The difference between astrological chart and constellation will affect your personality, Xiaobai must see

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With the acceleration of social progress, Western culture began to spread into China in a blowout manner. The most well-known one is the constellation

[Difference between horoscope and constellation]

As society progresses faster, western culture begins to spread in a blowout manner In China, the most well-known one is the constellation. Everyone can say more or less the characteristics of the constellation to summarize a certain person or something, such as Gemini's quirky spirit, fine division, and Aries' enthusiasm and straightforwardness.

For example, if someone saves socks for a week to wash, most people will guess that he is a Sagittarius...

What zodiac sign you are? This is based on your date of birth in the solar calendar. The query result in the corresponding time zone is your constellation.

Here is the date query: (Gregorian calendar! Chinese calendar! The one that flies quickly!)

The difference between astrological chart and constellation will affect your personality, Xiaobai must see

PS: Friends born at the critical point of individual constellations should divide the constellations according to your year of birth and time of birth. You can trust me privately.

However, everyone above The constellation mentioned is the sun constellation.

Yes, there are also the moon constellation and the constellation of Venus. In other words, the planets in the universe will also be given constellations in a certain cycle and a certain position, and these The planets, together with aspects, houses, etc., make up the astrolabe.

The astrolabe is the moment you are born.The Tiangong map drawn in the center of time and space. This can include all planets in the solar system except the earth, the moon, and other important celestial bodies related to astrological speculation and their relationship with the ecliptic.

At the same time, the astrolabe is also an important tool for us to predict the future.

In fact, the astrolabe was originally an astronomical instrument used by ancient astronomers, astrologers, and navigators to make astronomical measurements. Later, it was widely used by emperors to predict development, historical progress, and selection. As a result, it was used by astronomy. I think the superstition has been kicked out...

Some astronomers and astrologers who insisted on this idea slowly developed this field into astrology and became a specific school. They began to use astrolabes and The concept of astrology is used to observe the development, predict the future, seek good luck and avoid evil, and even send troops to fight in the past. The princes ascended to the throne must be evaluated by the astrologer.

Constellations can be divided into the following categories:

People with feminine constellations are relatively introverted, pay more attention to the heart, and are relatively less active but very thoughtful.

Most people with positive signs are actionists, focus on process, and are relatively optimistic and proactive in thinking.

There is also the rule of thirds, the rule of quarters (wind, fire, water, soil) to divide some of the content of the constellation characteristics, this tomorrow will continue to be popularized with everyone (Comparison).

In fact, it seems to be a shortcut, maybe not completely right, but it may be a way for us to get to know each other and strangers, or maybe it can be a way for you to seduce a girl Open the way, of course, maybe you are not interested, but if you learn more, you will have more opportunities.

If astronomy and technology are based on “things”, then astrology is based on “people” and focuses on the heart and soul. Then the heart and soul are just the blind spots of science. Many human behaviors cannot be explained clearly by science.

The things that the astrolabe can solve are:

Personal personality analysis, suggestions for future planning and development trends, your emotional route, suitability for occupation, personal talents, health risks, financial source analysis, etc. It also includes whether two people are suitable, whether they match well, and pay attention to getting along Matters and so on.

The astrolabe can be said to be a navigator in our lives. You are clear about your route, and the rest is on your own.

Or we can understand that the constellation is a kind of entertainment, a topic in our life chat, or an opportunity to strike up a conversation, which most people know and find it interesting A phenomenon of astronomy, and the astrolabe is a method of calculation, just like the picture and speech in our language, there is no fixed template, but the general meaning is the same.

So to conclude, have you got the difference between astrological chart and constellation? ?