4. Discuss in detail the nature and usage of “Chong“

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Ziwu Chong, Ugly Chong, Yin Xiang Chong, Mao Xiang Chong, Chen Wu Chong, Si Hai Chong. Six punches correspond to positions. The five elements have mut

Ziwu Chong, Chou Wei Chong, Yin Shen Chong, Mao You Chong, Chen Xu Chong, Si Hai Chong. Six punches correspond to positions. The five elements have mutual restraint, conflict and war. In addition to status hedging, there is also the meaning of Yuan Chongke, the Tibetan in the branch. In the midday of the ziwu phase, the Zizhong Guishui is against the midday Dinghuo, and the Wuzang Jitu is against the Zizhong Guishui. The ugliness is not in conflict, the ugliness of Xinjin is not in Yimu, and the ugliness of Dinghuo is not in the middle of Guishui and Xinjin. Chenxu opposes each other, Chenzhongguishui overcomes Xuzhongdinghuo, Xuzhongxin Jinkechenzhongyimu. Sihai Xiangchong, Sizhong Geng Jin Kehaizhong Jiamu, Haizhong Renshui Ke Sizhong Bing fire.

4. Discuss in detail the nature and usage of “Chong“

Years and months, and leave the country. The years of the year, the father and the son are at odds.

In the six strokes, the impact of water and fire can be mutually restrained according to the balance of power, that is, water prospering can restrain fire, and fire prospering can restrain water. The punch of gold and wood can only restrain the wood, but not the wood. Said; the impulse of the tomb warehouse is to open the warehouse or make the warehouse. The impulse of the two adjacent earth branches is large, and the force of the opposition is small. The impulse moves, changes, and moves. Defeating, losing the right to life and restraint. The use of Shen Feng Chong to indicate sudden and unforeseen disasters, such as car accidents and injuries. Whether the conflict is good or bad depends on whether you use God to defeat or avoid defeat. Two five elements of similar strength conflict. , Both sides lose their strength, showing that no one accepts the other, most of them move around and change. If there are two strikes and one, three strikes and one, usually the more side wins. But if the main striker is the Grand Canal and fleeting yearsWith one rush for two or three, the Grand Canal will never fail, and the rushed party expresses impulse in the game. The soil will be more prosperous if the soil is flushed with the soil.

4. Discuss in detail the nature and usage of “Chong“

The original game of the eight characters has an impact. Why did it move? It depends on the two five elements and ten gods that oppose each other. Finance and India Chong, there are many changes in life due to finances, work and the personnel represented by India Star. Wounded officials clashed with officials, expressing official infraction, injury, career, work, etc. In short, the personnel represented by officials and wounded officials have changed and are unstable.

DailyIt seems that the marriage is not going well or you are walking around. Opposing opponents like to use gods, expressing sudden disasters. Such as Yin Shen Chong, Ruo Yin is the Indian Star, and Shen is the Fortune Star, most of which indicate changes in work and career. Another example is the Binghuo Sun Lord, Sihai Chong, has been Lu, Hai is the seven kills, and Po Lu means wealth or injury. In short, Chong is very complicated and very important. Now let's make a comprehensive summary.

4. Discuss in detail the nature and usage of “Chong“

1. The essence of Chong is to exchange, that is, I give you my things and yours to me. Confrontation is the combination of the two to create aMutual contacts. It means gaining, exchanging, and mutual possession. In many cases, rushing does not mean destructiveness. Only when rushing in and taking offense is the possibility of rushing. Example: Nv Ming

Guixin Guigeng

Maoyou Youshen

There is more gold and less wood, and the purpose is to make wood. The character has no wealth, and the god of food is wealth. The original god of wealth is the original god of wealth, which means great wealth. Maoyouchong means the in and out of money and the exchanges of money. Finance and trade are actually the president of a bank.

2. The tomb and the tomb clash are the open tomb change library.

In the eight characters, if there is no tomb, it is like a tomb. The tomb was washed away and turned into a library, and the contents in it can be accessed at will, so the tomb opens every time it rushes. For example, male life

Ren Wu Xin Bing

Zi Shen Weishen

This life is in a bad family situation. He has no ability and has not been able to get a wife. Hit to see seat supportThe soil is a treasury, but there is no punishment, and the Universiade does not go to the tomb. The tomb cannot be opened, so there is no marriage.

4. Discuss in detail the nature and usage of “Chong“

3. The impact can be rushed, impulsive, rushed

rushed, impulsive refers to the fate or the great fortune in the past year. Combining can move together, and impulsive can also be impulsive, but the word being washed must be vigorous. If the Universiade rushes to the characters in the game, they can generally be destroyed or rushed away. Example, female life

Xingui Dinggui

Hai Si Wei Mao

Great luck enters the unitary luck, and the ugliness is fleeting. Just look at your own ugliness and the passing of years, it is the treasury who rushes to yourself, indicating that you are rich. But looking at the Universiade You, the air of the fire and the earth has gone to decline. While Chou Wei rushed to open the treasury, it also destroyed Wei Tu, hurting the foundation of life, because Wei Tu is the fire of life. It can't be bad, the conclusion is good luck first and then evil. The actual situation is: this year, the contracting project made a lot of money, but half of the work was judged as illegal demolition, but a lot of money was lost.

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