“Grab the brake“ baby means luck? People often face health problems after birth and need more attention

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Wen|Lei's mother will give birth to a cesarean section in advance because of her parents' preference for certain moments. Babies born under this condi

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Due to parents’ preference for certain moments, Will choose to give birth by cesarean section in advance, people born under this condition are called "snatching" babies. For example, some parents have a favorite zodiac and will choose to give birth at the end of the year. At this time, many zodiac babies will be born together. However, will the baby really be as lucky as the parents think? A baby who was born ahead of time with a good luck, may face certain health problems after birth.

When Sister Zhang gave birth to her second child, she considered that she would not be able to go to school in the second year when she was born after September, so she would go to school a year later than her children of the same age. This was the case when Dabao. So Sister Zhang hopes Erbao can catch upBefore September. However, the due date was September 5, so Zhang Jie decided to have a cesarean section in advance. The baby was finally born on August 31, and the baby was born before September.

Like Sister Zhang, many parents plan to have a cesarean section out of consideration for further education. There are also data showing that the number of pregnant women who choose cesarean section surgery in my country is the largest in the world. People have a high degree of acceptance of cesarean section surgery, but not all pregnant women are suitable for this type of surgery. At the same time, the birth of a baby is not “a few days earlier, it’s okay!”

01 What is the difference between a full-term baby and a baby who is rushing to the brake?

In terms of appearance, “snap the brakes” babies are related to premature babies. Generally, their heads are very large. Compared with the proportion of full-term babies whose head accounts for a quarter of their bodies, The baby may reach one third. Careful parents will also sendThe hands, toes and nails of babies born as premature babies have not yet grown to the fingertips, and the development of the reproductive organs will also be in a state of incomplete development.

At present, due to the improvement of medical equipment and conditions, the risk of death of premature babies is greatly reduced, but there is still some gap in growth and development compared with full-term babies. And it is very susceptible to respiratory diseases. Relevant studies have shown that there is a greater chance of suffering from wheezing early, and will also be troubled by wheezing in adulthood. It also has a certain meaning to pay attention to "melon ripening" in traditional fertility.

“Grab the brake“ baby means luck? People often face health problems after birth and need more attention

02 What are the possible complications of "snatching the brake" baby?

Because of the lack of time for mothers to conceive, there is a high chance of complications for babies who are "snatching the brakes".

1. Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome

This kind of respiratory syndrome is very common in premature babies. The earlier the baby is born, the more likely it is to be troubled by this problem. It is also common for babies with cesarean section surgery that are more likely to occur. Complications.

2. Chronic lung injury

Because of imperfect lung development, premature infantsIt is easy to cause a certain degree of damage due to external environmental stimulation, which affects the development of bronchial and lung function. It also has a high morbidity rate, and it is also a part that requires special attention in the care of preterm infants.

3. Infection

Because the premature baby is not conceived in the mother's body for a long time, the immune function in the body is in an undeveloped state, the baby is The antibody obtained in the mother is not very abundant. In addition, surgical instruments are used during cesarean section, which may cause a certain risk of infection. When the baby's body's resistance is insufficient, it is likely to cause infections such as pneumonia and sepsis.

“Grab the brake“ baby means luck? People often face health problems after birth and need more attention

4. Hypoglycemia p>

If premature babies are not fed in time after birth, it is easy to cause metabolic problems in the body due to less glycogen reserves in the body, unable to attack the calories needed for survival. And a certain amount after birth In time, preterm infants are more likely to have hypoglycemia.

5. Late metabolic acidosis

This kind of preterm infants Problems with nutritional metabolismThe main reason is that the kidney development of premature babies is not very complete. If Bao Ma uses non-formula milk to feed the baby, this problem is likely to occur. Generally, premature infants will have obvious symptoms within 2 weeks after birth, and even if they are treated, they will last for about 1 to 2 weeks.

03 How long is the dangerous period of "snap the brake" baby, and how should I care for it during this period?

Generally speaking, babies who are “snatching the brakes” have passed the dangerous period after being discharged from the hospital. The approximate duration of the dangerous period is determined by the physical condition of the premature infant. If the baby's weight is low, the hospital stay of 8-9 weeks is also possible. Of course this refers to babies who are born prematurely. The determination of the specific dangerous period time is also determined by considering the baby's own condition.

In terms of nursing, because it is a premature baby, mothers need more careful feeding and care. GeneralUnder circumstances, the three aspects of breathing, feeding, and infection need to be paid special attention to. This not only affects the baby's healthy development, but also affects the baby's life safety.

In terms of breathing, because the respiratory system of premature babies is not fully developed, there will be certain defects in breathing, such as apnea. This requires parents to pay more attention. Once the baby is asleep and forgets to breathe, the parents must give certain stimulation to let the baby enter the state of breathing. This state will get better about 3 days after birth.

In terms of feeding, because the development of the stomach and intestines is not yet complete, this has caused problems in feeding. Generally speaking, breastfeeding is recommended. Of course, formula milk powder can also be fed. Proper dilution can reduce the baby's digestive burden, and then gradually increase the concentration to gradually adapt to the baby's stomach.

“Grab the brake“ baby means luck? People often face health problems after birth and need more attention

In terms of infection, premature babies are more likely to have bacterial infections, and the umbilical area is also more likely to occur In the infected part, bacteria may enter the baby's blood to find that. Premature babies get fewer antibodies from their mothers, and parents are particularly concerned about this aspect.

The birth of a "snap the gate" baby entrusts many good wishes of parents, but parents should not pursue this too much.This kind of beautiful vision ignores the baby’s health issues. No matter which zodiac sign the baby is or whether he has the advantage of entering school, a healthy baby is the most important thing. Parents don’t have to be too superstitious about cesarean section. Try to ensure that the delivery is good for the recovery of the mother and the growth of the baby.

Every parent's favorite zodiac year, there will be a situation of crowded production, which can easily cause production pressure in the hospital, and there will be insufficient resources due to the birth peak in the ward and nursing. Obviously this is not conducive to the birth of the baby.

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