Why do Aquarius hate?

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Why is Aquarius hate? 1. The brain hole is too big. The brain hole of Aquarius is too big, so it is difficult for you to get it. Once he believes that

Why do Aquarius hate?

Why does Aquarius show hate

1, the brain hole is too big

The brain hole of the water bottle is too big, It's so big that you can hardly get to the point. The water bottle in the student days may be a little weirdo. Once he thinks he can master the knowledge in class, he may not be able to do things related to the subject in the class, and it is not impossible to even draw a portrayal below.

Ta's hobbies are so extensiveYou can imagine. Aquarius lives in the dimension of the universe, not the secular dimension. Compared to his peers, Aquarius showed great interest in philosophy, science, mystery, and metaphysics very early. However, you have to know that some things are both refined and popular, and some things are only for the lucky ones. God has given him spirituality and understanding to perceive the universe, and another kind of beauty in the world is felt by a small number of people.

2. Playing cards not according to common sense

Aquarius’ heart has its own set of rules for the operation of the world and the handling of favors, which causes them to often not Play cards according to common sense. What you think is wrong, maybe he thinks it is right. You think it is reasonable, but he feels distorted.

3. Too much fraternity

The water bottle will not be too immersed in the little love. There may not be any reaction to seeing ordinary soap tragediesYes, but after watching "Avatar" you may cry. Aquarius is willing to love everything equally, whether men, women, children, people or nature. Those things about the great love of the world, humanism, pure and spiritual, usually make Aquarius feel the same.