Recollection of Feelings in the Internet Age

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It saves time for socializing and finds a "reason" for most people not to go out to the supermarket to buy daily necessities, not to go to the mall to

I saw a question in the Q&A before: due to the development of mobile phones and TVs, do you think the cinema will be closed in the future?

Recollection of Feelings in the Internet Age

The atmosphere of the cinema

To be honest, I personally It is believed that it will not be closed; the development of mobile phones and TVs, on some levels,It is an electronic device, the development of the Internet era; The Internet provides a lot of convenience for modern people’s lives, you can eat, drink and play without going out, save time for socializing, and find it for most people There is no need to go out to the supermarket to buy daily necessities, no need to go to the mall to buy clothes and cosmetics, no need to go to restaurants to wait for meals and eat "reasons"; but at the same time due to the development of the Internet age, the relationship between people is getting weaker and weaker; /strong>The relationship between relatives and friends needs to be maintained, rather than staying in the same position all the time. When you need it, the other party will automatically come out to help without saying anything; there is nothing wrong with the beauty of distance, it is because of people. There needs to be a safe distance between them, but if you don’t communicate for a long time, the relationship will become more and more distant, causing the other party’s contact information to disappear from your phone~

Recollection of Feelings in the Internet Age

Friends go out for coffee and chat

You can fast-forward when you watch movies on your mobile phone and TV, and pass off the plot you don’t want to watch; now many people are Just look at the beginning and the end, the plot in the middle is too lazy to look at, which is what everyone says: the fast food era; but this way there is less respect for the photographers and the fun of discussing plots between friends; we stay at home, except for and I can hardly say a few words in a day with electronic equipment; go outMake an appointment with a friend to watch a movie, eat, drink and go shopping together, enjoying the relaxing moments that belong to the holidays, and ask each other how they have been recently, which shop we will check in today, or change the nail color, let each other change their mood~ Emotional things cannot be given by the Internet. Video and voice calls cannot replace the intimacy and comfort of face-to-face. We are grateful for the development of the Internet era, but also because of the Internet era we have lost a lot~We must learn to balance the Internet. The relationship with the entity should not be blindly immersed in the Internet, nor can we close ourselves out of touch with the times. When we should use mobile phones and TVs, we use them normally. Don’t miss it when we shut down~

Recollection of Feelings in the Internet Age

Stay at home and watch mobile phones

For example, since WeChat came out, most people have abandoned QQ, thinking that WeChat is much more convenient than QQ. QQ has more functions than WeChat, but I personally still publish it on QQ from time to time. Let’s talk about it, not for anyone to see, but a recollection of feelings, thank you for the happiness and sadness it once brought me~

Recollection of Feelings in the Internet Age

QQ and other related chat software, basically everyone’s mobile phone Will be downloaded on the Internet

Another example is the rise of e-books. Many people are habitually reading novels on their mobile phones. They rarely buy paper books, nor do they go to physical stores as before. Apply for a library card; I personally read e-books at the same time, I also often buy paper books, turn a few pages a day, put bookmarks; The paper feels really good, and the sound of turning the book is also very good It’s pleasing to the ear; I occasionally go to bookstores. Now many bookstores are equipped with children’s reading areas, drinks, coffee and desserts.At the same time, the music brought by the books, you can also relax and entertain, which is really good~

Recollection of Feelings in the Internet Age

Afternoon time in a bookstore

PS: Now, everyone who buys paper books, please show your little hands~