What is it like for a girl who really loves herself

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If you don’t work at home and take your children full-time, you will be regarded as a rice worm. After the child grows up and sensible, he will have n

What is it like for a girl who really loves herself

This society has really high demands on women.

If you don’t work at home and take your children full-time, you will be regarded as a rice bug, a dwarf at home, and look down upon.

When the child grows up and sensible, he will have no job or income, and will be looked down upon by the child, thinking that his mother will only ask for money, she will not dress up, and has no knowledge.

Working hard at work will be regarded as a workaholic who does not care about the family. Even if you get results at work, you will be slammed back.

Some people think that women need to find a balance between work and family. It is so easy to find a balance.

A person's energy is limited, only 24 hours a day, and often he can care about this end but not the other end.

Unlimited payment, only two ends can not please.

The more so, the smarter women must know how to cherish themselves.

What is it like for a girl who really loves herself

Sister Lin, the project manager in our office, has always been alive and well.

She often puts a sentence on her lips: Do your best in everything, just work hard, don’t care, and don’t care too much.

She will do her best to control the project. Make good progress, arrange every detail, be organized, deal with people, and talk professionally, so thatPeople are convinced.

In her words: Just work hard, don't care too much about success or failure.

Whether a project can be made depends on the resources provided by the company, internal coordination, and the company’s external environment. Even if the project fails, don’t blame yourself too much and blame yourself on yourself , It's no good for yourself.

This reminds me of the female vice president of Wanda who committed suicide by jumping from a building. When a person puts the focus of life on one point and focuses his vision on one place, his thoughts will become paranoid and his behavior will become paranoid. Will become crazy.

Sister Lin taught me to face life easily.

Sister Lin once told us that she did stupid things when she was young.

At that time, she met a boy and loved her, but secretly talked about several girlfriends.

You cheated before breaking upShe wanted to open a store by herself and tricked sister Lin into investing more than 100,000 yuan.

It was discovered by Sister Lin and she was missing.

What is it like for a girl who really loves herself

Sister Lin had a mental breakdown during that time, and she was emotionally disturbed, and even lost her job.

It took a long time to recover. She felt that the heart was unfathomable, and it was too difficult to stick to the same.

But she didn't want to sink down because of it.

Her way is to calm down and face her heart.

Just work hard, failure is the normal state of life, and then with the pursuit of bright human nature, laugh at life, and remain vigilant to the dark places of human nature.

Sister Lin often encourages us that girls should maintain financial independence and have independent personality.

Even if other parts of life make you feel anxious, but you have enough money in your hand, life can't knock you down.

All the difficulties are tempering you, you can treat them contemptuously,Towards a better life with hope.

Affected by her, I often encourage myself, don’t think about it, it’s best to make more money.

What is it like for a girl who really loves herself

It’s great to have money, beautiful clothes, shoes,You can choose the bag, and you can live in a high-end community without having to worry about daily living expenses, children’s milk powder money, and elderly alimony.

You also have the confidence to face a man who is not good to you.

There is nothing wrong with money. If money is bad, it is either poor or sour.

Secondly, you must have an independent mind, be able to judge the right and wrong in your life, and stop loss in time.

I saw an excellent girl in the office who fell in love. After hundreds of thousands of times, her temper became worse, she was complained by customers, and she also got dark circles under her eyes.

I really want to tell her that that person doesn't like you, it's not your fault. He is blind to you because he treats you badly. You can find someone more worthy of you.

Even if the other person loves you very much, don't indulge in feelings and find something else to do.

You can exercise, learn some life skills, even if you look at the official account in your mobile phone, learn how to match clothes, how to make-up, it is better than holding a mobile phone and waiting for other people's news.

This world is big and there is enough space for you to fly.

Before you love others, remember to love yourself, increase your knowledge, and enrich your heart. You will find that you can become very strong.