Dr. Xue: Twelve o“clock health regimen: Sishi regimen (9:00~11:00)

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Time: Bishi Time: 9:00~11:00 Corresponding meridian: Spleen meridian Warm reminder: At this time when the spleen is working, drinking 6 glasses of wat

Dr. Xue: Twelve o“clock health regimen: Sishi regimen (9:00~11:00)

Time: Shishi

Time: 9:00~11:00

Corresponding meridian: Spleen meridian

Reminder: At this time when the spleen is working, drinking 6 cups of water can prevent sore limbs , Cold hands and feet, pale lips or dark purple...

Sishi Spleen Meridian is in order

Sishi refers to 9 to 11 in the morning. This time is the time of the spleen meridian, and the meal that is eaten in the morning begins to be transformed at this time.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the foundation of acquired nature and the source of qi and blood. After a person is born, all life activities areIt depends on the nutrients taken by the spleen and stomach.

The stomach governs reception, and the spleen governs transportation and transformation. After the food enters the stomach, it is ground and decomposed by the stomach, and the food is initially digested to turn it into chyme, which is then digested and absorbed by the spleen and transformed into micronutrients. To complete the above functions, the normal physiological functions of the spleen and stomach should be coordinated with each other in order to function normally.

The spleen has a strong function of transporting water and grains, and the body’s digestion and absorption functions can be sound, and it can provide sufficient raw materials for metaplasia, qi, blood, and body fluid. So that the internal organs, meridians, limbs, muscles, skin, hair and other tissues are fully nourished. Conversely, if the spleen's function of transporting water and grains is reduced, the body's digestion and absorption functions will also be abnormal. Therefore, the spleen is said to be the source of qi and blood.

The operation of the spleen meridian: fasting and spicy stimulation, fumigation can be used to get rid of dampness

For office workers in ordinary cities, this is the time to start working hard. Children often also attend classes during this time.

During this period, the blood flow is injected into the spleen, which is called the "Spleen Meridian of Foot Taiyin". The vigorous spleen channel is good for absorbing nutrients, producing blood, promoting clearing and resolving turbidity, and providing qi and blood nutrition for the body. The spleen is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and the stomach is collectively referred to as the foundation of acquired nature. It is the overall regulation of digestion, absorption, and excretion, and is the commander of human blood. The spleen has good functions, good digestion and absorption, full qi and blood, and rosy lips.

"At this time, it is not advisable to eat hot and spicy foods, so as not to damage the stomach and spleen. If you are maintaining your health, drink more boiled water during this time, and drink slowly. The spleen is at its most active level."

The spleen is afraid of dampness and is most vulnerable to dampness in summer. Therefore, in addition to eating less cold food in summer, it is recommended to use more Using fumigation therapy to vaporize the damp toxins in the body is one of the effective measures to prevent common diseases in autumn and winter. The warming spleen technique most suitable for family use is not difficult to master. It is to place a warm salt bag at the three horizontal fingers on the navel to dispel cold and relieve pain. This is also one of the examples of winter disease and summer treatment.

Dr. Xue: Twelve o“clock health regimen: Sishi regimen (9:00~11:00)