Late night mom

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It finally rained tonight, and the hot feeling was more than a little reduced, but I was insomnia again. I'm most afraid of the coming of night, cryin

It finally rained tonight, and the hot feeling was more than a little reduced, but I was insomnia again. Insomnia is because I am not accustomed to my child’s early going to bed. I am used to fighting with her until 11 o’clock in the evening... Thinking back on my half-year journey, how could it be a bitter word!

This baby in my family loves to practice lung capacity since she was out of confinement, and she must practice every day. I am most afraid of the coming of night, crying, crying two, crying three. Ignoring her, she can cry until two in the morning, crying until I can’t breathe... I am anxious, uneasy, and feel that I can’t have a baby, otherwise how old she would be Are you crying? She cried, and I cried, so why should I have a baby? How cool I am by myself! However, seeing her sound asleep, she was like an angel.

24 hours a day, I can sleep up to 5 hours, either coaxing the child or on the way to coax the child! Dare to look in the mirror, dark circles, yellow waxy face, changeThe fat figure is poking my nerves all the time, feeling weak and helpless! Once I couldn't control myself and started crying in front of my family. My husband said that if it doesn't work, let her drink milk powder. Bring it to my mother and you can lose weight. It seems you are too hard. I suddenly felt very selfish. Being a mother is a compulsory course in life. The child is young. Why should I put it here?

Later, when I felt depressed, I listened to music and listened to pure music from Hayao Miyazaki’s anime. Slowly, my sentimental mood was calmed down and I got used to the cry of the child. Finally By the time she was almost 6 months old, hey, this guy didn’t make a fuss at night, and I finally got up... The mothers are really great, I hope every mother can eliminate anxiety and grow up happily with the children !

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Late night mom