Quit perfectionism and let information work for me

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In this era of information explosion, we are receiving all kinds of news every day, but many of them are just a glance. This actually increases our wo

In this era of information explosion, we are receiving various messages every day, but many of them are just a glance. When we need to review or apply, we cannot accurately find useful information. This actually increases our workload invisibly and wastes our time, so we must organize information effectively to facilitate our work and life.

Quit perfectionism and let information work for me

I noticed that there are many bloggersWhen teaching people how to organize all kinds of information, there is a blogger's method that makes me very excited. She has six different books, one for work, life, schedule, reading notes, film and television perceptions, and personal emotions. This looks very organized, coupled with her handwriting and typography, for someone like me with obsessive-compulsive disorder and perfectionism, it is easy to give people the idea that I have to live a refined life like a blogger.

I implemented this method for a while, but found that as it attracted me, I was more likely to be burdened by this perfect form. When I want to record a piece of information, I will be entangled in which notebook should I write it in. If I write it wrongly, the follow-up search will be a problem. Or when I want to record some feelings, I think my ideas are mature enough, and I subconsciously compare with excellent authors, because I made this record too formal.I did not dare to write, which violated my original intention of recording.

So often the model we yearn for is not necessarily suitable for us. If we can't find a method that suits us, it will bring inconvenience to our lives, and even give up the situation.

Later, I found in "How to Effectively Arrange Information" that the author Okuno Nobuyuki put forward the concept of "unity" for the processing of various information, which can solve my perfectionism and excessive pursuit of formality, which affects the information arrangement People's problem.

Quit perfectionism and let information work for me

The problem with perfectionism is that because you have the idea of ​​perfection, the standard is too high and the pressure is too great, but you can’t The idea is implemented. We often say "Completion is more important than perfection", but in most cases, perfectionists don't have much experience of completion. In other words, perfectionists generally do not experience the satisfaction of perfection, nor the sense of accomplishment of completion. To make perfectionists truly realize that "complete is more important than perfect", we must first experience the sense of accomplishment.

Okuno Nobuyuki’s concept of "unification" is based on de-formation and simplification of workload. It allows me to see the method of letting information work for me instead of the pure ideal state of the past.

"Unified" notes

It is pointed out in "How to Effectively Organize Information" that "unification" is to put all the information you want to record into a notebook.

Quit perfectionism and let information work for me

  • Personalized records

We Many people are unable to complete and persistently organize the recorded information for a long time because we treat this matter as homework or even a report, and take it asToo heavy, too cautious to write and persist. In fact, we don't have to think like this at all. These things are part of our lives. Think about it carefully, is it right? No one wants to show their notebooks to others.

So we record the bits and pieces of our lives in our own way. It can bring inspiration and warning to ourselves.

Like the Martian text of the previous fire or the abbreviation of the hot star chaser now, we can use our favorite method to replace our frequently used words to record. In this case, the record is more convenient, and even if it is Don’t worry too much about being seen by others.

  • The layout is simple and clear

Many people think that recording all the content in one notebook will be confusing, and you can’t find the point. , In fact, just a littleJust pay attention to typesetting issues.

For example, when we often record some reading notes, we can use R to mark them in front, and separate them with different dividing lines, so that after writing, we can clearly see the different information we recorded. Using symbols to represent longer content like this, and clever use of dividing lines, you can typeset the content simply and efficiently, and solve the problem of distinguishing different content.

  • Simplified query

Many people think that we record all the content in the notebook, when we need to find the content we need , It will be very troublesome, but it is not. Nobuyuki Okuno mentioned in the book the specific "sequenced" and "indexed" methods to solve this problem.

Quit perfectionism and let information work for me

You can mark the time in the front before each recording, mark the timeline on the cover of each notebook, and mark the order in the cutout. When we write more in our notebook, we can use the form to record the timeline of the notebook Then, you can manage the information in "sequential" and "indexed". Because the content on the notebook is recorded in our own way, after we mark the time record, we can help us record what happened on a certain day. What, when we want to find it, just remember about when it was sentRaw ones can be found quickly.

How to use it for me

Aside from perfectionism, after recording the information we need to record in the notebook, how can I use them for my use? ? More detailed methods are also introduced in "How to Effectively Organize Information".

Quit perfectionism and let information work for me

  • Collection

Quit perfectionism and let information work for me

"There is nothing new under the sun", but some people can make good use of information, Some people can't. To a large extent, it is because we have only passed some information and did not record our thoughts, so there is no way to use it. Therefore, when collecting information by hand, first record the external information, and then record your own thoughts below, which is equivalent to us recording thisWhat information is internalized, we can quickly think of it when we need to use this information.

  • Chew

Have you ever experienced finding something, the more you want to find it, the less you will find it, when you When they gave up, it came out by itself. By the same token, when we deliberately look for some inspiration in the notebook, we may feel that there is nothing new, but when we read it without purpose, we may find different perspectives.

  • Fermentation

We all know that only by stacking things together can be better fermented, and information is the same. The information we recorded separately can be organized after reading, and recorded together, so that the same content can be connected in series and the information can be adjusted.Together.

  • Enlightenment and Reification

When we have new ideas and inspirations, don’t just stay on the thoughts After all, "the dwarf of the giant of thought" can't do anything.

In fact, perfectionists are very demanding, so that they can push themselves to make progress, but we should note that this should not hinder the development of many things because of this. We all want a perfect notebook with a beautiful picture, recording everything we need, and being very easy to find. But any personal notebook needs to be built by ourselves. We have to find specific and implementable methods, develop the habit of recording in our lives, and build our own information material library in order to be one step closer to our ideal state.

Okuno Nobuyuki realizes the plight of perfectionists. In "Specific methods are mentioned in How to Effectively Organize Information. If you want to have your own information material library, start by developing a practical recording habit.