoing a rhinoscopy

"What color of plasticine?" "Pink, a small piece." Take a nose and have a look.” In the treatment room, otolaryngologist Du Jun calmed the child while reminding the parents to hold the child.

Even though the anaesthetic was sprayed in advance, when the long nasal cannula was inserted into the child's nostrils, the little girl burst into tears. "It's a bit swollen. There is a thick white nose in the left nasal cavity, which is not like plasticine. The foreign body may slip into the throat and be swallowed by the child. The runny nose should be caused by a cold or rhinitis. Spray a few days first. I will check again in a few days..."

"I also received a small child with a foreign body in the esophagus in the morning and swallowed a dime." Du Jun was helpless when he sent the small child away Shaking his head, "Since the summer, about 80% of children with foreign bodies in the respiratory tract have been received by the ENT emergency department."

The reporter learned that in the first child's office, ENT doctors from the children There are many kinds of foreign objects taken out from parts such as ears, ears and trachea, including jujube seeds, buttons, water marbles, cassia seeds, Lego toys, button batteries, and living snails, cockroaches and small insects. "The most dangerous thing is a foreign body in the trachea. The child may be life-threatening at a later date. Sometimes the child has to be admitted to the hospital immediately." Du Jun reminds parents that they must take good care of their children, especially to prevent them Small parts and small toys are stuffed into the nose, ears or mouth.

In the emergency department of Beijing Children's Hospital, there are also a lot of children who have missed a dose during summer vacation. The types of accidentally ingested items are even more diverse. In addition to various drugs, the children who are ingested into the stomach include thumbtacks, magnetic beads, water-absorbing bombs, and button batteries.

"These things are extremely dangerous." said Wang Quan, director of the emergency department of Beijing Children's Hospital. Take the brightly colored absorbent bomb as an example. Once it reaches the child's stomach, it will quickly absorb water and expand, causing intestinal obstruction. It is removed by surgery; there are also children who swallow more than two magnetic beads several times. The beads are sucked together in two sections of intestines through the intestinal wall, which can directly lead to ischemic necrosis of the middle intestinal wall, and then the intestine Perforation; swallowing button batteries is also very dangerous. The mucus in the esophagus of children can short-circuit the battery and release corrosive chemicals, causing perforation of the esophagus.

Children’s fractures are highly concealed and easily overlooked.

is also a “big family” in the treatment of injured children. Han held up his left hand wrapped in "Zongzi" to review. The little girl hurt herself while playing with dumbbells at home, causing a fracture of the left middle finger.

On the morning of the same day, several children came to the clinic one after another, basically all of them had fractures.

The summer pediatric hospital is a bit busy! How do buttons and snails “drain“ into a child“s body?

The orthopedic surgeon of the First Children's Institute is examining the injured child

"Uncle, does the operation hurt?" The 6-year-old Yin Yin asked the doctor tearfully. At this time, her right arm was completely unable to move. The first night, the little girl stepped on a swivel chair to reach for the toys on the bookshelf, and accidentally fell off, causing a fracture of the internal epicondyle of the humerus. Orthopedic emergency physician Yuan Yi told the parents: “This is an intra-articular fracture that needs to be fixed by a plaster.Dangerous and easy to move. Therefore, the child needs to be fixed with a Kirschner wire through surgery. "

" Since the summer vacation, there has been a significant increase in the number of children with fractures and trauma in the orthopedics department. There are 50 to 60 cases every day, almost double the number before the holiday. According to Wang Xishun, the chief orthopedic physician at the First Children's Institute, the age of orthopedic children is mainly from 3 to 10 years old, and there are many types of injuries. Among them, many children are injured on scooters and balance bikes. The trauma is concentrated on the knife. Injuries, scratches from glass and metal objects, as well as being squeezed by doors, etc. There are also several children who were scratched while playing with their mother’s eyebrow trimmer.

"We especially do not recommend children to ride a balance bike, because When riding a bicycle, the center of gravity of the child's body will be raised, the speed is fast, and it is easy to fall and cause fractures. ”

Recently, among the children admitted to the Pediatric Surgery Department of Beijing East District Children’s Hospital, nine out of ten are traumatic, including abrasions, skin cracks and fractures.

The summer pediatric hospital is a bit busy! How do buttons and snails “drain“ into a child“s body?

北京东区Children’s Hospital Pediatric surgeon is treating the hand wound for the child

Two days ago, an 11-year-old boy accidentally fell while riding a scooter. At that time, his body didn’t hurt much, and the parents didn’t. I cared too much. But I didn’t expect that the next day the child’s right elbow was so swollen that he couldn’t even lift his hands, so he had to come to the hospital.

When asked about the patient’s medical history, Guo Wenyan, a pediatric surgeon at the East District Children’s Hospital I learned that when the child fell down that day, he first supported the ground with his right hand. "It didn't look very good. It might be a fracture. It is recommended to take a picture. "After the film came out, the child really broke his elbow.

Until the doctor put the child in a cast, the parent was still confused: "The child did not fall to the elbow, how could he break it? "In this regard, Guo Wenyan said that when the child fell, the right wrist was strongly supported on the ground, and force transmission occurred. This is the cause of the elbow fracture.

"Children’s fractures are sometimes hidden. The injured area is often just swelling, and the child does not feel too painful and is easily ignored by the parents. "Guo Wenyan said that if the child has symptoms such as swelling of the limbs and restricted mobility after the injury, he must not delay, and he should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid delays in treatment; if only a little skin is rubbed, disinfect with alcohol at home to keep the wound dry Yes.

Children injured in car accidents are often seriously injured.

A few days ago, in the emergency observation ward of Beijing Children’s Hospital, a 5-year-old boy wore two black eyes. ", sitting pitifully on the hospital bed. The little guy fell his head while playing with the children, causing intracranial hemorrhage. "It hurts..." The boy hummed silently in his eyes, and the parent looked worried.

It ranges from road traffic injuries, fall injuries, misuses, to small bumps, abrasions and cuts... Since the summer, in the emergency department of Beijing Children's Hospital, various injured children can be seen almost daily and the number is obvious Increased.

On July 29, the emergency department received two children injured in a car accident. On the same day, the family drove out, and the grandmother hugged her 2-year-old brother and sat in the back of the car with her 6-year-old sister. None of the children sat in a safety seat. When the

car accident occurred, although the younger brother was held in his arms by his grandmother, he was still bounced out instantly, and even acted as the grandmother’s "airbag" to a certain extent. Intracranial hemorrhage and brain contusion; the 6-year-old sister suffered a severe fracture of her lower extremity, and the distal artery of one leg hardly pulsed. She was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery...

"This child road traffic safety injury The incident was very typical. If the siblings were sitting in the safety seats at the time, they would definitely not get hurt so badly. "Beijing Children’s Hospital Emergency Department Director Wang Quan revealed that in addition to car accident injuries that occurred while riding in a car, there were also injured children who were riding motorcycles or electric vehicles on the road. Most of them were 13 or 14 years old and their injuries were also very serious.

Some of the injured children were burned. Two days ago, a 12-year-old boy was admitted to the Pediatric Surgery Department of Beijing East District Children’s Hospital. The child made a small experiment at home and burned a plastic product with fire. , The hot liquid dripped on the feet, and there was a big blister that almost covered the entire instep. When the child went to the hospital for examination, he had reached a deep second degree burn. There were also some scalded children who accidentally touched and spilled it. With hot soup,The bowl or cup of hot water is injured.

Dr. Guo Wenyan reminds parents that after a child is burned, do not apply soy sauce, toothpaste or sesame oil. These things are not only ineffective, but may also cause infection, and will affect the doctor's judgment of the degree of burns on the child's skin. He suggested that after burns and scalds, rinse with running water for at least 15 minutes as soon as possible to reduce heat damage, which is much better than the later recovery effect of visiting the hospital without any treatment. In addition, it is not recommended to use ice cubes directly, which is not conducive to wound recovery in the later period.

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