“Pokemon“ Illustrated Book 545: The impressive relay in the battle-the Centipede King

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Giant Centipede Pokémon——Centipede King Centipede King is classified as Giant Centipede Pokémon. It can be said to be very vivid. The attributes inher

Hello friends, the Pokémon we are going to introduce in this article is the evolution of the wheel ball, that is, the centipede king. As a big centipede who has never known why it stands up, the appearance of the centipede king is still It’s very refreshing. Its unofficial commonly-used translation name is Great Horned Centipede or Poison Horned Centipede; it is also one of the twelve constellations of the United States and represents the real Scorpio sign. Then, let’s see how it is. One of the Pokémon!

“Pokemon“ Illustrated Book 545: The impressive relay in the battle-the Centipede King

Giant Centipede Pokémon-Centipede King (Attribute: Worm/Poison)

Centipede King It is classified as a giant centipede Pokémon, it can be said to be very vivid, the attributes inherit the first two forms, and it is still a combination of insect type and degree type; Centipede King is similar to centipede Pokémon, and its body color is mostly determined by It is composed of plum red and black, the pupils are yellow, the body has purple markings that resemble circles, the antennae are purple and red, and the abdomen is gray-black, which is different from the actual centipede. The upper body of the centipede king is straight, but the upper body is still There are many leg structures.

“Pokemon“ Illustrated Book 545: The impressive relay in the battle-the Centipede King

When it comes to the battle of the Centipede King, I believe that many friends will not be unfamiliar, because the Centipede King is one of the well-known relay players. Because of its acceleration characteristics, it can be very good with the sword dance and defense. A good relay to go out makes the Centipede King very popular. This also makes the Centipede King basically rely on relay in the battle. However, because some hierarchical platforms currently prohibit relays, the Centipede King can only strengthen and fight for himself on these platforms. , But still has the strength that can't be achieved.

Never give up before the opponent is killed.

The Centipede King is a fierce Pokémon in battle. It chases enemies with agility and attacks with the horns on its head. It also has a habit of The enemy will never give up before the enemy is killed, which leads to the centipede king being likely to have excessive behavior in the battle. Therefore, the trainer who cultivates the centipede king must specifically train the centipede king to control the centipede king’s temperament, the centipede king. This radical behavior comes from its hunting method itself, so it is difficult to distinguish the difference between fighting and hunting.

“Pokemon“ Illustrated Book 545: The impressive relay in the battle-the Centipede King

Because of this, the wild centipede king is very dangerous Yes, they are aggressive. If their territory is violated, they will attack regardless of whether the opponent is a human or a Pokémon. The claws in the neck will be embedded in the opponent's body to release toxins, making the opponent unable to move before killing the opponent. Therefore, in some forest areas where centipede kings are frequented, there will be special personnel to patrol to avoid unguarded trainers from entering by mistake. There are generally no other Pokémon around the centipede kings.

As the name suggests, the prototype of the Centipede King is a centipede, but its shape is obviously based on the horse land and mixed with some centipede elements; in addition, it may also be based on the ancient creature giant horse land.

Okay, about centipedeThat's the end of the part about the king of scorpions. Next time we will introduce the grass-type and fairy-type Pokémon-kapok ball.