You will never know how good a father is to bring up a child! (Recommended collection)

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1. In a family, it is often the mode where the father makes money to support the family and the mother takes care of the family and children. Father's


In a family, it is often the mode where the father makes money to support the family and the mother takes care of the family and children. But in fact, the company of the father is indispensable in the education of children.

Father’s love is like a mountain, and mother’s love is like a sea. Father and mother have their own advantages in family education. The yin and yang must be complementary and balanced in order to treat their children Growth is favorable.

Psychologists once said: Father’s love is indispensable, and it is also irreplaceable. The father has an incalculable influence on the growth of the child, directly affecting the formation of the child's personality.

Lack of male education, children’s personality, emotions, will, thinking style, etc. will be affected to a certain extent.

There was a boy who was very courageous and did not dare to attend class. Raise your hand to answer the question, even if the answer sounds like a mosquito, the academic performance is always up.

After the teacher investigates, it turns out that the children always follow at home Mothers, mothers are very courageous, and are always afraid of their children being bruised, so they are cautious with their children, and the children become introverted and timid.

In the circumstances, the teacher recommends that fathers have more contact with their children and focus on father’s education at home.

The father often took the children to climb mountains and boats together. His undaunted spirit and broad mind cultivated the children’s character.

As a result, children are becoming more courageous. They actively raise their hands to answer questions in class, and their academic performance also rises sharply.

Compared to mothers, children actually It’s easier to learn courage, determination, logic, responsibility, and sense of humor from your father, and see the rich side of human nature.

You will never know how good a father is to bring up a child! (Recommended collection)


Some studies have shown that children raised by men have higher IQs, and their grades in school tend to be better. Society is also easier to succeed.

Why is this?

Because they are in the same family, facing the same child, there are many differences in the family education of two adults. In addition to the differences in parental culture and cultivation, this is more caused by gender differences.

Fathers who prefer to take care of their children at home have a clear purpose in educating children.

Fathers usually have their own plans in mind to cultivate children’s qualities and talents, but mothers are a little worse in this regard.

From the perspective of education methods, male education often has the following characteristics:

Men are better at games

Psychologists once said that games are children’s nature, and they can also make children obedient. The obedient is special.

For example, when a child doesn’t want to eat, tell him, "Let’s play the game of crocodile eating eggs!" The child is likely to immediately Open your mouth and wait to "eat the egg"!

For example, if the child is noisy, you secretly play a "123 wooden people" game with the child, you can make The child is quiet instantly.

For children, games areThere is such a magical power.

Compared to women, men are better at games. They are natural game players who can instantly become "super Saiyans" with infinite power. Can pretend to be a ghost and a horse to make children happy.

This kind of practice without "adult baggage" is usually only done by dads.

You will never know how good a father is to bring up a child! (Recommended collection)

Men are not afraid to take risks

From the perspective of evolutionary psychology, in the face of danger, men have greater coping and stress resistance capabilities than women.

When taking children out to play, the most frequently spoken word by mothers is always "careful", but it is rare to hear which father would take this sentence as a mantra.

On the contrary, Dad willEncourage children: "Would you like to try?" or "You can". Encouraged and supported by his father, children are naturally more willing to try new things and are not afraid of taking risks.

Men are more independent

If the child and dad Saying that he is thirsty, the father may say to the child: "The baby takes the cup to drink by himself!"

At this time, the child usually listens to the father’s words, and the mother When you say the same thing to your baby, the baby can't hear it. Why?

It turns out that although mothersHe would be nagging the child to be independent, but he already helped the child to serve tea and water. Opposition in words and tolerance in deeds. Such "fragmented thoughts" simply cannot be effective instructions.

But when dad educates children, his attitude will be very firm and consistent. In the long run, the interaction mode between father and child is more conducive to fostering children's independence.

You will never know how good a father is to bring up a child! (Recommended collection)

Men love sports more

Men’s physique is inherently stronger than women’s, and their motor cells are more active. As the child’s first physical education teacher, he takes the child to play, ride, swim, climb mountains...

not only can exercise the child’s body, but also Cultivate children's enthusiasm for sports.

The cultivation of exercise habits is a huge asset for children.

The conversation between mother and child is often meticulous, while the conversation between father and child is philosophical.

In the eyes of children, the mother is the water, and the father is the mountain.

Therefore, parents should take their own responsibilities.

In any case, dads, don’t let go of your child’s education, just leave it to your mother’s education!