Taurus, Gemini, Cancer this week“s horoscope (2019/07/08-2019/07/14)

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The fortune of Taurus this week is affected by Mercury retrograde, and this week will be a bit hard for you. You have to face the pressure from your f

Taurus Horoscope this week

Affected by Mercury retrograde, this week will be a bit hard for you. You have to face the pressure from your family members (urging into marriage, children’s education issues, etc.). Some people may also have conflicts due to generation gaps with their elders, or even a cold war. Some people also need to pay attention to the health of their family members. There may be some unexpected events this week, which will test your resilience and execution.

Lucky Match

Intellectual makeup: Taurus has an enviable good temperament, and intellectual makeup will be very suitable for them.

Nude blush: Nude blush is elegant in color, but it can also make people look good in a second.

Fish mouth shoes: Fish mouth shoes are one of the most favorite shoes in summer.The outfits are very beautiful.

Wide-leg trousers: Wide-leg trousers give you an outstanding atmosphere of free and easy atmosphere.

Taurus, Gemini, Cancer this week“s horoscope (2019/07/08-2019/07/14)

Gemini this week's horoscope

This week's Gemini The ruling planet is going retrograde and will continue until August 1. Therefore, you may have more communication barriers this week, and you need to be patient.In addition, Mars is in your third house. If you have to deal with payments or reminders this week, it may not go well. Even if the entertainment life is rich and colorful, and you live a life of singing every night, you must be careful not to forget the right career.

Lucky Match

Funny makeup: Gemini has a unique temperament, so you might as well try a special funny makeup.

Wild eyebrow: Wild eyebrow is a popular eyebrow shape recently, reflecting the natural and unpretentious feeling.

Wide version top: The wide version top is comfortable to wear and can also create a lazy style.

Pants with small feet: The matching of pants with small feet is suitable for almost everyone, but everyone can wear their own style.

Taurus, Gemini, Cancer this week“s horoscope (2019/07/08-2019/07/14)

Cancer fortune this week

Affected by Mercury retrograde, some of the problems that were missed in the past will have to be resolved and dealt with by you this week. But then The question and doubts are solved, and it finally made you let go of a big rock in your heart. In addition, the conflict in interpersonal relations this week is still not small, and the relationship with family members is also a bit tense, especially in the face of the elders. , Pay attention to your own speaking attitude and avoid conflict.

Lucky match

Hazy makeup: hazy makeup will show a different beauty, and it can also outline a better facial contour.

Mist face makeup: The matte face makeup is clean and refreshing, which will be especially suitable for this summer.

Grocheted dress: The crocheted dress is beautiful and moving, and will continue to add points to your beauty.

Little white shoes: Little white shoes will give people a particularly clean and beautiful feeling, which is also in line with the temperament of Cancer.

Taurus, Gemini, Cancer this week“s horoscope (2019/07/08-2019/07/14)