Hometown, where are you

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Hometown is a spiritual space that lasts for a long time, so it is suitable to stay away. Only by missing it can you forget all the bad, tacky sounds

Hometown is a long-lasting spiritual space, so it is suitable to stay away. Only by missing it can you forget all the bad, tacky sounds and tacky looks, and time will give you enough Hops, slowly brewed by you.

This is how I know my hometown. When I have to stay there every day, I feel alienated. I always look for opportunities to leave it, even if it’s just a moment, even if it’s just to go into the fields. , The heart became calmer all at once, as everyone knows, this field is an inseparable part of it. No matter if you lose the people here or the world here, you will become incomplete and dull.

I like to walk in my hometown and someone calls out my name. It feels like this is not strange. I like them to talk about things in the past, and there are traces of them when they were young. I like watching a puppy from my hometown wagging its tail at me, likeListen to the birdsong like the dawn of the past. At such a moment, people always lose their sense of time, and don't know that they are standing beside the spiral nest in the long river of time and thinking quietly.

Hometown, where are you

I also like to walk alone in the fields, each piece of land has its own story, or joy, or Depressed. I have played hogweed here, picked jujubes here, went up the trees here to pick walnuts, and made wicker hats here in spring...…However, there are still some stories happening here. Big snakes were seen next to the bird’s nest, bee stings under the big tree, blood dripping from fingers cut while cutting grass, and knees and feet twisted in order to fight for the first... How many tears I shed, this sky echoes the hearty laugh when I am happy. How can a kind of feeling be clear?

Hometown, where are you

Just remember that in summer, you have to walk to the river, this river is our summer timeThe natural air conditioner can make you shiver in the cold. The deep water is extremely cold, and all the heat is far away from it. The clear water flows through our bodies, there are small fishes coming around to chatter, swimming splashing waves and laughter, and when you are tired, there is a soft beach for you to lie on. Not far from here, there is a wall of stone cliffs, with countless patterns carved by the perennial scouring, and every stone cliff is our best choice for swimming. There is deep water below and clean rocks on top. You can jump down and feel the refreshing moments of stimulation. You can go to the crevices to catch fish and shrimps and feel the joy of gaining. Between the stone cliffs is a long section of gentle water, scattered everywhere with large and small pebbles, white ice and clear, emerald moist, small to step on, large to sit, and even huge ones that can be dried and washed. Clothes, so this is the laundry factory in the village. In summer, from morning to night, the sound of hammering clothes and the loud laughter of women, talking about laughter, running water, and hammering sounds, Sounded like a frog drum in the evening in a summer pond.

Hometown, where are you

We prefer that rocky cliff. Apart from swimming, they have the most beautiful scenery. One of them is called Zhuanshan, surrounded by running water. Although it is only a few meters high and more than ten meters long, it is a "rockery" arranged by nature. The whole boulder, green grass and tall trees grow everywhere in the cracks of the stone, full of vitality, but steep and difficult to climb.Ruodong Tianshi Mansion is full of imagination! Bei Leng also has to mention it. It is tall and majestic, it is coercive, and the mountains and rocks are strange and surprising. There is also a peach flower stand, the name is very beautiful, but the scenery is even more beautiful, with small rocks in the south and big rocks in the north, stretching nearly a hundred meters, beautiful and majestic.

This is just a summer, and there are springs when wild flowers bloom, autumns with the fragrance of passion fruit, and winters full of mountains. How can you say it all? This is just the small river in the village, the secluded valleys, the mountain tops where the wind is whistling, and the whole fruit forest.

Actually, my hometown may not be like this. Today, it has changed more, but because it is far away, its unsatisfactory is gone. Only these beauty and warmth are remembered. In any case, if there is a chance, I will return to my hometown, to search for the traces of the past, to discover the beauty of the long hidden.