“Grave Robber Notes. Little Brother Zhang Qiling“

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The younger brother of "Tomb Notes" is Zhang Qiling, nicknamed the name of the character in the novel "Tomb Notes". Zhang Qiling is good at: fighting,

"Grave Robber Notes"

“Grave Robber Notes. Little Brother Zhang Qiling“

The younger brother is Zhang Qiling, nicknamed Stuffy Oil Bottle

The name of the character in the "Tomb Robber Notes" novel: Kylin Zhang (Kylin Zhang)   

Good at: fighting, upside-down, bone shrinking, disguise, acting, silence, missing, daze, amnesia, looking at the sky, sleeping, Save Wu Xie. Age: Unknown (according to the author Nanpai SanshuSay that his actual age is three digits)    Constellation: Scorpio (the author once said)   Height: 180cm (set by Nanpai Sanshu, the author of the Tomb Notes)   

nickname: stuffy oil bottle (Wu Xie loves it Name), Dumb Zhang (title on the road), Brother, Akun (title before meeting with Chen Pia)   

Weapons: Ancient Black Gold Sword (lost in the ghost town of Snake Marsh), Blood (repelling insects) Deterrence Zongzi)   

Features: The middle and index fingers are very long, the face is expressionless, the eyes are indifferent, taciturn, and the words are golden. There is a unicorn tattoo on the body, which uses a kind of thorny plant The pattern of the juice is usually transparent, and only when the body temperature exceeds a certain temperature will it turn black. Therefore, the tattoo will appear when the oil bottle is struggling or excited. (In ancient times, most Miao people had damp-heat disease. This kind of tattoo can be used to check the temperature of children). 

Clothing features often wear blue hooded tops (introduced in the first book) after fighting, often clothes torn and amnesia, wearing underwear with two chicks on the buttocks ("After preparing, we Pile all these things on a small floating row, and then take them off, leaving only the panties and slowly walk into the lake. The panties of the stuffy oil bottle were bought by the fat man, and there were two chicks on them, which made the clouds laugh and almost fainted." ——The bottom of the lake in the 20th chapter of Yinshan Ancient Building) Zhang Qiling BY Black Forbidden Drug

The character introduction is mysterious and unpredictable. He seems to be the descendant of Faqiu Zhonglang, and looks like the first of the old nine doors. Zhang Dafoye has a close relationship. The middle finger and index finger are extremely long, and those hands are as stable as Mount Tai, and powerful. His blood can repel worms, and once caused the millennium zongzi to kneel. The posture is weak and thin, with cold eyes and reticent. Wu Xie secretly called him a "suffocating oil bottle". (I talk a lot when I have secrets)In times of difficulty, he often helps. Wu Xie also said that it feels safe to follow the stuffy oil bottle. Will change appearance, good acting skills, was once called the Oscar winner by Wu Xie. Abnormal, professional missing person. Life experience is a mystery.   Dumb Zhang was originally from the Fourth Grandpa, and the third uncle borrowed it from the Fourth Grandpa. Always looking for the memory of my disappearance. Later, after entering the meteorite jade in the ghost town of Tomb Raiders Snake Marsh, he lost his memory again. In "Tomb Raiders Notes: Yinshan Ancient Building" Wu Xie and Fatty lead him to Ba Nai to continue searching for the lost memories. The mystery of his life experience seems to become clear...

“Grave Robber Notes. Little Brother Zhang Qiling“

Name: Wu Xie’s official image

nickname: Naive Innocent, innocent, innocent, Xiao San Ye, Wu Chaoren, Super Wu (Super Wu)  

Age: about 26 years old (but according to San Shu, Wu Xie’s actual age is four digits, But after getting drunk)  

Good at: doing business, Jianbao (very smart) was rescued by Zhang Qiling

Features: Very curious, loyal, strong reasoning ability (although I am a novice, but from the experience of Xishahai, Yunding Tiangong and other fights, and Xiao Man is not good at dealing with people, so he analyzes the situation and makes reasonable judgments, and the most common sense is Wu Xie)

Constellation: Pisces(The author once said)  

Height: 181cm (set by Nanpai Sanshu, the author of the Tomb Raiders' notes)   

Weight: 160 kg (set by the original, plus about 20 kg of equipment weight, (That is about 140 kg)  

Speculation: The original work has a great relationship with Qi Yu. From the video tape sent by Chen Wenjin, it shows that there was a person in the archaeological team of Xisha Haidou 20 years ago with Wu Xie’s appearance and It's similar. Fans speculate that it is Qi Yu, but the original Sanshu has not been revealed yet.  

Wu Xie is seemingly ordinary and most unusual. His mystery is no less than the stuffy oil bottle. In the book Bronze Sacred Tree, he dreamed of what happened in Xisha twenty years ago, and he received an old video tape of himself crawling on the floor of the nursing home. He saw himself in the long-closed basement archives. Handwriting. It seems that all the characters in the whole story are hiding something from him. Someone is secretly thousandsFang Baiji involved him. Someone was doing everything possible to prevent him from being involved. No matter what dangers they encountered, they were always at the center of being protected. Wu Xie's identity seemed not as simple as he thought. (Sanshu joked that his age was a four-digit, thousand-year-old person in the Lunar New Year interview.)

The male protagonist of the tomb notes, the "I" in the book. Official setting: Wu Xie and Sanshu

Born in a family of tomb robbers, the old nine-men Wu Gou Wang in Changsha, the grandson of Wu Ye, and the nephew of Wu Sanshen, the tycoon of Changsha Tufu. Wu Xie was originally just an ordinary antique shop owner. Later, he came across a mysterious Warring States silk book. He encountered a major turning point in his life and fell into a huge mystery: he went with a group of master tomb robbers to steal the tomb of King Lu of Qixing. ; I went to Hainan to pour the sea fight; climbed the bronze sacred tree with my childhood friend, Lao You; and then went to the legendary Genting Tiangong with a bunch of master tomb robbersFight; then went to the Snake Marsh ghost city of Tarim, the West Queen Motherland, Guangxi Banai and so on. Every time a fight is a lot of hardships, thousands of hardships, many trials of life and death, and countless strange things and monsters. Fortunately, every time I am lucky, with the help of the stuffy oil bottle, Wang Fatty, Pan Zi and others, Overcome many difficulties. He gradually grew up from a rookie tomb robber who had little experience in robbery and was extremely skilled. Relatively gentle personality, loyal, careful and cautious, curious, weak physique, average skill, humorous. Graduated from the Department of Architecture, with professional knowledge in this area; once ate "Kirin Dracula" in the tomb of King Lu to make its blood have the effect of repelling insects. In the second volume "Qinling Sacred Tree" and the seventh volume " In the “Stone Shadow of Qiong Lung”, it has played the function of repelling insects, and when meeting Aning and the others in the Genting Temple, it also played the function of related pictures of Wu Xie's tomb notes (6 photos), but after arriving in the swamp, they never saw any This miraculous effect; touched the legendThe "Bronze Sacred Tree" in the later has the ability to materialize imaginary things. But according to Laoyou, its ability to materialize is weak, and it hasn't made anything other than the mother of Laoyou and a giant snake.

“Grave Robber Notes. Little Brother Zhang Qiling“