Psychological counseling notes: (cases) admit that vulnerability is a kind of ability

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The interview with Sa Sa stems from her emotional frustration, and career achievements cannot make up for the trouble caused by emotional lack. Acknow

The interview with Sasha (a pseudonym) stems from her emotional frustration, and her career achievements cannot make up for the trouble caused by the lack of emotion. With more than two months of company, peeling onions like slices to clarify life puzzles, gradually approaching the real inner world.

Psychological counseling notes: (cases) admit that vulnerability is a kind of ability

Recognizing vulnerability is a kind of ability

"My career style Water rises, and the emotional world is almost blank, This is not like the life trajectory that a 28-year-old girl should have. The people I associate with can give me a sense of security, but I don't like them. I admit that I am not happy, I have not lived out myself. All my emotional choices are unconsciously driven by safety requirements. At first, I can get satisfaction from it. But then, this satisfaction disappeared, replaced by boredom and boring. Several relationships ended without a disease, and went round and round, that's it. "

"When I think deeply about life, I never associate the current situation with the trauma, and I have never noticed it at any time. My father committed suicide when I was fifteen (short of breath). I used to think that this incident did not leave a trace in my life. The reality is just the opposite. This incident was an indelible injury to me. I found that I couldn't get along with any man normally in the days after that. My father’s death caused permanent damage to me, he walked so decisively, IWas abandoned. Yes, abandoned, very scared. Teacher Li's company is very heartfelt, thank you, I think I am going out soon. "

Sa Sa is a beautiful girl with short hair. She is bold, casual, and vigorous. She uses more to conceal her inner fragility.

Psychological counseling notes: (cases) admit that vulnerability is a kind of ability

Recognizing vulnerability is an ability

Knowing yourself is goodDeal with old injuries. Extract energy from past experiences and breathe life into yourself. Pain and trauma are meaningless, only thinking and summarizing pain are meaningful. This is the gift of life.

Vulnerable people are usually sensitive and like to introspect and ask questions. Unhealed wounds make us unable to gain inner freedom, to judge independently, and to experience the possibilities of life. We may not realize that if we are burdened with the heavy shackles of the past, if we don't confide to outsiders or try to heal it, we will become psychologically vulnerable. The fatal thing is that it will make our lives more to fill the gaps and regrets, and even need more emotions to heal ourselves.

The invisible wound leaves its mark and cannot be healed. Itwill retain blood, will cry out, will continue to seek comfort. Therefore, we must truly know ourselves and go back to the source and face the darkness when necessary. You will find that everything in the original can be resolved. The best way to face the darkness is to bring a beam of light in.

Only when we hold a bright torch and walk through the forest of life that we think we are afraid of, can we see our own life's longing deep in the thorns. In fact, this fear is an obstacle to real understanding of yourself.

Psychological counseling notes: (cases) admit that vulnerability is a kind of abilityRecognizing vulnerability is an ability

The past is the origin.

The main purpose of treatment is to strengthen the self, especially when this self has been traumatized by childhood or is not recognized as an individual. Of course, we don’t always need to be a victim. Being in the position of a victim can certainly provide us with temporary satisfaction, but it often makes us fall into a trap and cannot extricate ourselves.

When we don’t tell anyone about our distress, we can’t get free from it. Psychoanalytic therapy will help the individual's own psychological mechanism to absorb and transform past painful emotional experiences. Of course, this mechanism needs to be activated and maintained, especially when emotional trauma is separated or hidden elsewhere.

In any situation, we can combine our memories withThe past is the cornerstone of progress. In order to get rid of all kinds of shackles, depression and fear of the future, no matter what this cornerstone is, we must consolidate it. Seeing what we have experienced will enable us to better understand the many possibilities of ourselves, better recognize the shining points of past experiences, and obtain real development.

To know yourself is to see your own vulnerability. One must first face oneself honestly, this is the first thank you gift in life. blessing!

About the author: Evian National Second-level Clinical Psychological Counselor, Founder of Henan "Evian Psychology" Counseling Center, Member of Marriage and Family Professional Committee of National Life Care Association, Ministry of Education of China Member of the Mental Health Education Advisory Committee of Primary and Secondary Schools, member of the Professional Committee of College Student Psychological Counseling of the Chinese Mental Health Association.