Solitude is a realm. A woman who likes to be alone has the most noble soul

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Wen|Ling Wheat-01-A few days ago, a reader sister told me about her confusion. She said that she was tired at work and stressed, so she didn't like go

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Solitude is a realm. A woman who likes to be alone has the most noble soul


A few days ago, a reader sister confided her confusion to me. She said that she was tired at work and stressed, so she did not like to go out to social gatherings on weekends, but liked to stay at home to read books and have meetings. Games and crafts. But because of this, my classmates, colleagues, and friends ridiculed him as being too withdrawn.Not gregarious. She asked me if her personality is really bad, and if she will become an alien in the mouth of others in the future.

To be honest, I think this girl's psychological quality is not very strong, her emotional intelligence is relatively low, and she cares too much about what others think of her. Low-quality social interaction is not as good as high-quality solitude. What's not good about being alone according to your own preferences?

Too many people in this society like others, but lack the courage to live out themselves. I think that if a person can live his life according to the lifestyle he likes, that is the most advanced way of living in life. To be honest, I am also a girl who likes to stay at home on weekends, but I have never worried that my lifestyle will be regarded as withdrawn and out of gregariousness.

My work is only one day off on weekends a week. I am usually very busy. I have to get up at 7 o’clock every day to send my baby to school. I don’t want to go out on weekends, and I don’t want Josh.What friends and relatives. Sometimes when my mother says that someone is coming to my house for dinner, I feel very disgusted and feel tired to say hello, because I really don’t want to be disturbed because of the rare holiday. Maybe the pressure of working with a baby is also great, I think this It's my personal time, I just want to say don't disturb me on weekends.

There is also a series of things that we need to dress up at work, we must go out to sunscreen, make-up, change clothes, match bags and shoes, and unload when we come back at night, which is time-consuming and troublesome, and we don’t have to go to work on weekends. Just stay at home, no need to pay attention to the image, in short, how comfortable is how to come, very comfortable, this is the reason why I like to stay at home on weekends.

Girls like to stay at home on weekends, are they just not gregarious? Not with me, I think being alone is a luxury for me.

Solitude is a realm. A woman who likes to be alone has the most noble soul


I am a lonely woman, but I am willing to enjoy this quiet and solitude that belongs to me. I like this quiet, when alone, I can forget the trivialities and worries of life, and when I'm alone, I can thoroughly understand the persistent problems, and feel that this is the best way to know myself.

Girls who like to stay at home on weekends are not gregarious? It’s that you didn’t find the beauty of being alone.

Every woman is a lonely individual, like a tree with flowers bloomingYour own story. Because of comprehension, one can enjoy solitude and quiet in the hustle and bustle.

In this world, no one will always be with you, even if you have a husband and children, you are still an independent individual. But the fact is that many women have lost themselves when they are alive! Living as a babysitter for a family, this kind of woman is extremely pitiful, because she has lost herself.

And those women who know how to enjoy being alone, they are never afraid of loneliness, and they disdain to please or please others, their life schedule is always full. Work hard during the day, learn painting, piano, baking, cooking after get off work, stay quietly with yourself for a while, shake off the exhaustion of the heart, remove the impetuous emotions, and fill the quiet heart with joy. At the same time, it is to improve one's life interest, cultivate sentiment, and enrich one's own connotation.

Solitude is a realm. A woman who likes to be alone has the most noble soul


True loneliness is a unique thing, and enjoying loneliness is more It is a realm that slowly becomes a habit, and people naturally live out of Zen.

A truly intelligent woman will please herself, not others. They know how to enjoy time alone, instead of being in a group for the sake of being in a group. They have their own ideas and can find their own happiness in life.Lehe direction.

Being alone is a kind of graceful promotion, so that deep inside oneself is a lush oasis. Women must learn to be alone, live their own colors, and set aside a little time every day to be alone with themselves, without expecting anyone.

Lin Huiyin said that the real calmness is not to avoid the hustle and bustle of driving, but to mow the fence and plant chrysanthemums in your heart. A woman who can calm down and be alone is often not a mediocre person.

In an era when life is arranged as precise as the hands of a clock, being alone in the middle of a busy schedule is a woman’s secret garden. A woman who likes to be alone has the best time and the most abundant soul. Learning to be alone is a compulsory course in our life.

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