Blood type insurance match, born a pair

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The blood type, like the constellation, is the character of the characters displayed by the different blood types in the code of our lives, and has be

The blood type, like the constellation, is the password of our lives

The personality of the characters displayed by different blood types,

For a long time, it has been continuously researched and cracked.

Today, the knowledge of astronomy and geography has wonderful research habit For me,

I briefly sorted out the relationship between the personality of people of different blood types and buying insurance,

I found out,

Each blood type seems to have some unique points,

will affect our view of insurance in some ways.

Blood type insurance match, born a pair

Type A blood

Keywords: meticulous, cautious, conservative

People with blood type A are known for being "elegant and cool", they are more cautious and rarely break Conventional, it is generally not easy to "familiarize yourself", but once they are familiar, they are the best companions, and they are more likely to be meticulous and devoted. People with blood type A are natural savers and consume relatively planned consumption. I will choose insurance products after careful study, careful selection, and multiple comparisons. It will be safer to choose the most popular basic configuration.

Suggestion: Choose products by yourself. Understanding and time-consuming, you might as well find a relatively objective third-party platform, choose a suitable consultant for consultation, and then decide. In addition, you must choose financial management after configuring personal protection.

Blood type insurance match, born a pair

B blood type

Keywords: Dare to try, freedom

People with blood type B are free and unrestrained,Will not be bound by formal rules and interference. Type B people have a free way of thinking, are rich in ideas, and only cling to things they are interested in. However, they are often not strong enough in insurance awareness, and their life is to have fun in time, so they are the ones who love to spend money on shopping.

Suggestion: Type B blood is a typical "knowing easy and hard to do" type, who knows the importance of insurance, dare to try and like challenges, this type of people is risky If it is higher, you can choose to transfer the risk to insurance, and the rear can be guaranteed to continue to wave

Blood type insurance match, born a pair

Blood type insurance match, born a pair

AB blood

Keywords: Conflict, Smart, Competitive

People with blood type AB have concentrated A and B The characteristics of this blood type, so they have contradictory dual personalities. Type AB people are quick to respond, with strong acceptance and comprehension, but they lack the perseverance to persist. Have a unique way of thinking, can analyze problems from different directions and multiple angles, and have a thorough understanding of things. People with type AB blood will not have too much greed for money, and will make financial plans subjectively. The maverick AB investment vision is also sharp and precise.

Suggestion: A Sagittarius with blood type AB has a strong subjective consciousness and is too lavish. After configuring health insurance, You can choose to insure a property management insurance. However, in the process of purchasing products, you must carefully read the relevant instructions, understand the types of insurance and capital investment, and seek professional advice to avoid being deceived.

Blood type insurance match, born a pair

O type blood

Keywords: fraternity, professional ambition, strong judgment

O type blood is called the strongest blood type and is very inclusive , And very pioneering spirit. They are optimistic and confident, strong in learning ability and aggressive, so they naturally have a strong desire to make money, and they are well-deserved little financial experts. They are curious and eager to get benefits in insurance. I like to mess around about making money, but often neglect the protection.

Suggestion: People with O-type blood lack a certain degree of planning for the management of money, although sometimes Suddenly a certain sense of crisis or interest arises, and there are thoughts of saving, but often cannot persist. But the essence of insurance is to resist risks, not financial management. O blood type is smallPartners still have to configure basic protection first and then consider financial insurance. Put protection first, and don’t turn the cart before the horse because of excessive pursuit of income~

Blood type insurance match, born a pair



Is there something missing!

What about RH negative blood?

Blood type insurance match, born a pair

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