Are the constellations accurate? any scientific evidence?

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If you look at this information from the perspective of people's thinking, all of these information are all hints: if he "suggests" that you are unluc

First, I will answer you in general: In China, especially fortune, it can be said that it is not accurate!

If you look at it from the perspective of people’s thinking

These information are all hints: if he "suggests" that you are unlucky today, you will take all the bad luck of the day. They are all connected with the constellation; on the contrary, if he "suggests" that you are lucky today, you will be connected to the usual smooth things.

Of course, the opposite situation may also occur. For example, if you are lucky today but you feel bad today, you may think something else: For example, lucky things will come later, or Fortunate things have happened, but you don’t feel it, etc. (The premise happens after you have believed in the constellation. If you didn’t believe in the constellation when you first came into contact with it, you might not believe it because of your inaccuracy at the beginning)

Are the constellations accurate? any scientific evidence?

If you are "accurate" a few times, you will believe it more and more

Analyze the personality of the constellations described by people: Have you found that these "characters" are all positive words? Words that rarely appear in the news, for example, say that your character is straightforward, but rarely say that your personality shortcomings, (of course Yes, but even if there are shortcomings, it will use the widest range of language). This is actually a polite speech.Already, because it is basically praise, and with the above "implying effect", you will also associate some details of the weekday with the character of the zodiac, and over time you will have a "mother-child effect", thinking that your constellation is Your dearest person.

Those who don’t believe in the constellation or feel inaccurate, it’s very likely that the constellation did not give it a “temporary accuracy” at the first contact. This is also related to people’s scientific level. Some people follow From the beginning, it was very scientific and rational that these things were not true.

Finally, I will evaluate the value of the constellation: Although it can be inferred that the constellations on these websites are not real, there is no need to reject it or even belittle it because it is not true. For example, the constellation personality, you can completely regard it as your own inspiration, his so-called "constellation advantages" you imagine you have and keep it, his so-called "constellation shortcomings" you fantasize about yourselfThere are also efforts to improve it.

His so-called "horoscope" can be used as your guide for the day, because I have not seen that website so far and dare to say very extreme things, such as "you must not go out today", if If you see this kind of horoscope, you must be cautious, because this kind of discourse has restricted your normal life order and reached a threat. It will only make you worse and worse. Those positive suggestions, such as "you Minimize going out today and spend more time with your parents at home. "You can use it as a suggestion without affecting the order of your life. This will help you live a wonderful life every day.

As for other constellation knowledge, you can take it as a kind of belief and culture, to understand it, even if it is not real, but it can enrich your imagination or achieve a kind of relaxation.

If you see other people studying constellations, you don’t need to tell them about itIt is false (provided that he has not studied that the heat has become addictive), and there is absolutely no need for you to avoid this content deliberately!

In short: as long as you use it correctly, it will have a positive effect; if you use it wrong, it will have a negative effect.

PS: There are also talks about the scientific nature of constellations on the Internet, especially in other countries; I said that these do not actually say that the constellations are fake, but just an overview of the process by which people understand the constellations, as well as those The advice of those people who don’t believe in the constellations or even belittle them or lead others to reject them.