If you are not confident enough, try this

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It and self-realization belong to the greatest potential of human nature, but it is unfortunately eroded by hardship and weakened by fear in the proce

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If you are not confident enough, try this

Confidence is an innate strength, and self-realization belongs to the greatest human natureThe great potential is only unfortunately eroded by hardships and weakened by fear in the process of growth. Through training, it can completely regain its light.

The following methods can let us find confidence.

1. Know your own strengths and weaknesses

Find some small cards and divide them into two colors: one for strengths and the other for weaknesses. Write a strength for each card And disadvantages. Then check which advantages have not been played out, and how to use them; which shortcomings you can ignore and can ignore, and throw away these negligible and indifferent shortcomings. By doing this, you will not overprotect yourself, and then you will find that your strengths outweigh your weaknesses. This will enable you to focus on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

If you are not confident enough, try this

Two 、Focus on your own strengths, don’t always think about your shortcomings

Use your strengths, you will naturally have outstanding performance at work. And your own grades, no matter how big or small, can enhance your confidence Heart.

Three. Don’t accuse others too much

If you often accuse others in your heart, this kind of problem may form a habit. You should gradually overcome this shortcoming and always love Criticizing others is a manifestation of lack of self-confidence.

Four. Self-appreciation and self-motivation

Do what you have done properlyThe achievements of work or pride are clearly listed on the paper for self-appreciation. At this time, you will find that you are suddenly a hundred times courageous and convinced that your ability to do things is better than others. Sometimes, you may feel obvious things that others may not notice. When you feel blushing when you speak in front of people, your audience may only see your blushes, which is very pleasant. In fact, your embarrassment is difficult for others to discover.

If you are not confident enough, try this

Five. Keep close contact with friends who appreciate you

Because they know you and have confidence in you, once you doubt your abilities, they will do their work specifically to prevent you from As for the loss of determination to get things done.

Six. Learn from failures and mistakes

Failure is also a good thing. Learning to learn from failures can enhance wisdom and increase the chances of turning defeat into victory. You have to be brave and find ways to respond with a positive attitude.

Seven. Identify the goal and stick to it.

No matter what kind of self-confidence you adopt, it is your persistence. Identify your goals and follow your own path, and you will surely be successful.

If you are not confident enough, try this

8. Speed ​​up your walking 25 %

Body movements are the result of mental activities. Using this "25% faster" technique can help you build confidence. If you raise your head and walk faster, you will feel that your confidence is increasing .

Nine. Speak out loud when you have something.

Shy people speak very quietly. You might as well raise your voice and you will believe that you have the right to speak.

10. Laugh out loud

Laughing can not only increase longevity but also increase wisdom. It is a good medicine for treating lack of confidence. When encountering setbacks and failures, people often frown, but if you tryLaughing can give you confidence and get rid of fear, worry and depression. Open your mouth and laugh, and you will feel "good days are here again".

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If you are not confident enough, try this

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If you are not confident enough, try this