Bohemian Sagittarius who loves freedom: I also want someone to let me rely on

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—— Osamu Dazai Sagittarius and Bohemian are the opposite As soon as I confessed my good feelings, I found that the shooter was alienated. I thought th

Man’s happiness is mostly self-righteous happiness. 

Bohemian Sagittarius who loves freedom: I also want someone to let me rely on

The patron saint of Sagittarius is Zeus, the third king of gods

Is the head of the twelve gods of Olympus

Such a position

There seems to be nothing to complain about

Should enjoy, be grateful, and be envied

Sagittarius OneXiang is considered to be the representative of the optimistic school

Always looks good in everything

The laughter is very low

Everyone who looks at everything hahahahahahaha

The daily life of the archer is the daily life of sand sculptures

Sometimes the archer even lied to himself

Thinking that these superficial pleasures are real happiness

And the Sagittarius guarded by Jupiter has always been considered lucky

Jupiter is the most auspicious star in the astrology

Even Zeus became the king of the gods in charge of the sky

It was also drawn by lottery

We have all lost,

I also know what it means to lose ,

Get too.

——Blood Bar

But in fact, you must know before becoming the king of the gods

Because the second-generation king of gods is the father of Zeus

I am afraid that I will be overthrown by his son like his father is overthrown

I will eat one as soon as a child is born

I have eaten five children when I get to Zeus

The second generation queen finally can’t help it

Send Zeus to Okeanos and Tasis to raise him.

When he grew up, Zeus learned the truth

Find a way to get his father to spit out some brothers and sisters

Before becoming the king of the gods, Zeus did a lot of effort

but luck is not without

but not because of the last bit of luck

Denial of effort

Sagittarians don’t seem to care about anything

Stupid look

Many people say that stupid people are stupid

But in fact

Even if it’s a silly blessing, it’s not unreasonably favored

Maybe it’s a sincere heart, maybe it’s hard work not being cared about


There is always a shining point worthy of being blessed by the god of luck

Sagittarius is always emotionally unsatisfactory

There are always people who complain and love Sagittarius. It’s too hard

You can’t tell me anymore

What's wrong

I know someone loves me, p>

But I seem to lack the ability to love someone.

——Osamu Dazai

Sagittarius is the opposite of bohemian

The reason why everyone is right Sagittarius has this impression

It all comes from the time when the Sagittarius was alone

For feelings

Sagittarius is very careful

I will never fall into a relationship because of impulse

When a person feels that the shooter has a good impression on him

As a result, he confessed but found that the shooter is alienated

I think that the shooter is an irresponsible scum man who flirts and runs away

Bohemian Sagittarius who loves freedom: I also want someone to let me rely on

Actually, a shooter Instead, because of seriousness and responsibility

I have to face it carefully

The hand prefers to enter a relationship step by step

When the archer feels that the relationship is not a hasty decision, he dizzies his head

The archer can safely love with all his heart

So you must not act too hastily with the archer

A tense and overly fast relationship will make the archer very uneasy and think a lot

Handle the intimate relationship.

Sagittarius never cares about it.

But it’s true that he will be at a loss before it comes.

The optimism and stupidity of Sagittarius

are to hide that you are not. Such a strong heart

The three silly fire elephants are actually not really stupid

But they really love face

Unwilling to show fragile needs in front of outsiders The side that is cared about

One is to be known as if you lose


One is that if no one cares about it, it will only be more embarrassing

Faced with what is going on, just hit it hard

If no one finds out, you can comfort yourself

It’s because I cover up too well

I seem to be thrown into the sea by myself in the long dark night, drifting with the flow.

I stretched out my hand, but there was no one beside me.

——Haruki Murakami

Shooters don’t like freedom so much

Sometimes it’s not Don’t act like freedom, like unruly.

Actually, the archer has been waiting for the self who can understand the panic

A safe and warm place to rely on

Bohemian Sagittarius who loves freedom: I also want someone to let me rely on