Does Aries have a high divorce rate?

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An Aries person has a cheerful and enthusiastic personality, a simple mind, a particularly strong ability to act, a particularly frank and direct spee

 Aries has the highest divorce rate?

Aries are cheerful and enthusiastic, with a simple mind. They are very active, speak frankly and directly, and love adventure. Marry an Aries person, you will find life very fun, and he will take you to eat a lot of things you haven't eaten.

Maybe on the way to travel, I will take you to the fields to steal sugar cane and roast sweet potatoes. I will also take you to see many unseen scenery and go camping on your own rooftop. However, Aries people are temperamental. It's easy to be impulsive, and it's going to burst, so in life with an Aries, you have to have a good temper, good patience, and willing to compromise, otherwise you won't be able to live in minutes.

Children of Aries are a little stupid, a little crazy, a little silly. Sometimes it’s very nervous. FriendsFriends cherish it and treat it sincerely. Face love, fear of injury, love to escape. Sometimes it is very unfeeling, but still soft-hearted. Very lazy, afraid of being alone. It can be noisy or quiet. Super foodie, foodie means it's easy to raise! Please cherish the children of Aries.

For Aries, to leave is to disappear in your world, but in my sight, you are always there. Everything about you, joy, anger, sorrow, food, clothing, shelter and transportation, I will silently pay attention to it! I will always remember, until one day, I forget myself too. You won't know that Aries will never miss it.

Does Aries have a high divorce rate?