The Buddha said: sit in the lotus, fill in a lotus

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Life seems to be a journey, the scenery you have gone through, the people you have met, may all become inns, and perhaps everyone will become traveler

Life seems to be a journey. The scenery you have gone through and the people you have met may all become inns, and perhaps everyone will become travelers. The past, memories, and all the actions committed were pure actions when they were young and frivolous. Even if there is a trace of regret now, it is only the past after all. The communication between people should be in the future, not entangled with the past. .

——Tu Mo

The world is troubled, the bitterness is endless, and the emotion is endless. Sometimes, I always complain that time rushes like a white horse, stealing our original dream silently and taking away our purest era. But there is no trace of time, even if you complain in every way, it can't stop its passing.

From school days to entering society, the joys and sorrows experienced along the way, it seems that this is the most story-telling passage in life. This way we grow up innocent, simple, and ignorant, with the futureLonging, eager to grow up quickly, grow wings, and fly to the sky of his own.

The Buddha said: sit in the lotus, fill in a lotus

The silent passage of time, what we have experienced along the way, Some have become unforgettable in fleeting years, perhaps the most unwilling to mention the past in this life, just because all these are the mistakes of young and frivolous, maybe time has forgiven you, but you are now on the verge of sin. , Fear again and againFear, despair again and again, regret again and again.

They all say: "Let it fade away if you can't get past, time will always fade it away", but no one knows that time can fade everything, but the scars deeply burned will eventually fall into depths and shallows The traces of, whenever I recall it, my heart will still sigh, and the heart lake will still make ripples.

Whenever someone asks about your past, how many times do they hide their pain in silence. I don't want anyone to mention the past anymore, I just want it to dissipate in the air with the wind, as if I have never experienced it, never appeared, never owned it.

Gradually, I fell in love with the warm sun in the afternoon, which can refresh my heart and dispel the cold. Then I will look at the clear sky and the floating white clouds, and feel this pleasant warmth. Quietly close your eyes, listening to the melody of the breeze, the mood gently picked up by it, blooming silently in the river, like fireworks.

The Buddha said: sit in the lotus, fill in a lotus

As time goes by, I start to like to walk into the lotus blooming area, watching the waves of the lotus lake, watching With the blooming lotus, the sacred and unstained holiness is like an angel of mortal dust. Countless times I have fantasized about being a holy boy like a lotus, able to tolerate all those who hurt you in the world, understand all unfair things, and look down on everything that hurts myself.

I want to be a boy like a lotus, sitting in the lotus, Seeing all the world's dust has disturbed one after another, appreciates the red flowers blooming.

I want to be a boy like a lotus, sitting in the lotus, tolerating all resentment, hatred, swearing, and all unfair things in the world.

I want to be a boy like a lotus. Sitting in the lotus, I don’t care about, don’t compare, and calmly appreciate the scenery along the way. I just put myself deep in the ethereal.

I want to be a boy like a lotus, sitting in the lotus, learning to be indifferent and calm, letting go of the little things about the past, not crying in the memories, not sad in the fleeting years.

The Buddha said: sit in the lotus, fill in a lotus

Facing the past, looking to the future, too much Sigh, but I finally believe that where there is sunshine, there will be a smile on my face. No matter what you have experienced, if you don't think about it, remember it, or entangle it, your heart will still be whole.

Let those who have hurt you before, and those who you have hurt, just go further and further in the fleeting years! Even if one day meets again, smile and pass by. Passing by, as long as others don’t mention your past, then people in the future will not know what happened in the past. A person who cares about you will only care about your future, not your past.

No matter how many people in this world deny you, how many people slander you again and again boringly, but understand, as long as you don’t care, ignoreYes, others will eventually disappear from boredom. The so-called thinking between people is high and low, we should not be low, we must be the high thinking with a heart of peace and tolerance.

The Buddha said: sit in the lotus, fill in a lotus

Beware of dirt, go see the holy lotus and sit down Among them, then the heart will get a piece of peace, without so much sadness and anxiety.

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