Favorite sentences

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If one day I go bad, please remember that I was kind. If one day I don’t love anymore, please remember that I once loved. It’s not that I don’t love,


You said that parting is short, and wind and rain can last for a long time.

I said, after the wind and rain, if you can hold your hand, it is white First

You said, for the fireworks of this life, you have waited for three lives to look forward to

I said, just to look back at me, I will use all my beauty

You say, the fragrant grass luxuriant, come back as old, thank you for waiting for the fireworks of my life

I said, the garden is beautiful, the vegetation is beautiful, I am waiting for you to promise me a lifelong warmth

Favorite sentences


The smoke is up, I'm waiting for you at the door

It's sunset , I am waiting for you on the side of the mountain

The leaves are yellow, I am waiting for you under the tree

The moon is bent, I am waiting for you at the fifteenth

fine The rain is coming, I am waiting for you under the umbrella

The water is freezing, I am waiting for you by the river

Life is tired, I am waiting for you in heaven

We I am old, I will wait for you in the next life

We missed it, I will wait for you at the next intersection

Favorite sentences


If one day I become bad

please remember that I was kind

If one day I don’t love anymore

please remember that I loved, not not But I can’t afford to love it

If one day I forget everything

Please remember that I just dare not face the past, face the reality

Favorite sentences


Go to see you The person you want to meet

Go chase the person you want

Do what you want to do

Take advantage of the sunshine, when the breeze is not dry, life is simple The person who appears in the dream, wake up and see him

Favorite sentences


In the past, carriages and horses were very slow, letters were very slow, and only enough to love one person in a lifetime

Favorite sentences


You come, I am full of joy

You go, I smile Light delivery

Favorite sentences


Some people you watch for a lifetime, but ignore them for a lifetime

Some people, you glance at it, but are worried A lifetime

Favorite sentences


The sadder the world, I To be happier

When people’s hearts become more sinister, I want to be kinder

Favorite sentences


A love

or, Don’t start

Either, for a lifetime

Or, alone

Or, don’t be tempted

Or, take fate


Either, don’t mess with love

Favorite sentences


The light of the soul , The world is far away, only your gentle weight

Favorite sentences