The confusion of zodiac writers: labeling the twelve constellations, I am also tired

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It took Zhao Peng only one month from knowing a little about constellations to proficiently using constellations to analyze people and write articles.

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The confusion of zodiac writers: labeling the twelve constellations, I am also tired

From little knowledge of constellations to proficiencyUsing constellations to analyze people and write articles, Zhao Peng only took one month. As the content director of a zodiac account, he tries to understand the emotions and preferences of young girls in the interaction with fans. But as a mature and rational 30-year-old man, the constellation tools he used proficiently could not guide his emotional life and career ideals.

❶ From tags to personal settings

We write articles to grasp the tags of each constellation and astrology. People are all different, but when combined, there may be several characteristics that are common. We use these common aggregates to write, such as Virgo's "seriousness", Capricorn also has it, but Capricorn talks less and Virgo talks more. Written in a paragraph: Capricorn is the sweeping monk, Virgo is the elder Tang.

When I went to the company for two years, I didn’t know much about constellations. I had to check hundreds before writing an article.Wikipedia, compare the characteristics of the twelve constellations: Scorpio is silent, hateful, Taurus stingy, and so on. Then write from different angles according to these conventional labels. At the beginning of writing, it must not go against everyone's conventional wisdom. Writing three or four horizontally contrasting articles can roughly distinguish the twelve constellations. After I am proficient, I discovered that writing constellation articles is actually a job of figuring out human nature.

For example, people like to explain themselves. Below the article about a certain constellation, fans of this constellation will definitely explain and refute. I wrote in the article: Sagittarius waves, looking at the surface calmly, in fact, the Honghu water waves hit the waves, and the Sagittarius waves are better than the waves. Fans left a message below and said: "You are not accurate, the appearance of my great shooter is so unrefined, the heart is so affectionate." The number of likes in this comment is higher than the number of likes in my article, so I will remember. When mentioning Sagittarius in future articles, we can’t just say that he is profligate, but also that he is romantic.Once you meet the opposite sex you like, immediately turn into a 180-degree transformation." Fans will never refute, and they think you are more accurate than others.

The confusion of zodiac writers: labeling the twelve constellations, I am also tired

Everyone likes to listen to good things. When we write an article, we put the shortcomings of this constellation as advantages from another angle. Taurus stingy, our article will write: Taurus stingy is because he has a weak relationship with you, treat The person he likes is very generous. Taurus is gluttonous, we write: Taurus is gluttonous, but he does not eat everything, he is proficient in eating. If you want to suppress, you say his shortcomings, and praise him, they will feel This is more accurate than the ordinary constellation text.

Didn’t Fan Bingbing and Li Chen break up a few days ago? As soon as I read this news, I found out the "Twelve Constellations Most Suitable "Which couples are you?", plus the hot spots, it was reposted again, but the title was changed: "Fan Bingbing and Li Chen broke up, who the Zodiac and who fall in love will never break up". Be sure to post "not breaking up", Report the good and not the worry, no one wants to see your article saying that you and your boyfriend are dying.

IMost of our articles are compliments, but there are also complaints, so it must be a man who complains. We have written "The Twelve Constellation Scumbag Ranking List", which is very popular. This is the reason why we look for their "scum" according to the characteristics of different constellations, and sum up the upper, middle and middle areas of the "Scumbag Ranking List". Lower zone. The specific ranking is not important, the key is how to explain it. Gemini scum may be because of his split personality and pursuit of freshness. Cancer cares about the family and Nuan, but this is the sign with the most scumbags, because he is a very indecisive sign, easy to control, and not clean with his ex. Cancer has the most characteristics that point to a scumbag, so he must be placed first and second in the rankings.

The most scumbag fan voted is also Cancer. Below the comment, there will be a Cancer boy commenting to defend himself, but no one will pay attention. Everyone is here to vent their emotions, and the number of likes is higher than one of the comments that scold Cancer. I rarely see in the comments, Saying that I have a high number of likes for happiness, I think it may be that most people who fall in love are unhappy.

Scorpio and Capricorn belong to the lower zone of the scumbag, and are the two favorite constellations of our public account fans. Scorpio is vengeful and dedicated. His setting is very similar to the domineering president in a TV series. He is cold on the surface and treats you secretly. Female fans like this kind of contrast. Leo men are also dedicated, but they are expressive and dedicated. Leo men have not been popular in recent years, and girls will find him greasy.

In fact, each constellation is set by someone. Girls in Pisces are typical heroines of idol dramas. They love fantasy, romance, and impracticality. They sway between a few boys, which is a sense of substitution by female fans. A very strong constellation. In the past, many idol drama heroines were typical Pisces, but now the heroine, the audience wants her to have the romantic feelings of Pisces and the specificity of Scorpio, combining the advantages of different constellations into one person., The space hole. Whether it is a person or a constellation, how can there be no shortcomings.

Writing articles like ours, whether the writing is good or not depends on whether your analysis can convince me. For example, which constellations are the most tolerant of this theme, you have to analyze what "tolerance" means-it is the person who offended you, do you want to forgive him. Like Leo, if someone offends him, he will definitely scold that person, but if you immediately beg for mercy, you can satisfy his desire to win and lose, and he doesn't care. Cancer, he is a very glass-hearted person, so if you hurt him, he will definitely be very sad, and the sad emotions are remembered more firmly, so Cancer is not a tolerant sign. Any writer who has reached this stage of analysis is considered good in my opinion.

The industry that can analyze further than ours should be "Tao Baibai". He will analyze how those inherent labels are generated. For example, Cancer needs a sense of security.What he needs a sense of security, and we use it directly. We don't need to know why he lacks a sense of security, we just need to tell female fans how to deal with a Cancer boyfriend who lacks security.

❷ "The constellation cannot solve my confusion"

Outside of work, the constellation is a social tool for me. It is useful to enlighten others, but it is useless to put it on myself. The doctor can’t see himself. A friend of mine around me came to me when he had a quarrel with his girlfriend. I helped him analyze and said that your girlfriend is an Aries, and Aries has an impulsive personality and is carefree. You can't reason with her, so you have to apologize to her straightforwardly. This kind of enlightenment is similar to writing an article. There are three or four ways to solve the quarrel problem, and two or three constellations correspond to one method.

You asked me which constellation I hate, but I really don’t have one. I hate a certain constellation because I hate someone with this constellation. Good relationship,You will not label a close friend. My work may give me a good understanding of the constellations of people around me, but I never judge them based on the constellations.

I have a friend. He is a Capricorn. He is a very dull sign, but he is a very outgoing and lively person. This belongs to his personality that is not in line with this sign. Because he is from Beijing, Beijingers are inherently poor, and his parents are also very open-minded, and his growth environment influenced him. In this case, it cannot be said that the characteristics of Capricorn are wrong, only that the characteristics of the zodiac are not obvious in him.

I fell in love with a Scorpio girl some time ago. Theoretically, Scorpio is afraid of trouble, and when chasing her, he will want to catch up and get hot and cold, but when it is really chasing, I found that these methods are not available at all. I was very enthusiastic at first. I took the initiative to ask her out for dinner over and over again, chatting and trying to find topics, but she would bring friends with her at dinner, so we couldn’t talk in depth.go with. I feel that this is because the other party doesn't like me, so I don't want to be hot on the cold ass. The premise of "hot and cold" must be that people are interesting to me.

Constellation is a tool that cannot be used for close friends, but even more for parents. I am from Shandong. In Shandong, my parents and children rarely communicate, so I still don’t know the birthdays of my parents, nor their horoscopes. I never try to ask them this question. You may talk about the zodiac with an old man, but you will never talk about the zodiac sign with an old man.

The confusion of zodiac writers: labeling the twelve constellations, I am also tired

I can only guess based on some of their characteristics. My mother has been strict with me since she was a child, and she has to listen to everything. , Very overbearing, my dad is responsible for making the rounds, so I guess my mom may be a Leo. But in fact, it’s not true. Isn’t that the case in most Chinese families?

Not to mention all the parents in the world are children The look in front of them is not what they really are. Parents are conservative and plain, unable to catch any analyzable characteristics. I can write an article "What is the truth about Su Daqiang?"What constellation", to analyze the constellation of other people's parents in the film and television drama, it is also because you can see his vivid and true side. And I believe that the image that a person presents when facing a partner and facing a child must be different, and what a constellation can analyze is more the image a person presents when facing a partner.

Using the constellation tool to understand a person must have a purpose. You want to chase this person, or want to get along better with him. But in front of your real close friends and family, you are lazy to use your brain, and you will not have the motivation to use these methods.

I recently fell into a period of professional fatigue, and I don't want to continue writing horoscopes, I want to try other things I want to write. I found that when faced with these specific confusions, the constellations could not help me. I am a Scorpio, with a delicate and sensitive heart, suitable for writing work. I can infer this from the constellation, but my confusion is, what exactly do I write? Constellation can't guide me.

❸ Constellation is an emotional vent

Before coming to this company, I was selling video ads on Sohu. It is to package the drama we purchased, make a PPT, and sell it to advertisers. The only opportunity to write something is to help advertisers write ad placement scripts. At that time, Dapeng was filming "Men of Dio Si," and I wrote a few paragraphs that could incorporate merchant products. The difficulty was to convince both the customer and Dapeng to accept this joke. This job lasted for two years, and later it was a business job. I couldn't do it anymore, so I quit.

For a year and a half after resigning, I stayed alone in the rented house in Lishuiqiao, writing horoscope writing part-time. Often times, I can write three articles a day, and the money I earn is about the same as my salary in Sohu. At first I felt so free, and I could make a lot of money at home. But after staying for a long time, I feel very anxious. I feel that I am out of touch with society and cannot chat with people.Doing things is just watching TV and writing at home.

At that time, a friend of mine and I shared a two-bedroom apartment, and he picked up a bunch of dogs. He goes to work during the day, the dog is at home, and I play with him. Every morning, I get up and make breakfast for him and walk him downstairs. The people who walk the dogs together in the community are all grandpas and aunts. When we meet, we will praise each other's dogs, and then my dog ​​and I will greet each other: "How old are you?" "We meet again." Besides, I don't know what to talk about.

I was really anxious every day, but the articles I wrote were light and funny. Fortunately, writing constellations is basically one sentence and one sentence, not a complete logic, so I write three articles a day, and readers can't feel my emotions. Keeping writing soothed my anxiety, even if I wrote about it, it was a few repetitive topics. In November 2017, the boss of the company asked me,If you want to come to work, I immediately agreed. The monthly salary of coming to work in the company is no more than a few hundred higher than that of part-time work, but when I work, I don't think about the "what should I do" questions.

At the beginning, I wrote that fans would interact with me and refute some of the points in my article. After adjusting them based on their opinions, many people left a message saying: "very accurate", I feel what I wrote It is worthy of recognition. But now, the interaction is almost gone. If you talk about a topic, I can find a similar article that we have written. Fans who have followed our account for a few months can know what our content is just by looking at the title, but few of them have this "scientific spirit". Even if they are aware of it, they will still open it. They need an emotional vent, and they need articles like "Let's fall in love with this constellation and love sweet" to satisfy their fantasy of sweet love.

The confusion of zodiac writers: labeling the twelve constellations, I am also tired

I have also fallen into a 30-year-old confused period recently. Maybe other 30-year-old middle-aged men are anxious about getting married, but what I am anxious about is what I want to do. .

I have regarded writing novels as my hobby since junior high school. I wrote fairy tales at the beginning, and I wrote some martial arts novels in high school, because I really liked the novels of Jin Yong and Gu Long. Our teacher arranged to write a diary, and I wrote my own novel in the diary. After the teacher took the book and checked it, he commented: Please write a diary and do not extract novels from the Internet. After college, I wrote mostly youth romance novels, but I rarely wrote constellation essays. My brain power has been focused on another matter.

Writing one thing repeatedly every day will make me tired. I’m thinking right now, it’s better to write things at home without going to work. That thing is what I like and can support me. But I didn't think about what I could write. If I quit my job and don't write horoscopes, I will only be more anxious. █

(At the request of the interviewee, Zhao Peng is a pseudonym.)

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