All blessings and disasters are all repaired by myself

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In front of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, we are accustomed to asking for blessings, but we don't know that blessings are not what we ask for, but we cult

In front of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, we are accustomed to asking for blessings, but we don’t know, Blessings are not what we ask for, but we cultivate. It is useless to pray.

Because many things in the world have reasons, whether it is disaster or blessing, it is closely related to one's own behavior. Whatever we have experienced in the past and everything we have now, no matter good or bad, we have cultivated ourselves.

In this life, you should not just think about who you rely on. Even the closest person around you cannot be responsible for your life. The only one who can be responsible for yourself will always be yourself. All the successes and failures in the world are inseparable from cause and effect. Good and evil are rewarded. Everyone's behavior affects his life.

All blessings and disasters are all repaired by myself


A tired traveler saw an old woman by a big river who was worrying about how to cross the water. He was exhausted. , Couldn’t bear to see the old woman embarrassed, so she exhausted all her strength to help the old woman cross the river. As a result, the old woman didn’t say anything after crossing the river and hurried away.

The traveler was very regretful about it, he It seemed that it was not worth the effort to help the old woman, because he didn't even get a "thank you".

I don't know, a few hours later, when he was too tired to move, a young man caught up with him. The young man said, thank you for helping my grandmother. Grandmother asked me to bring something and said that you need it. After speaking, the young man took out the dry food and gave him the horse under the hip.

Actually, there is no need to rush for all the answers that life will give you. Sometimes, you just need to wait patiently for a while. Even if you call to Konggu, you will have to wait for a while before you hear the long response. If you do a good deed, you may not return it to you immediately after giving it, but when a good cause is passed on, the seeds of blessing have been quietly planted.

All blessings and disasters are all repaired by myself

Many times we encounter Disasters

In fact, they are all the evil causes they have committed.

People have to pay for their actions.

It is better to change than complaining


There is such a story in history. The doctor of the State of Wei Xu Jia was the envoy of King Wei Zhao to the State of Qi, Fan Ju followed, and King Qi Xiang heard that Fan Ju was good at speaking. I was very appreciative of the argument, so I sent someone to give Fanju gold, wine and delicacies as gifts. When Xujia learned about it, he was very angry and thought that Fanju had sold the secrets of Wei Guo to Qi, so he added fuel to the matter.The vinegar told Wei Xiangguo to Wei Qi. After Wei Qi listened, he asked the doorman to arrest Fan Ju without investigating and broke his ribs.

Fan Ju was able to escape after the help of Zheng Anping from the Wei Dynasty. He was introduced to Wang Ji to go to Qin and became the adviser of Qin Zhaoxiang King, and he was given the position of Xiangguo. Fan Ju used the power of the Qin State to pursue and kill Wei Qi. Wei Qi had to hide everywhere, panicking and restless all day long, and finally committed suicide because he couldn't bear it.

We often say that "the house of good accumulates must have surplus, the house of bad accumulates must have surplus" is this principle, fate is made by oneself, and the evil can only Eat bad results.

All blessings and disasters are all repaired by myself

Rather than complaining about your own misfortune instead of paying For all actions and changes, it is better to be kind to people from the depths of the soul, and to get good luck.There is no good or bad luck for no reason in the world. All blessings and disasters are cultivated by themselves! For more exciting content, continue to pay attention to the "Guangzhong Futian Subscription Account" WeChat subscription account.