This kind of eight-character life is most prone to tortures, so wealth accumulation must be done in advance

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From the perspective of numerology, it is easy to "rush up" and "fall down", and the reasons for the failure to balance and stable development are mai

In reality, we always see or hear that "someone" gets rich overnight, and we may sometimes even have a hard life; "someone" declines overnight, and even bankruptcy , Usually the shot may be very generous. Why is this?

This kind of eight-character life is most prone to tortures, so wealth accumulation must be done in advance

From a numerological point of view, it is easy to "burst up" and "burst down" and cannot balance the reasons for stable development

There are two main factors.

One It is because the "illness" in the original Bazi is more serious, so it is usually helpless;

The second is the influence of transportation factors.

The reason why the Lord of the Japanese "rises up" is often because he just meets during the journey to cureThe "sickness" of the year's luck is healed; the reason for the "burst" is that good luck has passed and returned to normal, because from a peak to normal, there is a big gap; of course, if there is another bad luck, of course the gap will be Bigger, more "violent".

This kind of eight-character life is easy to "violently" or "violently fall"

This kind of eight-character life is most prone to tortures, so wealth accumulation must be done in advance

In the eight characters, the use of God is weak的人

In the eight characters, they like to use gods and powerless, including like to use gods for rest, prison, and death; like to use gods to cut their feet and cover their heads; Take the gram, especially the original game twice. The horoscope indicates that the Japanese Lord was born in a poor family background, his starting point in life is low, and his level of life is worse than the average person.

However, when you meet on duty during the journey, or can subdue the fortune of torture, rush, and overcome the gods, the Japanese Lord will surely be able to "slow and brighten another village", and return to normal after the journey. Life, it’s easy to leave"Up" or "Storm" image.

This kind of eight-character life is most prone to tortures, so wealth accumulation must be done in advance

The person who can never be "true" in the horoscope

The horoscope constitutes a subordinate case, Whether it is strong or weak, And whether it is true or false, as long as it is qualified, there is a kind of wealth in it.

For those who follow true obedience, as long as their luck cannot be broken, wealth can be expected; if true obedience turns into false obedience, or if they do not follow, life naturally has great Big changes, of course, the wealth will become ordinary, even worse than ordinary people, so this kind of people are prone to big ups and downs.

Similarly, people who follow falsely, if they encounter the words of the ten gods who can’t obey in the original game, or falsely perform true luck, false From then to true, you will have wealth and climax in your life;

If you can’t obey the prosperous spirit of the situation, then life ofThe level of wealth is relatively low, and naturally they are similar to ordinary people, or even worse, so this type of people are often people who are prone to "ups and downs".

People who are too cold in the Bazi, who are too dry and cannot be adjusted

People who are cold in the Bazi have a colder personality and are more responsive to others They are also relatively indifferent, and some even reach the level of meanness;

People who are irritable in character, cannot be steady, lack thorough thinking, and are hard-hearted. They also have strong jealousy; therefore, they are all interpersonal and not very good, basically it is difficult to really get intimacy.

The reason why they can be rich depends mainly on the arrival of the post-adjusting god. Of course, the post-adjusting god must be a horoscopeThe God of God, or God of Joy, otherwise this kind of adjustment doesn't make much sense, at most, it's just a good change in its personality.

But after the shipment, there will be no more, or the “false adjustment” stage of the shipment will naturally hardly be truly rich.

So this kind of person is also a person who is prone to "violent" and "violent".

Person with the original horoscopes

in the horoscopes The Sun Lord or one of the five elements, or one of the Ten Gods is too prosperous or excessive, and the circulation between them is very poor, which causes the Sun Lord or Sun Lord to wither without vitality and vitality.

But even so, it also shows that the Japanese Lord’s certain five elements are single-minded, with outstanding characteristics, and advantages and disadvantages coexist. If they are played well, disadvantages can be transformed into advantages; otherwise, of course it will be a complete failure.

For example, the official killing in the eight characters is very heavy, the momentum is single, and there is a comparison in the game. As long as you go to the Indian Universe, the official killing will become a seal. The source of the endless stream of stars, the Japanese Lord will definitely "rise up", and of course it will be very difficult to pass through, and there is a big gap in life.

To sum up

The life of the above-mentioned horoscope can be described as riding a roller coaster. It is so exciting and full of passion. In a word, the horoscope is poor, and those with good luck are prone to "violence"."Rise", or "get rich"; but we must also pay attention to the gap after good luck.

In the stage of "raising", we must also make wealth And find a professional numerologist to make adjustments in time, so that you can live your life smoothly and safely.