Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

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—St. Exupéry In 1977, astronomer Charles Kowal discovered an asteroid between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. At 7:39 tomorrow morning, the Chiron at

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Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

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The twinkling of stars is to let everyone find their own star one day. ——Saint Exupéry

In 1977, astronomer Charles Kowal (Charles Kowal) found an asteroid between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. He gave it a name: Chiron Star.

Tomorrow at 7:39 am, the Chiron at 5°56' Aries will turn retrograde.

On the second day after Mercury retrograde, this asteroid also joined the retrograde army. Today's celestial map shows the grand scenes of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Chiron-the six star group inverse.

Until December 14th, Chiron will not end this journey.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

Chiron, astrologers call it "the wounded healer." When this healer’s retrograde happens in Aries, the opportunity to face our inner hurt comes. This time We need to be bold and direct. In these five months, Chiron will help us release pain, reveal the toxic patterns in life, and ultimately heal our wounds.

Anger is the main emotion we will deal with-how to understand it, comfort it and release it.

We need to evaluate our "wounds" and our health. The Chiron retrograde in Aries, the lesson we need to learn is about caution, not stoppingAnd sabotage-healthy Aries energy can fight for the benefit of others and yourself, stagnation will take greater risks for Aries.

In astrology, the "healer" of Chiron comes from the half-human and half-person who was shot in the leg by a poisoned arrow and then devoted himself to healing others. horse.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

However, compared to physical trauma, The emotional trauma suffered by Chiron in childhood is actually more influential-it points out those The fear we buried has not disappeared but is composing our life script in an unconscious way.

He is our inner child. He has been calling for love for a long time.


Neglected childhood trauma in the prototype of Chiron

In ancient mythology, Chiron is the son of Philyra, the goddess of the ocean, and Cronus, the Titan giant. There are also versions saying that he is Saturn Son. Although the details of different versions may be differentIt’s different, but the description is the same--

When Chiron was an adult, he was shot in the leg by a poisonous arrow with magic, as the son of god He will not die because of this, but he can't escape the continuous physical pain. After this encounter, he devoted all his efforts to healing others while also seeking relief for his own suffering.

However, before Chiron was physically injured, he also experienced other traumas-an emotional and psychological trauma.

Chiron’s early life experience hurt him. Some versions of myth say that he was abandoned by his parents: his father, Kronos Pregnancy in PhiluraShe disappeared without a trace, and her mother, Firura, thought that he was a deformed monster after Chiron was born, and was so panicked all day that she begged the gods to "become her whatever she wants, as long as she is no longer a monster." 'Mother'.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

The gods took pity on her, turned her into a linden tree, and made Chiron lose her mother.

Describes how Apollo and other gods intervened, took care of, and protected Chiron. After all, if Chiron remained unattended, he would die. This fostering method also allowed Chiron to learn some useful skills in the future.

How did the absent parents affect Chiron?

Mythology does not give much explanation for this psychological trauma. It just says that Chiron became a wise mentor and healer after he grew up,Famous Greek heroes and princes such as Achilles, Hercules and Asclepius impart knowledge. At that time, Chiron was "famous for his kindness and wisdom." Before being shot by a poisoned arrow, his life was really complete.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

Although people’s perception of Chiron is mainly based on the concept of "traumatic healer", in my opinion, the image of the abandoned child in the story It also makes Chiron a powerful symbol of human psychological trauma in the early years, which usually occurs when we suffer from chronic pain or disease.

Like Chiron, we may not face it at all before we are injured or have a situation, let alone heal those emotional wounds. The position of Chiron in the natal chart usually refers to our childhood trauma. These traumas rarely disappear on their own, although we may gradually ignore them and pretend to be unaware of their existence.

Like Chiron, most of us have received support from others, allowing us to grow into independent adults...but in the process, we have also successfully integrated those core The impact of trauma is deeply buried, until we experience the Chiron transit, it will force us to look more deeply at the past.


The symbol of Chiron: Our inner child

The change in my understanding of Chiron occurred in the 1990s. At that time, I was 41 years old, and Chiron was making a square with my natal Chiron in Aquarius.

Through the problems that emerged at that time, I began to realize that Chiron is not only a healer of trauma, but it also symbolizes the depths of my heart. That timid and helpless child, I can communicate with this child, show sympathy to him, accept him and give him love-the ultimate healing tool.

The revelation of this personal experience stems from my fear of separation in my childhood-I worry that once I expose my uniqueness, I will become an outsider, isolated and rejected by everyone, and become alone.people.

As ​​a relationship came to this familiar and painful ending, I was very depressed and determined that I would never "make the same mistake again."

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

I wanted to learn from these rejected experiences, so I asked a counselor for help, and she applied this inner child theory to treatment. In the days when I was together, I began to fully understand the influence of Chiron on my life. Most importantly, I learned this method to heal myself and others.

Sometimes, children are much smarter than their actual age, but they are also prone to extreme reactions, after all, they are not mature enough to handle well Strong emotions.

When a child wants something but does not know how to get it, the first emotion that appears is confusion, then the collapse of confidence, and finally situationThe explosion of threads. At that moment, the child will only focus on the desired goal, accompanied by frustration that has not been achieved.

This is actually our inner Chiron, the part of the inner child, that will react when our needs cannot be met.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

It tends to act instinctively, What’s more terrifying is that it seems that its existence is completely dependent on the satisfaction of that specific need. Its ability to look at things objectively is distorted by fear, fearing that it will never be able to have, feel or understand the fulfillment of needs.

My natal Chiron is in Aquarius. People around me are usually more independent, but they also need to deal with the fear of loneliness. The child inside me doesn’t know how to create a completely independent Other people, and will magnify the feeling of being ignored and isolated, even if it is entirely his own choice.

This inner child with the characteristics of Aquarius pays too much attention to these negative feelings every time, because he is worried that his true self cannot be accepted by others, so he always looks at life through colored glasses.

Former US President Barack Obama’s Chiron is in Pisces, the first house of his natal chart. At the same time with his moon appearance, oppose Pluto.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

The inner child represented by Chiron Pisces is eager to stay connected with others and hopes to show others that he is compassionate Heart and understanding, and hope that others will give him the same things.

However, the fear of this inner child is that it is difficult for him to let go or believe in others, so he often goes through the process of disillusionment, acting as a victim or martyrdom The role of the person. The difficult aspect of the moon and Pluto makes ObaThe horse's natal chart has become more complex, with elements of emotional alienation and emotional reaction, as well as a strong desire to achieve destiny.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs


1 Chiron cycle: the emergence of key events

Tang En (pseudonym) is a multi-talented and elegant woman in her 60s. Her manners and ability to listen to others are well received. She is very self-aware, good at observing words and colors, and is well versed in the ups and downs of interpersonal relationships. At her age, she looks peaceful and confident, marriedMarriage life is happy and stable...

However, her story tells us that there is always another side to those seemingly beautiful appearances. In Dunn's natal chart, Chiron is in Libra, conjoins Juno and Jupiter in the ninth house, and forms different aspects with the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Ascendant.

The Chiron in Libra represents a strong desire for cooperation and equal relationships. However, there is often a blind spot in the inner child self of such people, that is, how to establish this Kind of relationship he desires so much.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

In Dunn’s life experience, we have discovered consistent themes.

Dunn is 6 years oldAt that time, Chiron and her natal Chiron were squared, and her authoritarian father left for a full year due to work (the natal Chiron-Saturn squared). She clearly remembered the absence of the man she affectionately called the "commander", but she remembered the fear he had when he returned home.

She deals with this fear in a way unique to Chiron Libra. She has learned to be friendly and helpful. In retrospect, Dunn felt that it was this early experience that shaped her later interactions with authority figures and men.

Dunn ushered in the opposition of Chiron when she was 26 years old. At that time, she had just separated from her first husband (Libra) and later The man who became her second husband (also Libra) had a relationship.

She remembers that after her first marriage became a "broken dream", she was excited about her "having a chance to live again". She originally thought that she was in an equal, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation relationship. They agreed that Dunn would work and support the family while her husband was studying for a doctorate degree. When her husband graduated, they would exchange roles, and Dunn would return to campus.

But over time, Dunn clearly realized that her husband would never fulfill his half of the agreement. Despite this, Dunn did not choose to talk to him about his dissatisfaction (the Chiron-Mercury quintile). In the long-term self-silence, she felt powerless and lost confidence in her relationship (the natal Chiron-juno-Jupiter conjunction).

When asked about the lack of communication, Dunn said that she had never seen her parents disagree, so when she faced a possible conflict, she didn’t know how to speak. From her early marriage experience What I learned is that the key to maintaining a relationship is to either devote all your energy or take control of the situation, but it is by no means a direct solution to the problem.

Dunn ushered in at 43 years old Fortune Chiron gradually loses its penalty. At that time, she was temporarily separated from her third husband (and current). The two broke up after three years together. She clearly realized that she was still creating a mutually dependent relationship. She realized that over the years, She played the role of a parent rather than a lover in every relationship with her partner. She realized that she didn’t even understand her needs, let alone in a period of time.Her needs were raised in the relationship.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

In order to "no longer feel this way", she interrupted the relationship and sought help from psychological counseling.

Dunn remembers that when she was 50, it was also the year when Chiron returned. It was a "happy and happy" year. She married her third husband (Cancer) a year ago and believes that she will bid farewell to the painful marriage pattern of the past. She no longer depends entirely on her other half of her happiness or presence, and she feels that she can finally clarify where the boundaries of the relationship are.

Of course, this is the ideal result of Chiron’s transit cycle-when Chiron completes its transit cycle, the fear of the inner child’s self has been healed . But my experience as an astrology consultant tells me that Sometimes the return of Chiron will trigger more critical events, which will eventually push the individual to break through the pain and fear of the past.


When Chiron is activated

When Chiron is activated by transit, what usually happens?

If the journey takes place before the individual is cured, then the inner child self will still be under the control of the core fear. Imagine a child who can barely see the scene in front of the car. When driving, I was already in confusion and fear, but now I am still in an emotionally uncontrollable situation.Under the circumstances, ensure the direction...This will only increase the fear, and the hands holding the steering wheel will gradually become slippery.

At this time, the individual’s inner mature self may be sitting in the back of the car, almost unaware that he has given control to a “child”.

Since the fear response is a deep-seated response, everything seems to be OK. The mature self may be in a state of sleep without even knowing that some kind of influence is gradually fermenting. Or, when the mature self begins to awaken, it may criticize and condemn the child self, or forcefully regain control.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

Unfortunately, Even if you do this, it will treat the symptoms but not the root cause. This kind of pain will reappear in the future, usually when Chiron is activated again by the transit.

If you want to successfully heal an individual, the key point is that the mature self needs to stay awake and consciously interrupt the influence of Chiron.

This usually requires an outsider (such as an astrologer) to give a calm assessment first, without any emotional, objective view of the status quo. Many people have the idea that the negative part of their personality seems to be in control of everything , They know what needs to be done to prevent the situation from getting worse, but are at a loss as to how to accomplish this task.


Heal the inner childMethod

I learned The self-healing skills I got have become an invaluable treasure in my life, and I often recommend this method to those who are experiencing the important fortunes of Chiron-whether it is Chiron, Chiron, or Chiron. There are aspects between other planets, or there are aspects between the transiting outer planets and the natal Chiron.

The theory behind

is actually very simple: Our inner child self is like any frightened child, it needs comfort and love, and knows that There are trusted adults who can handle all problems well.

Each of us has a set of methods to comfort others, which may be closely related to our growth experience. But in healing children’s ego, the old methods may not always work.

We know that understanding the nature of things can help people overcome fear, but for a child who is afraid of thunder, even if he knows that thunder and lightning are caused by electromagnetic force, He doesn't feel better because of it. Even if you take the last example and say that everything will get better, the frightened child will not be comforted by it...

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

If you are used to comforting others in a heart-to-heart way, then you’d better remember,The last thing the child self needs to hear the mature self is "Yes, I am also afraid".

In fear and confusion, children What the self needs is hugs and comfort, while the mature self onlyI need to say three simple words intimately, they are:

"I'm sorry to let you encounter these things that scared you."

"I understand."

" I love you."

Of course, in order to use this technique well, we must first have the ability to empathize. We may need to remember our childhood In a certain situation, we perceive the same Chiron fear at that time, or are hurt by this fear. thenWe can imagine that when we grow up we hold our young selves, with tenderness and care, repeating those three simple but powerful words over and over again.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

The power of these three sentences is actually powerful enough. Another key point of this technique is to say it out loud, and not just to yourself. It’s like exercising. ——Speaking loudly is like walking or running. The difference between him and pure talking is that one can have the expected healing effect, and the other does not.

We can try to hold something in our arms, as if we are really comforting a child, it may be easier to say it out loud. Plush toys work best, especially those that remind us of our beloved toys in childhood That kind. If you can hug a pillow and imagine it as your inner child self, then a pillow is also a good choice. Some people even find that hugging themselves is quite effective.

When my therapist mentioned this technique to me for the first time, my first reaction was anxiety and embarrassment: "What am I going to do? Hug a soft toy and tell I love it. I'm sorry that it was scared?"

But in the end, my deep desire to heal the pain gave me the courage to try— -good results. This method can effectively treat the personal problems that have plagued us for many years, and it is especially helpful for dealing with the effects of Chiron. It can also be used to treat other kinds of emotional traumas, even some of the fear or pain we need to face right now.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

If something makes If you have emotions and find it difficult to get through the whole day, then you can find a private time to try this self-treatment. If you think it can be tolerated, you can use this technique at the end of the day.

This therapy actually kills two birds with one stone: It can not only heal our child self, but also make our mature self stronger. Only by achieving it at the same time, we can break through the fear caused by the psychological trauma of Chiron Trouble.

Chiron’s inner child trauma

When 1977 When Chiron was first discovered in 2009, it was in Taurus.

Since Chiron has an operating cycle of approximately 50 years, we have not yet been able to complete To see its influence in the constellations of the zodiac. In the next few years, we will continue to studyInvestigate this planet and how to make better use of its energy.

The following list is the influence of Chiron in different constellations, houses and aspects in this natal chart, I hope it can help you better Explore the theme of Chiron on your chart.

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs

Tomorrow Chiron will be retrograde, but I want to give myself a hug yesterday: the child in the 12 signs


What’s the position of your Chiron?

What is your inner need in the appendix?

Welcome to share with us in the comments section

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