The other side of the rogue Liu Bang: a good-looking ranger, benevolent, open-minded and generous

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According to the "Benji of Gaozu": "The Gaozu is a man, Long Zhun has a long face, beautiful beard, and 72 sunspots on the left." Coupled with being l

Liu Bang has an extraordinary appearance and looks like a handsome man. According to the "Benji of Gaozu": "The Gaozu is a man, Long Zhun and Long Yan, beautiful beard, there are 72 sunspots on the left thigh." "Long Zhun and Long Yan", the nose is high and the cheeks are straight, like a dragon forehead , Has a beautiful beard. "Beautiful beard and beard", Chu people have always regarded men's beard as beauty. Later, people usually refer to "Long Zhun and Long Yan" as the appearance of the emperor's wealth. But Liu Bang’s most distinctive appearance should be the 72 sunspots on the left side, and the sunspots are moles. Of course, Liu Bang's left leg should not have 72 neatly-sized and neat moles on his left leg. If it is true, it would be a rare miracle in the world. In Chinese ancient physiognomy, 72 is an auspicious number. Most of the ancient popular "community art" is a far-fetched content.

The mole on Liu Bang’s left leg is the same. It may just be a few birthmarks and multiple scattered spots.It's just spots. The dress custom of Chu country is different from that of China. It is beautiful to wear short coats with straight collars. Therefore, someone accidentally discovered a pile of moles on Liu Bang's left leg when he was a child. The neighbors who were keen on physiognomy forced the meeting place. These sunspots were made up to 72. The good deeds in the village proclaimed that the 72 moles on Liu Bang's left share were auspicious, and it was widely spread that Liu Bang was destined to have a "noble appearance". Maybe it was just that I was idle at the time to create talks on the streets.

The other side of the rogue Liu Bang: a good-looking ranger, benevolent, open-minded and generous

Liu Ji, who grew up in an atmosphere of praise and praise, will inevitably have the heart to give birth to "the proud son of the emperor" Impetuous. After growing up, it is naturally impossible for his two brothers to operate the industry diligently and down-to-earthly, and live at home like the "farmers". Because of the good family background, he was born in a farmer's home with no worries about food and clothing. In comparison, Liu Bang is obviously lucky. As the youngest in the family, his eldest brother, second brother and Liu Taigong are responsible for labor and housework. In addition, he is born lazy and considers himself "the proud son of heaven." Liu Bang even "does nothing about his family's production and homework", is not good at school, is "good wine and sex," and is often reprimanded by Liu Taigong as "death (rogue)" and "no production." Therefore, when he was a teenager, Liu Bang did not win his father. Liu Taigong’s likes are often criticized by Liu Taigong.Ask him to "care for his family and work as his second brother Liu Zhong."

Father's blame and advice did not change Liu Bang. Later, Liu Taigong drove Liu Bang out of the house. Then Liu Bang turned to his brother and sister-in-law for help, and often went to his sister-in-law's home to eat and drink. There is a record of "sister-in-law and uncle" in "Historical Records: Family of the Kings of Chu Yuan". After Uncle Liu died, the sister-in-law waited for her nephew to support her life alone. Liu Bang didn't know each other, and often took a group of little brothers to his sister-in-law's home to eat and drink. After a long time, it was inevitable that he would be "sister-in-law and uncle". One time when Liu Bang called his friends to come, his sister-in-law pretended to have finished eating, and clinked the pot with a spoon. After a group of people made excuses to leave, Liu Bang saw that there was still soup in the pot, "Gaozu blamed his wife for this." It was not until Liu Bang became the emperor that his elder brother's son Liu Xin "cannot be sealed alone", and Liu Taigong interceded and sealed an ironic "Geng Jiehou". "Gengjie" is not the name of the county, but implies that the eldest wife will pretend to be the lastThings pay the price.

So, in his early years, Liu Bang gave us the impression that he was a "rogue", "rogue", and a gangster in the market. "Good wine and color." An out-and-out city underworld, a pure rascal. As a result, in people's minds, Liu Bang's "rogue" image of not reading poetry, idleness, and "good wine and sex" is frozen in his mind. But in this way, Liu Bang was too simplistic. It's incredible that a "rogue" can be a powerful emperor! Today's "rascals" are almost equivalent to hooligans, bullying men and women, and even burning, killing, and preying, and they are equivalent to doing everything. The understanding of "rogue" here should mostly refer to Liu Bang's licentious behavior, rude behavior, doing nothing, "doing nothing for a living," and having no skill to support his family, which is what people say today.No promise".

What did Liu Bang actually do when he was young? How did he spend his youth? Sima Qian did not give a detailed account of Liu Bang’s deeds in his youth in "Records of the Historian". "Han Shu" is basically imitating the content of "Historical Records." The biography of Liu Banglin and Lin Zong, written by later generations, also lacked too much attention to Liu Bang as a teenager, thus neglecting the life experience of the ranger in the adolescence. The shaping of Liu Bang’s early personality and its formation had a profound impact, so that even after Liu Bang ascended the throne, there were still traces of the habits of the young ranger.

About Liu Bang’s personality and man "The record is: "Be benevolent and love others, happy to show, and willing to be open. They are often generous and don't care about family production. ". Liu Bang's nature is kind, generous, likes to give alms, spends generously, and has an open mind. Although he is called a "rogue", his nature is fair.Kind and generous. Liu Bang, who doesn't like the hard work of facing the loess and back to the sky, will slacken off as long as he has a chance. By nature, he is bold and unrestrained, he likes to play and socialize and is uninhibited, spends money like running water, so he makes a lot of friends. Liu Bang didn't work all day, wandering around, and was criticized by his neighbors as being a lazy "loaner".

The tall man plus his great looks, the wandering experience also gave him a lot of time to make friends, and slowly began to follow Liu Bang's "young people" in the market. In addition, he is more open-minded and generous in his personality, and his circle of friends has continued to expand, and he has met many people. Liu Bang's popularity and influence have slowly spread in Pei County. Liu Bang travels to the market, makes friends widely, and becomes a man of "benevolence and love, benevolent, willing to be generous, often magnanimous, and not concerned with the production and operation of his family", but with great ambitions. These are directly related to his later excellence and achievement in the imperial career. It seems, Liu Bang's willingness to give, benevolence and magnanimity, it is not the quality that ordinary punks can have. How did the early character shaping influence Liu Bang in the future? When he was young, Liu Bang wandered around the market and was good at making friends. After the establishment of the empire, he was best at knowing and employing people. He was always surrounded by a "think tank" who was willing to serve him and lived and died. There is an inevitable connection between the two.

Liu Bang has a broad vision and has experienced people. His talents and knowledge are far above most of the children of Peixian. In addition, he has a solid family background, is good at making friends, and is open-minded, just like "Chao Gai", " "Song Jiang", many children of Peixian slowly gathered around Liu Bang. The personal connections became wider and wider, and many of the heroes who later helped him fight the world met during this period. A huge group organization similar to the underworld--Fengpei Group is gradually taking shape. Among the more outstanding people are Lu Wan, Xiao He, Cao Shen, Xia Houying, Fan Kuai, Ren Ao, ZhouChang et al.

There is a special person in this huge Fengpei old group. We have to mention that he was born in the same hometown and the same month and the same day as Liu Bang. He followed Liu Bang all his life and stayed with Liu Bang. Lu Wan, a good brother who shared weal and woe, was born as a child, and was later named the King of Yan. There are many friends in the Liu Bang Group that he made when he was a teenager, and Lu Wan is one of them.

According to the "Historical Records of Lu Wan Biographies": "Lu Wan's person, Feng Renye, and Gaozu. Lu Wan is in love with Gaozu Taishang, and has a son, Gaozu and Lu Wan were born on the same day, Lizhong holds goat wine to congratulate the two families. Gaozu and Lu Wanzhuang both learn and love each other.” Lu Wan and Liu Bang are neighbors in the same hometown, and Liu Bang’s childhood life is probably the same as other teenagers with superior backgrounds. In the innocence and playfulness of his youth. Liu Taigong and Lu Wan’s father are very close, their fathers love each other, Liu Bang and Lu Wan haveThey were born on the same day, so the elders and villagers of Lizhong brought sheep and wine to the two families to congratulate them. The children of the two families have been in the same siblings since they were young, and their relationship is very good.

It is said that Liu Bang and Lu Wan went to school together after they grew up, and they worshipped a Confucian student named Ma as their teacher. It can be said that they are studying in the same discipline, which has strengthened their relationship. The Lizhong elders once again set up a banquet to celebrate the two families. It can be seen that although Liu Bang was born as a farmer, his family should be relatively wealthy, probably similar to a moderate to moderately prosperous level, and he was respected by his neighbors in the village. Only in his prime can he be elected according to law to participate in the examination of selecting officials and become the pavilion chief of Surabaya.

The "Biography of the Marquis of Huaiyin" stated that Han Xin "because he was poor when he was a commoner, he could not choose to be an official", which can be used as a strong evidence that Liu Bang's family background is at least small and rich. Many people think that Liu Bang is lazy and playful by nature, just a "rascal" who walks around the market and does not read poetry. In fact, Liu Bang was educated.It's just that Liu Bang has no interest in studying at all, and it didn't take long for him to stop studying in school. It is difficult to know how much education Liu Bang has, but it can be seen from his future performance that he is by no means an illiterate illiterate.

Lu Wan has a mild personality and an honest duty, while Liu Bang is just the opposite, doing good things everywhere and likes to be the boss. As a result, Lu Wan surrounded Liu Bang tightly, and was loyal to herself. When Liu Bang was in the commoner, he was wanted by the government for "facilitating officials", and Lu Wan accompanied Liu Bang to escape. Since Liu Bangpei County rebelled, Lu Wan also followed around, and was promoted to "Chang Shizhong" when he entered Hanzhong, that is, she often accompanied Liu Bang. After the Three Qin Dynasty was settled, Lu Wan took the post of Taiwei, sitting on an equal footing with the prime minister Xiao Heping, above Han Xin and others, and often went to Liu Bang "in the house".

Although Lu Wan's performance was mediocre in the future, and he did not make any great contribution to the charge, LiuBang still named him Chang'an Hou, and later named Yan Wang. After being proclaimed emperor, other kings of different surnames were cut off by Liu Bang successively, but Lu Wan was the last king of different surnames during Liu Bang. No wonder Sima Qian lamented that "the princes and kings are not as lucky as the king of Yan". This shows that Lu Wan's weight in Liu Bang's mind is extraordinary.

Looking back at Liu Bang’s history of rangers when he was a teenager, you’ll find that Liu Bang is not just a simple gangster. Although Liu Bang in his youth was not a big role in Peixian, but his many supporters (Xiao He, Cao Can, Fan Kuai, Wang Ling, Zhou Chang, Zhou Bo, etc.) in a certain sense Said that he decided the future emperor's road. The foundation of contacts accumulated during this period prepared Liu Bang for an uprising in the future. This was something Liu Bang did not expect. It can be seen that the shaping and formation of his early character and his style of ranger in the market have helped him get acquainted with many contacts and later laid a foundation for him.A generation of great deeds has a certain impact.