The path to freedom in the natal chart of “Astrology Notes“

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The first step: Gradually accept oneself; Specific approach: Calmly accept the negative configuration traits of "deeply hurt" and give it some positiv

Compared with divination and prediction, how to achieve freedom of life through natal astrology is undoubtedly a more valuable question. Today, I will summarize how to use the natal chart to embark on the five major steps to achieve freedom, hoping to help you better manage your life.

First step: Accept yourself gradually;

How to do it: Calmly accept the negative configuration traits of "deeply hurt" and give it some positive meaning.

Illustration: For those who are in the second house, they should slowly accept their fear of “poverty”. This configuration does not absolutely mean that they will have no money in the future. The main reason is that you are overly cautious in using money, and you need to let it go slowly so that you will not miss many opportunities in your life. At the same time, you can regard this configuration as a configuration that allows you to cherish your personal belongings and strengthen yourself. A sense of rational consumption is also very beneficial to personal development. People who dare to accept their true self are free.

Step 2: Learn Control your heart;

How to do it:You need to constantly understand your own moon, adjust your own moon, and improve your own moon.

Illustration: For those who are in the first house, they must first understand that they are often interacting with others The “impatient” party is also the “explosive” party in the intimate relationship, and even the “loser” party in the contradictory relationship. Therefore, what they have to do is to constantly adjust and improve their moon, try to make their emotions calmer in life, they need to slowly hone their "endurance", and at the same time, they can vent the negative emotional energy in the body through exercise to avoid Strained into internal fire. People who can control their emotions are free.

Step 3: Know how to avoidShort;

Specific method: Use the advantage points in your chart to the extreme and let it cover your other Inferior point.

Illustration: If Mercury and Pluto are in an arc in a person’s chart but at the same time Mercury is squared with Mars and Uranus, then this person must What you do is to infinitely expand your water-spirit superiority (such as precise insight), thereby concealing its negative aspects of water and fire and the disadvantages of negative aspects of water and sky (such as inconsistent thoughts or incoherent thinking). In fact, the people you associate with are more likely to pay attention to the advantages of Mercury. Few people take pleasure in focusing on other people’s problems. Therefore, try to grow as long as possible. Then the disadvantages will become your lovely place.square. People who can be confident and good at things are free.

Step 4: Actively create possibilities;

Specific methods:Show your own charm, increase connections with others, and strive to create career opportunities.

Illustration: Many people are passively waiting for their charm to be discovered by others, and the nobles who passively wait for themselves will fall from the sky and passively wait for themselves Suddenly, his fortune for success started. You can have this attitude, but you will eventually find that you missed a lot more than you waited.. What we need is actually a positive waiting: this includes making ourselves more attractive (such as improving our own ascending configuration), letting ourselves be more involved in various relationships (such as improving our own descending configuration) and allowing ourselves to actively create career development Opportunity (improving its own Zhongtian configuration). All of these will bring more possibilities to your life, and only in this way can you enter the road of freedom faster.

Step 5: Be brave to live out your mission.

Specific methods: Those with a large format live out their courage and those with a small format live out their meaning. Each natal chart All have missions.

Illustration: For example, those who have the big cross pattern in the natal chart should cultivate a strong spiritual force that has to persist through hardships; those who have the kite pattern in the natal chart must learn Use your own abilities and charm to lead others to do things; those who have a small triangle in the natal chart must polish their natural talents to the extreme; those who have the same house of stars in the natal chart must break through infinitely in the areas where they value the most Each natal chart has its own unique mission. Even if your natal chart is very ordinary, you can still find an extraordinary way. People who live out the sense of mission are the most free, because freedom is no longer what they deliberately pursue.

The path to freedom in the natal chart of “Astrology Notes“

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