From Mars to see what kind of partner you will have

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But women who have the configuration of Mars Aries are easily attracted by straightforward and optimistic boys because their patience is often not ver

From Mars to see what kind of partner you will have

Many people have had astrological experience. Sometimes an astrologer can describe a person's general picture with just a natal chart. People can't help but feel the magic of astrology. In fact, the stars do not affect destiny, but the movement of planets and the trajectory of human destiny follow similar laws.

Among them, when Mars refers to an individual in the horoscope, it often symbolizes the "boyfriend" and "husband" of the female owner. The seat of Mars sometimes reflects not only what kind of person a female male partner is, but also what kind of male a female may be attracted to. Of course, what kind of partner a person will have depends on the overall configuration of TA's astrolabe and personal life experience. It's just that the seat of Mars can reflect a woman's tendency to choose a spouse to some extent.

Since Mars is used to analyze the individual's mate choice orientation, the meaning of Mars in the male disc is different from that of the female disc. Here is only an analysis of Mars on the female disk, showing a possibility that the astrolabe configuration corresponds to personal reality. Therefore, the male compatriots can only get a better understanding of her in mind based on this article.

Mars falls in Aries

When Mars falls in Aries, it falls into its own guardian constellation, so at this time, the power of Mars is relatively large. Women with this configuration tend to be a little bit grumpy and a little bold. But at the same time he has the courage and courage to do what he says. Individuals who have been severely tortured on Mars may be prone to sulking and unable to resolve their emotions.

But women with the configuration of Mars Aries are easily attracted by straightforward and optimistic boys, because their patience is often not very good and can't hold back. If you can talk about everything in your relationship, you will feel comfortable with them . So they need a clear partner, and a twisted and caring partner will make them particularly angry and aggrieved. At the same time, this configuration group likes activists, and it may not be able to impress them just by saying nothing. Cultivating loving people in action will be their food.

Mars falls in Taurus

Mars loses power in Taurus, so the current position of Mars is weak, so this is a group of less impulsive people, they often need a "pragmatic" partner. Because the people of Mars and Taurus often care for others in a very pragmatic way, and they don't make falsehoods, so if others make them feel false, they will also be disgusted. Therefore, the women of Mars and Taurus will care whether they have gained something in their relationship and whether the other party can provide them with a sense of security.

If a person can really take care of Mars and Taurus, let them feel that "this person is really reliable" may reap their hearts. At the same time, Mars Taurus is a group of people who do things more planned. The kind of men who have a good plan for the future are likely to attract the goodwill of Mars Taurus. And the women of Mars and Taurus may be more controlling and want to take care of everything around them. Therefore, some Mars and Taurus may also choose a boy who looks more protective and a milk dog.

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini is more inclined to choose interesting souls among many choices. It is so beautiful in love to be able to talk, play and play together. However, people who are not very interesting and stodgy can not get their "hyperactivity", and it is easy to think that the Martian Gemini does not have long-term work, and deny them, which makes everyone unhappy. But the variability in life on Mars is just because they have been practicing their ideas, which is also an advantage. So they are easily attracted to people who understand them. Brains, souls, and highly educated groups are also their dishes. But their highest pursuit is eager to find like-minded people among the crowd. This is one of their important mate selection criteria.

But the Martian Gemini, pay attention to being trapped by people who just talk and don't do things, because their attention is always constantly shifting, and people who always only deal with the moment will sometimes eat them.

Mars falls in Cancer

Because Mars falls in Cancer, this is the group that will not express yourself least. They really tend to think more than they do, which makes them more passive. They long for a tender partner, hoping that others can understand their true thoughts from their euphemistic behavior. Therefore, Mars Cancer is more inclined to choose objects with strong empathy and gentleness. If a person can take care of Mars CancerSmall emotions are very likely to get their likes.

Because of the characteristics of Mars Cancer, they are actually easy to like men who look weak and feminine, but this situation is also likely to make them choose men who are too introverted and less able to express themselves, thus Lead to more depressed feelings. And Mars Cancer may be regarded as a more scumbag configuration. When one person cares about another person too much, most people will suspect that there is another purpose, but Mars Cancer may ignore this because of the feeling of being cared.

Mars falls in Leo

Martian lions are in a sense the most romantic group, because they are easily attracted to the emotional and people of drama. In fact, not only the overbearing president is the food of the Martian Lions, but the dazzling and popular presence may be their target. It seems that Martian Lions are actually a bit straight, but it does not prevent them from having very romantic needs. But a large part of Martian lions are passive, because they will enjoy the feeling of being cared and sought after, so what better way to fulfill this need than to find a mate who always sees them in their hearts?

But Mars and Lions should also be aware that they may choose violent objects, because many people who give others excessive romance, they often cover up their negative characteristics such as performance and mood swings, and wait until they get along. Show the original shape. Never forget the Martian, the lion, the person and the self, there may be shadows hidden under the radiance.

Mars falls in Virgo

Martian Virgos are actually a bit depressed. They need to suppress the agitation of Mars with Virgo’s love to regulate everything. So they may often wonder whether they want a natural sculpted person or an ascetic perfectionism. Therefore, Martian virgins are often attracted to men who pay more attention to details in their lives, live more delicately, but are a little straight. However, men with such contradictory qualities often have the qualities of being refined, which is also something that Martian virgins need to endure. At the same time, Martian virgins may not be the same as they imagined. They may think that they like gentle boys, but because the more regulated Martian traits, the more dominant they will be, so in fact, Martian virgins are also easy to be attracted by sexy boys. attract.

But the destination of the Martian virgin is often the kind of person who "everything is echoed and everything is settled", because the Martian virgin after maturity is also such a person.

Mars falls in Libra

When Mars is in Libra, it is in a state of losing power, so Mars Libra is relatively safe. They will consider all aspects of doing things, but their mobility is average and they tend to feel weak. Therefore, the characteristics of "decent" and "opportunity" are very important for Martian Libra. Because a person who likes to mess around will make them feel bad, they do not know or do not like to deal with many unexpected situations.

At the same time, this is also a group that pays more attention to social recognition in mate selection. Although they do not need to choose a dazzling presence in the crowd like Mars and lions, but an object recognized by themselves and those around them will make them feel Peace of mind. The approval of others is important to them. So Mars Libra is actually a group that finds the "right" people easier, but they should also be aware that there may be situations in which "emotions" may be abandoned because of "measurement".

Mars falls in Scorpio

After the appearance of the three king planets, Scorpio was ruled by Pluto, but before that, Scorpio's ruler was Mars. Therefore, Mars has returned to its own sign in Scorpio and is in the state of entering the temple. Mars-Scorpio will give full play to the control and violent characteristics of Mars, so Mars-Scorpio may be prone to extreme situations, so they need a "carrying capacity" partner. If someone can understand their psychology and is a match for them, it is likely to attract them.

In addition, there are two types of Martian Scorpio that eat more, one is powerful, the other is feminine. Mars and Scorpio are actually more aggressive, so they will "muqiang", just like martial arts masters always look up to other masters. But Mars and Scorpio are also easily tortured by their own emotions, so more feminine people can comfort them, and they will also be their choice.

Mars falls in Sagittarius

Martian Sagittarius people like bright and free companions. Many movies have plots where I love you but let you go. I think the protagonist of this plot is mostly Mars Sagittarius. They fulfill their own freedom by fulfilling the freedom of others, because permission is mutual. So the kind of people who are free and don't restrain them, but also have ideals are easier to attract them. They tend to be informal, so mother-in-law’s people will bore them.

And Martian Sagittarius is also easy to be attracted to the plot or characters of the drama, but it is not that they love romance, but they tend to regard abnormal people and things as a fateful guide, so just let Mars Sagittarius feel like someone A spiritual or spiritual link is also easy to get their love. Knowledgeable men are also their food, what can be more free from the confinement of life than taking them freely in the ocean of knowledge?

Mars falls in Capricorn

Mars rises in Capricorn, Capricorn is the most able to regulate Mars, because Capricorn has enough rules and endurance to restrict aggressive Mars. Therefore, Mars and Capricorn people belong to the existence of both action and self-control. People always like to exist similar to themselves. Behind self-control is perseverance. Only people with the same self-control and patience can understand them and be appreciated by them. However, people with such characteristics are generally considered successful in society, so on the surface, women who are Mars and Capricorns tend to choose successful people as their partners.

In fact, Mars Capricorn pays more attention to a person's attitude and pragmatism. Even if it is not successful, people who are willing to work hard for their goals will get their hearts. At the same time, Mars and Capricorn women like to worry about what they are doing is fruitful. People who can bring them recognition and even honor are also their choices.

Mars falls in Aquarius

The strange guy in the crowd is easy to be collected by the Martian water bottle. This strange is not strange, but unusual. If a person is engaged in a special profession, or his character is relatively born, or his knowledge is different from other people, it is easy to reap the love of Mars Aquarius. At the same time, the people of Aquarius on Mars, although they look unspecified, they actually have very good understanding ability. Although they don't say anything, they know many things in their hearts, so they enjoy the feeling of "I don't say you understand". If a person does not understand them and likes to criticize others, they may be turned away.

Martian water bottles are also easy to fall in love, because they may not express their inner heart, and they may like indifferent people as people who understand them, and it is easy to get no response in their feelings. But they don't necessarily care about this.

Mars falls in Pisces

Mars Pisces does not necessarily choose a romantic person as his partner, but chooses a romantic person as a partner. In fact, Mars Pisces may also be the loneliest mate, because many times it is their own business that they like to be alone. So if you want to get the likes of Mars Pisces, you just don't do things like burning the piano and boil the evil scenery in the early stages of understanding, and let them feel that they are cared and cared about.

Mars Pisces is the most taboo people who are realistic and can't speak. If a person clearly points out that Mars Pisces’ thoughts are illusory and their behavior is quite illogical, they will instantly wake up and consider " In reality, someone is not suitable either", thus shifting the target. So as long as they have certain advantages, even if the sound is good, then don't hit Mars Pisces, they will ferment their love on their own. But Mars Pisces also needs to be rational, and be careful to boil frogs in warm water by people with bad intentions.

Note that this article does not correspond to the sun signs, and you need to set up Mars in your natal chart before corresponding.

No one can live in the world in a completely rational way. We don’t need to imagine that we will find a "good" or "bad" partner, nor do we need to step by step to find a "good" partner. . But we need to understand what kind of person we want. In fact, as long as you find someone you really want, you are lucky.

Wish everyone can get a person, they are partners and the most suitable apartment