Zeng Guofan“s Skills for Knowing People-Hard and Soft

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Rigid and soft, the five elements produce the number of grams, the name is "innate seeds". But the so-called reversal, the gold shape with fire, the f

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both the knowledge of God bone, identified as hard and soft. Rigid and soft, the five elements produce the number of grams, the name is "innate seeds". News and fate are connected, so it is easier to see.
The five elements are legal, wood combined with fire, and hydrated wood. Those who follow are richer, that is, expensive is also between ups and downs. Gold and fire feud, sometimes the fire, the person who pushes the soil and water is the same, the one who meets the opposite is very expensive. But the so-called reversal, the gold shape with fire, the fire shape with gold, 30 deaths; the water shape with soil, the soil shape with water, the lonely and old age; the wood shape with gold, the gold shape With wood, the sword is with you. In addition, it is mixed, not into the literati's righteousness.
The five acts are hard and soft on the outside and hard and soft on the inside. Happy and angry, forgetful, almost "rough". It is almost "stupid" to vomit and not to jump. The first thought is very shallow, the second thought is very deep,Nearly "rape". Traitors, fame can be expected. The rough and stupid are better than others. A pure traitor can be open-minded, and he will eventually become a man. Pure rough and not thorough, must be abandoned halfway. Observing people's ignorance, there are nine to eight things.

Zeng Guofan“s Skills for Knowing People-Hard and Soft

Zeng Guofan's Skills of Knowing People----Gang and Soft


After you have discerned the god bone, you should further discern rigidity and softness. Rigidity and softness are the principles of the five elements, which Taoists callTo be a "innate seed", to supplement it with deficiencies, to vent it, to balance rigidity and softness, the five elements are harmonious, and the gains and losses of the five elements are in harmony with the fate of people. This is information that can be easily found in comparison.

The five elements have the relationship of mutual generation, mutual restraint and enmity. This relationship is called "combination", and "combination" is divided into cis-combination and inverse combination, such as wood generating fire, water generating wood, and gold generating water. Earth engenders gold, fire engenders earth, and this is the consonance. In the phase of harmony, you will get rich, but you will not get expensive. Even if you get expensive accidentally, it will always rise and fall, and it is difficult to maintain permanent. Gold hates fire, sometimes fire and gold complement each other, just like the principle that gold without fire cannot be made into a tool. By analogy, the relationship between water and soil is like this. This is the reverse combination, this reverse combination. Very noble. However, in the above-mentioned inverse combination, if the golden-shaped person has the fire-shaped aspect, it is very noble. On the contrary, if the fire-shaped person has the golden aspect,Then they will die when they reach the age of 30; if the water-shaped person has the form of earth, it will be very noble, on the contrary, if the earth-shaped person has the form of water, then he will be lonely and helpless all his life; Wood-shaped people with a golden appearance will be very noble. On the contrary, if a golden-shaped people have a wood-shaped appearance, then there will be a disaster of swords and killings. As for the other far-fetched statements, they are all mixed models and cannot be classified into the authentic theories of literati.

Zeng Guofan“s Skills for Knowing People-Hard and Soft

Zeng Guofan’s Skills of Knowing People——Rigid and Soft

The five elements mentioned above are the external manifestations of human masculinity and femininity, that is, The so-called "external rigidity and softness". In addition to the external rigidity and softness, there are also internal rigidity and softness. The inner rigidity and softness refer to people's emotions, emotions, excitement or calm emotions, and sometimes deep and sometimes shallow minds or cities. When encountering pleasant things clear, you are overwhelmed with joy. When encountering irritating things, you will be furious, and once things pass, you will forget them completely. This kind of person is too masculine. Temperament is close to "rude." When calm, there is no air of publicity, and when excited, you can’t stand up. This kind of person is too feminine, and his temperament is close to "stupid." It seems to think superficially, but when I change my mind, I think deeply and delicately.Both rigidity and femininity, its temperament is close to "treacherous". Anyone who is concealed and treacherous is soft on the outside and strong on the inside, can advance and retreat when things happen, bend and stretch, and there will be some merit and fame to achieve in the future. Both rude and stupid people can control their hearts and make them happy, so their life expectancy often exceeds that of ordinary people. A pure traitor--that is, a big treacherous person, whose heart can in turn dominate rigidity and softness, can often retreat into progress when encountering problems, and meet adversity with obedience. Such people will eventually succeed in their careers. The kind of person who has a rude appearance and a rude temperament is just blindly rigid and does not necessarily have to give up halfway. --The above point, that is, "inner rigidity and softness", is often overlooked, and most people commit this problem in all likelihood.

Zeng Guofan“s Skills for Knowing People-Hard and Soft

Zeng Guofan's knowledge of human skills----Gang Soft