People with real aura never show off

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1 Be yourself, without arguing, the famous American politician Franklin once said: "If you are competitive, like to argue with others, and refute othe

People with real aura never show off

Keep silent. Although it sounds clumsy, there is often a firmer confidence and substantial strength behind the silence.

Not talking nonsense is a kind of advanced cultivation, and it is also a kind of speechless wisdom.


Be yourself, don’t argue

United StatesThe famous politician Franklin once said:

"If you are competitive, like to argue with others, and refute others for fun, you may win a temporary victory.

But this time Victory is meaningless and worthless, because you will never be favored by the other party."

Even if you can overwhelm the other party verbally with your superb expressive skills, the result will be " Oral and unacceptable".

Maybe you have won, but you have lost everything.

Contradictions and grievances accumulate in the debate again and again, and one day it will explode and cause unmanageable results.

I have read such a report:

A young couple, the husband is used to squeeze toothpaste from the middle of the tube, but the wife is used to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube.

Therefore, every time the wife has to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom to the middle, and then squeeze the nozzle up from the middle.

For this little thing in life, the two couples often quarreled, and the wife complained that her husband didn't care about her.

After arguing, the couple divorced because of this.

People with real aura never show off

Now it seems that this couple is too stingy.

However, many people in their daily lives, especially when they are with their families, do not and often doStart arguing with trivial matters, don't you give up?

Many times, the so-called "arguing" is just getting more and more angry, falling into an endless quarrel, because you can never win a person who is emotionally out of control.

Therefore, the smartest thing to do at this time is not to argue and stay silent. After a while, the anger will disappear and the dispute will be resolved, no need to say more.

If you are right, then you don’t need verbal argument to prove it; if you are wrong, it’s useless to argue.

Be yourself and have a clear conscience.

People with real aura never show off


Don’t say People are right and wrong, and people’s shortcomings are not revealed

"The University" said: "A gentleman has himself and then seeks others, and he does not have himself and is not a person. "

The eyes can see the people and things outside, but they can’t see ourselves.

Some people always like to stare at others’ shortcomings and say they are right and wrong, but they can However, it has been consciously or unconsciously ignored.

And the truly cultivated person, no matter what, always do it by himself first, and then ask others to do it;

Don’tDo this before asking others not to do it.

In fact, everyone has more or less shortcomings. If one's own problems have not been resolved, what qualifications do you have to tell others' right and wrong and expose others' shortcomings?

Speaking nonsense like this and exposing people's scars is not only useless, it hurts character.

People with real aura never show off

There is a mother, because her husband is too busy at work, so during the New Year, she brought her children back to her natal family to visit her.

When the local fellows saw that only the mother and son came back, they asked the mother what happened?

The mother said: "The child’s father is too busy at work and has no time to come back."

However, the folks in their hometown don’t think so. They pretend to be a husband and wife. Feelings are in disharmony and are about to divorce, so I left my husband and returned with my children.

So, this rumor spread ten or ten, and immediately spread throughout the village. In the face of the rumors and rumors from fellow villagers, this mother was really furious and didn't know what to say.

There is a saying in "Cai Gen Tan": "Don't blame people for negligence; don't send people private; don't care about people's old evils, these three can cultivate morality, but also harm!"

As for the mistakes that others have committed, we still have to keep our feelings and don't tell them about it. What's more, it is groundless and based solely on subjective conjectures?

In life, hiHuan talks about people's right and wrong everywhere, and the person who gives pointers is often a hapless person with a lot of troubles and troubles.

So, to manage your own mouth, keep your heart, and accumulate a little morality is the real cultivation.

People with real aura never show off


Words are better than others

I have seenThe behavior with the lowest EQ

Some people are always chattering about showing themselves to others, putting too much emphasis on others’ evaluations of themselves.

If you live for your own vanity, you will always talk boastful, so as to exalt yourself, depreciate others, and even slander and lose your mind regardless of the occasion,

Then, be so proud Exaggerated language is bound to bring evil consequences to oneself.

I have seen such a story:

Once, a relative of Zeng Guofan’s hometown came to him. This relative was very honest in front of Zeng Guofan, and seemed to be very reliable.

But Zeng Guofan, who knows how to make good use of, still feels something is wrong.

In order to test the character of his relatives, he arranged a task of purchasing supplies for his relatives, and let his cronies follow him quietly.

People with real aura never show off

When I arrived at the market, I saw relatives who are usually honest and friendly, suddenly "arrogantly". The hawkers in the shops shout loudly, and from time to time they use the name Zeng Guofan and climb relatives with Zeng Guofan to raise the price.

It seems that Zeng Guofan asked him to do a small thing, so he can be superior to others and look down upon others.

So, the cronies who watched silently reported the incident to Zeng Guofan. Without saying anything, Zeng Guofan fired this relative immediately and let him go home.

As the saying goes "The real person does not show the face, and the show is not the real person. "

Blindly flattering yourself and raising your own value will not only fail to win the favor of others, but will make others feel that this person’s EQ is very low.

People with real aura never show off

There is a saying: "Speaking is instinct, and learning to be silent is a kind of cultivation. ”

People with real aura never show off.

Speaking is an advanced art, such asIf you can't speak well, it's better to remain silent.

Being able to speak without saying, knowing without saying, is a manifestation of a person's profound self-cultivation.