Everyday Smile | Monkey and Dog Marriage

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"The dog bride said shyly: "It's not for our children to look a little more in the future!" "◆◆◆ I promise to repay you for the hit TV series "The Leg

Everyday Smile | Monkey and Dog Marriage

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Monkey dog ​​marriage

On the wedding night, the monkey bridegroom quietly asked the dog bride: "You chose me, do you mind if I have no money?"

The dog bride shook her head seriously.

The monkey bridegroom asked again: "Mind if I have no house or car?"

The dog bride still shook her head.

The monkey bridegroom was very moved and asked with joy: "Then you talk about it, you marry me, what do you think of me?"

The dog bride said shyly : "Not for our childrenYou can look a little bit more in the future! ”

(Yang Yao)

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I promise to repay you

The TV series "The Legend of Zhen Huan" was aired, and a couple was fascinated by it.

This morning, the husband said to his wife unswervingly: "My dear, I will go to work in the future. Send off your husband'; when you come home from work, you have to say,'The concubine sees her husband, I wish my husband good luck! ""

The wife gave him a blank look, and said disdainfully: "You want to be beautiful, and let me kneel to please you every day, then how are you going to repay me? "

My husband frowned and thought for a long time, and then said solemnly: "I promise I will only flip your brand from now on." ”

(Zhang Jinping)

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Examination market

Father: What is the market situation for this exam?

Sub: A crash occurred and the index plummeted.

Father: quote the closing price.

Sub: Mathematics 56, Chinese 43, Physics 52, Politics 49, Chemistry 58.

Father: Why do you lose all the games?

Sub: From a fundamental analysis, I did not listen to the class properly because of studying the stock market in class. From a technical analysis, the proctoring exam was too strict and various rescue measures could not be introduced.

(Dong Lai)

Everyday Smile | Monkey and Dog MarriageEveryday Smile | Monkey and Dog Marriage