Popular Science | Psychology in Constellation

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The psychological root behind the Barnum effect is a strange phenomenon in life, that is, when someone uses some seemingly ordinary but extensive and

Popular Science | Psychology in Constellation

Why does "Zodiac Theory" seem to be reliable?

Why do everyone think of the constellation after watching the constellation! This is me!

The constellation is a big topic in our lives, let us take a look at the psychology it can contain!

Popular Science | Psychology in Constellation

Ba Nahm effect

Behind the checklist

Psychological roots

There is a strange phenomenon in life , That is, when someone uses some seemingly common language to describe a person with broadness and vagueness, he will easily accept these hints and think that these words are talking about himself-even if these words are actually not related to him. It doesn’t matter.

This kind of “checking in” behavior is the “Barnum effect” in psychology.

A real person who has never contacted you, or even knows any information about you, can predict your personality. Would you believe it? If you don’t believe me, see if you are described in the following paragraph?

"You really need others to like and respect you. You have a tendency to be self-critical. You have many abilities that can be your strengths that you haven't used, and you also have some shortcomings, but you can generally overcome them. You have some difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex. Although you look calm on the outside, you are actually anxious on the inside. You sometimes doubt whether the decisions or actions you have made are correct. You like changes in your life and hate being restricted. You think of yourself You can think independently and proudly. If you don’t have sufficient evidence, you will not accept other people’s suggestions. You think it is unwise to show yourself too frankly in front of others. You are sometimes outgoing, kind and sociable, and sometimes introverted, cautious, Silence. Some of your ambitions are often veryUnrealistic. ”


Individuals are very easy to accept psychological cues from others, and regard such cues as completely correct information and believe that Doubt. In fact, when we believe in someone or something in our hearts, we can always find all kinds of evidence to support ourselves; even if we can’t find evidence, we can find ways to make it match our inner expectations.

Popular Science | Psychology in Constellation

The Rosenthal effect

///Some people will become who they "should be".

The Rosenthal effect: Some people will become who they "should be."

An important reason for many people to believe in constellations is that they find that their personality characteristics coincide with the most distinctive characteristics of the corresponding constellations.

This coincidence is not necessarily a coincidence, but it is usually not the constellation that accurately predicts your personality, but the "Rosenthal effect" at work.

Many people don’t have a precise understanding of their personality, but when people around them constantly suggest that he has a certain personality based on the constellation, he will gradually become this kind of person. .

There is a friend next to me, because he remembered his birthday by mistake, he always thought he was a Capricorn year, and later found out he was a Sagittarius, until he said he was actually a Taurus...


His constellation is constantly changing, but every time it changes to a different constellation, he finds that his constellation analysis makes sense and is very accurate. In other words, some analysis comes with some predictions. For example, if you improve your introverted personality, you will have better chances and opportunities. He will make changes according to the astrological analysis. Once some surprises really happen, He will feel more accurate.





The most It is easy to understand the deviation of survivors, that is, "the dead cannot speak." For example, why are those who die in a fight first? This unsolved case that once puzzled the police, if you think about it, you will understand that the dead will not record confessions. Those who survive, without exception, will say that the deceased acted first.


To put it simply, only those who think the theory of constellations are reliable will believe in constellations. These people get together to discuss the topic of constellations, of course, they are increasingly convinced of the magic of constellations.

Popular Science | Psychology in Constellation

The shadow between the bags under the eyes and the lying silkworm

The so-called pseudoscience actually has a certain truth and is recognized by the public, but it cannot be used with science Theory goes to certification. In fact, this also shows that the constellation has scientific truth, but we have not found it.

The reason why the constellation is so accurate is actually because there is a certain scientific truth in it, as well as the existence of self-suggestion by the public. Only in this way can constellation divination be so popular.

No matter how reliable the constellation is, it has to be admitted that it is a good topic for chat. Two people who don't know each other may chat in full swing because of the constellation. Suppose someone talked about the constellation with you, but you are righteously talking about the various constellations of TA science, most likely it will make others think you are very uninteresting. Therefore, from the perspective of interpersonal communication, constellations are indeed a good thing.

Popular Science | Psychology in Constellation

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