Six virtues, five observing nine principles

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Even if we have the resources and background, we still need our own abilities. What's more, most of us have no resources and no background, and we nee

It’s not easy to succeed in your career. Even if you have resources and background, you still need your own abilities. Moreover, most of us don’t have resources and background. , The required capacity will be more.

The ability here is not simply the way of doing things. The ability to do things is actually just a way of making ends meet, it’s also a way of making a living. A basic ability in the workplace, not all.

Many people may feel that they have paid a lot and made good results, but why do their personal relationshipsworse and worse? It's getting more and more difficult to do things? The relationship between colleagues is tense, and the leader dare not fully support.

People who have some abilities, or think that they have some abilities,The first mistake that is easy to make is to say that they can and can do things. For capital, it ignores more requirements on the ability to do things.

Some capable people will easily hate those sophisticated and sleek people, not to mention those who are sneaky or old-fashioned, It is easy to fall into a vicious circle.

I have met many friends soI have suffered a lot, and I also came here. The reason is that you look down on others with your own abilities or achievements. It’s okay if you offend a gentleman. However, if you offend a villain, the consequences may be more troublesome, because you have the ability to make Some villains seem more incompetent.

There is a saying: How much you can accomplish depends on how many villains you can control. There is some truth in this sentence.

If being able to do things is just one of the basic abilities, what are the systematic abilities required for accomplishing something?

Today we are going to share with you from the "Long and Short Sutra". I have written several articles about the "Long and Short Sutra". If you are interested, please refer to the historical news.

Today’s main paragraph comes from "Long and Short Sutra·De Biao", and the main body comes from "Wen Zi". You may not say Wen Zi Familiar, but if you talk about Wenzi’s number: Ji Ran, I guess you know more friends. Let’s briefly introduce it: Wen Zi, surname Xin, number Ji Ran. Philosopher and literature in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period Home, educator, thinker. The year of birth and death is unknown. He is the ancestor of Taoism. At the same time as Confucius, he is the author of "Wenzi"., The bigger husband Fan Li respected him as a teacher and taught Fan Li seven strategies. Fan Zuoyue Wang Goujian used five of them to destroy Wu. (There is an article about the Seven Strategies of Jiran: The Seven Strategies of Jiran, Fan Li uses his five help to restore the country to the country, with one, you can also create your own big business, everyone can refer to)

Look at the text first:

Wen Zi said: "The way of mortals is to have small desires, great ambitions, and full wisdom. Desire for action, desire for more ability but less desire for things."

The so-called "small heart" Health, guard against misfortune, be careful, and dare not indulge one's desires;

"Great ambitions" are all nations, all of them are unique and vulgar, right and wrong, and middle is the hub;

"Wisdom Circle", the beginning is endless, the square flows far, the deep spring is endless;

" Those who walk the right way", stand upright and not stubborn, plain and not dirty, not easy to operate, and far from wanton;

"can Many ", civil and military equipment, dynamic and static instruments;

"Things are less", the contract will be used to treat the wider, and the calm will be irritable.

Six virtues, five observing nine principles

The meaning of the text itself is not difficult to understand, but the meaning needs to be explained briefly:

Talents who conform to the golden mean have put forward such a standard. He said: "The virtues of talents should have 'small desires, large ambitions, full wisdom, desires for action, more ability to desire, and less desire for things." Six characteristics."

The so-called "small heart" means that you must be cautious and careful in your personality. When it happens, preventive measures can be taken into consideration; when disasters just show signs, they can be vigilant and guarded. The most fundamental countermeasure is Don’t indulge your inner desires;

The so-called "Zhi Da" means to be ambitious to achieve the world Datong and all mankind are responsible for the common prosperity, and in the face of the complicated situation of right and wrong, adhere to the universal, fair and unselfish general principle;

the so-called "Wisdom circle" means that wisdom must be round and harmless, like a round sphere, where it merges everywhere, with no starting point and end point, but it can encompass all directions, and there is no place that it cannot reach. It is like the spring water deep underground, which will never dry up;

The so-called "Xing Fang" means that the behavior should be upright and square, indomitable, pure and white, like a lotus flower, out of mud but not stained, clear ripples but not demon, suffering in poverty Never change your sentiment, so that you will become so prosperous, without being dizzy;

The so-called "can be more" means talent To achieve both civil and military, whether you are doing something or being silent and lonely, you can make your words and deeds ethical;

The so-called "less things" means being good at grasping the essentials and key points of things and making every moveThe whole body, use one mechanism to control the whole situation, to calmly brake, and to wait for restlessness.

For a person, the requirements of these six virtues are not unreasonable. We may not be able to achieve them, but I suggest that you can The main items are posted on your desk, and you are always introspecting and thinking about problems, which may have miraculous effects.

Let’s look at the Five Shou:

Husband The extreme of heaven is opposite, and the profit is loss. Therefore, clever and broad wisdom, guard against stupidity; learn more and argue, guard against frugality; force perseverance, guard against fear; wealth and wealth are vast, guard against narrowness; virtue to the world, guard against letting. This fiveTherefore, the first king also guarded the world.

Simply translate:

The rule of heaven’s operation is always that things must be reversed and full You lose. Therefore, if you want to maintain the advantages of great intelligence and wisdom, you must always keep yourself in a mental state of vain and foolishness; if you want to maintain the advantage of being well-informed, knowledgeable and demonstrative, you must make yourself feel always lonely and ignorant, talented and shallow; If you want to maintain the advantage of bravery and fortitude, you must make yourself understand the truth of the universe, and always be in a state of awe; if you want to maintain wealth and glory, and have the advantages of the world, you must always control the material you enjoy. Confined to the minimum; if you want to benefit the world and be kind to the common people, you must maintain the virtue of humility and obedience. These five originalsTherefore, it is the secret that the wise king can guard the world.

These five guards can also be said to be the five precepts. They are also to alert yourself to reflect from time to time, make fewer mistakes, be less self-righteous, seek truth from facts, not be confused by emotions, or be confused by things. . Doing these five guards well can at least make fewer and no mistakes.

Nine articles from "Zuo Zhuan":

The "Biography" says: "No beginning chaos, no wealth, no favors, no disobedience, no arrogance, no arrogance, no anger, no conspiracy and no virtue , No crime or justice. These nine words, The ancients also stand up. "

A brief translation:

There is a saying in "Zuo Zhuan": "Don’t create chaos first, don’t insult people for wealth and glory, don’t rely on the backing to behave in a powerful and powerful way, don’t violate an agreement that has been reached, don’t be arrogant, disrespectful, don’t hold yourself arrogant, can deceive others, don’t retaliate and hate yourself People who are immoral don’t seek for it, and those who are unjust don’t touch it. "These nine sentences are the principles on which the ancients relied.

Go back to the question above. Those who have achieved achievements need comprehensive and systematic capabilities. Being able to do things is just one of the most basic abilities, that is, being able to do more than mentioned above, besides, But also have: small heart, big ambition, wise circle, action, and less things. One is indispensable, and one will be hurt by it.

The Five Shou and Nine Regulations all remind us to be fearful and self-reflection.

Achieve Six Virtues, Five Shou, Nine Principles to help you stand up, stand up, and do meritorious service.