Why is the traffic jam so serious? For these 4 reasons, any car owner is disgusted

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With the popularization of automobiles, it has not only brought much convenience to our lives, but also shortened the distance between people. But the

With the popularization of automobiles, it not only brings a lot of convenience to our lives, but also shortens the distance between people. But there are always two sides to everything. While the car brings us benefits, the disadvantages are also obvious. First, the most prominent is the environmental problem, which makes the environmental pollution problem more serious, and the second is the traffic jam.

Why is the traffic jam so serious? For these 4 reasons, any car owner is disgusted

Under the blessing of leading international fuel and emission standards , The environmental pollution problem has been greatly improved, but traffic jams have been plagued by car owners. Although the relevant departments have adopted some measures and policies, the results have not been significant. Now not only in the first and second tier cities during the morning and evening rush hours, but even in the ninth-tier small counties, the traffic jam is very serious.To a certain extent, it has affected people's normal life. In fact, there are many reasons for traffic jams, the large number of cars is only one of them, and some reasons are caused by the driver's personal reasons, such as the following 4, any of which makes the car owner extremely disgusted.

1. Slow cars on fast lanes

This situation is mainly for slow cars on highways. Nowadays, traffic jams not only occur on urban roads, but also often appear on highways. Generally speaking, when a traffic jam occurs on a high-speed, it is either a traffic accident or a novice driver driving slowly on the fast lane, which suppresses the speed of the entire traffic flow. In fact, driving at a slow speed on a high speed is very risky. In the event of a serial rear-end collision on the fast lane, the slow car is responsible for all the responsibilities. In addition, the same is true for passing traffic lights. Slowly, it is easy for vehicles behind to not pass the intersection normally, thereby increasing the probability of traffic jams.

Why is the traffic jam so serious? For these 4 reasons, any car owner is disgusted

2, unreasonable speed limit

Many car owners and drivers should I have had this experience, driving very smoothly along the way, and suddenly the speed limit is suddenly reached in some places. It is obviously very slow to drive at 60km/h. As a result, the speed limit in front is 40km/h. The unexpected speed limit will cause traffic to gather here. . In particular, there are frequent traffic jams in highways, county towns, and scenic spots on holidays. A large part of the reason is that the speed limit settings on certain road sections are unreasonable, causing traffic jams, and some car owners and drivers who are too late to respond inexplicably get tickets.

Why is the traffic jam so serious? For these 4 reasons, any car owner is disgusted

3. Forcible stoppages at intersections

Driving in strict compliance with traffic rules, every driver has already learned it in driving school, but now it is getting more and more When many car owners and drivers were driving on the road, they turned a deaf ear to this one, changed lanes at will and blocked them, and found that there were other lanes that could be used, regardless of the vehicles behind, they changed lanes directly. Either the time to pass the traffic light was shortened, or it happened. Scratching and completely blocking the two lanes, the road traffic may be OK, but as soon as this behavior goes up, the traffic that was not too congested will immediately become congested. Many traffic jams are caused by car owners and drivers not observing traffic rules. Forcibly changing lanes and stopping is definitely one of the culprits.

Why is the traffic jam so serious? For these 4 reasons, any car owner is disgusted

4. Vehicles are parked indiscriminately

Nowadays, there are a large number of cars in our country, but parking spaces are very scarce, sometimes driving around half a circle I couldn’t find a parking space for many hours. Some car owners and drivers chose to ignore traffic regulations and park their cars on the side of the road in order to save money, or to say that they did not find a parking space. The risk of being scratched, and the possibility of being ticketed by traffic police or even towed away. Such wantonly occupation of half of the road traffic space, seriously affecting the efficiency of passing vehicles, and very easy to cause traffic jams.

The above four , Which one do you hate most?

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