To be a man, one must learn to be silent and know how to choose

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Silence is wisdom, not incompetence, choice, choice, not cowardice. To be silent is not not to say nothing, but to know in your heart that it is usele

Silence is wisdom, not incompetence,

The choice is a choice, not cowardice.

Silence, not to say nothing,

I understand in my heart,

It’s useless to know more.

The choice is not to admit defeat,

but look down on it,

know what is the most important.

To be a man, one must learn to be silent and know how to choose

Life cannot be perfect .

There are always losses and dissatisfaction,

There are always setbacks and blows.

Happiness depends on attitude,

Fortunately, it depends on the mood,

If your heart is wide, you will be relaxed,

If your heart is content, you will be happy.

Learn to be silent, without disguising,

Believe others’ words,

I know my own heart.

Learn to be silent, don’t force it,

My life is gained, and my luck is lost.

Life is between gain and loss.

To be a man, one must learn to be silent and know how to choose

Being a man,

If you speak too much, you will lose, and silence is rare.

Hesitate to make a choice.

Only pretend to be deaf and dumb and not talk too much,

Only deal with rationally without entanglement,

AbilityStay away from disputes,

to reduce worries.

Some confessions are too pale,

Some people are too charming.

I can’t explain it clearly, I can’t explain it clearly.

As long as you know it,

Who is reallyWho is fake, heart to tell.

Speaking too much always offends people,

The rationale is too clear and the sentiment is weak.

Learn to be silent, know how to choose,

True with all your heart,

Cherish who is true to you.

Keep aside falsely,

Stay away from hypocritical people.

between people,

It is difficult to distinguish true from false.

Don’t guess if it is good or bad.

Just see through, don’t expose,

just see clearly, don’t say clearly.

Speaking too much can cause trouble,

It’s easy to make things clear and hurt feelings.

Whoever is true and who is false, let the time,

Who is good and who is bad, always show.

Be forgiving on your lips, be prepared in your heart,

Learn to be silent, and Know how to choose,

Don’t hurt others, don’t mess with yourself.

To be a man, one must learn to be silent and know how to choose

Being a man is not easy, and life is difficult,

Many things cannot be changed and difficult to control,

Learn to be tolerant and tolerant,

To release and let go,

Can swallow Bitterness, I can bear tears.

Silence is wisdom, Not everyone can learn,

A choice is a choice, and not everyone can do it.

The wise are not afraid of rumors and remain silent.

The strong are not afraid of trials and dare to face them.

Although life is difficult, life is hard,

But as long as silence and trade-offs are achieved,

no matter how difficult it is, you can show a smile,

No matter how hard you are, there will be happiness!