Struggling for many years, but losing in EQ

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Everyone says that the workplace is a big dye pot, and the people you meet are not necessarily all you like, cater to others, and wrong yourself. Work

Everyone says that the workplace is a big dye pot, and the people you meet may not always be what you like, cater to others, and wrong yourself. Working carefully every day, I was finally recognized by the leader, but my colleagues wore small shoes. How to improve EQ in the workplace?

1. Control emotions

Under the pressure of work, you will have negative emotions, such as tension, anxiety, and anxiety. Feelings that have nowhere to vent make the mind and body very tight.

You can observe carefully, positive people not only do a good job, but they are also very popular. Living in complaints and complaints for a long time, negative energy will not only make you negative, but also make you more likely to make mistakes at work.

Of course, everyone has the limit of patience. You cannot have a good mood in the face of everything. When an event or someone touches the switch of your outbreak, youWill become very irrational.

People with high EQ will study where their sane switches are, and use wisdom to avoid these people and things that make them irrational, and prevent themselves from falling into a passive situation. Sometimes this means that you have to show depression, sadness, and frustration to others. Blindly using happiness and positivity to conceal oneself will appear to be not sincere and courageous enough.

Learning to manage your emotions, know how to use positive and negative energy freely, and release the right emotions at the right time. This is the approach of high EQ.

When you manage your own emotions, it is inevitable that colleagues will tell you some negative emotions. Don't be led by others. Give proper enlightenment and don't affect your emotions. If you are easily influenced by others, you should review yourself instead of blaming others.

Struggling for many years, but losing in EQ

2. Stand on your ground

Everyone has their own opinions and ideas. You cannot influence others, but you must be polite, sympathetic and While being kind, stick to your own position and draw clear boundaries. This will allow you to take care of both sides and stick to your own opinions. You will not make emotional behaviors without thinking. You will be able to stay neutral when contacting extreme and difficult people and avoid making enemies.

When you conflict with the leadershipAvoid head-on conflicts, respect the ideas of the leader, just follow your own principles, don't be true, or you will fall into endless confusion.

3. Accept criticism

The so-called "perfection" appears in the dictionary. You can say that one thing is perfect and one thing is done. To be perfect, but no one can say that it is perfect. When you see the perfection of others, it may just be a certain skill that you have not yet achieved at this stage. To make yourself better and better, learn to accept criticism, and learn to thank the person who pointed out your problems. Only accept your praise, but not listen to others' criticism, this is the most stupid performance.

Struggling for many years, but losing in EQ

4. Sincere praise

Konosuke Matsushita once said: "The reason why I can become a top 100 entrepreneur and an outstanding leader of the country, in fact, I only need to do one thing-learn to praise my employees every day and find that they are the most brilliant One side". Everyone wants to be recognized by others, sincerely praise colleagues around them, and be good at discovering the highlights of others. Over time, you will grow up

5. Listen quietly

It took us a year to learn to speak, but it took us a lifetime to learnWill shut up. Sometimes when reporting work or handing over work, there are embarrassing scenes of asymmetry of upper and lower information and disagreement. Therefore, don’t speak in a hurry during communication. Learn to listen quietly, understand and listen carefully before answering. This way colleagues It will also reduce a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings.

Listening will also make you understand what the other person thinks, and knowing your opponent and confidant can make you better in the workplace.

It is wise to listen more than tell.

Struggling for many years, but losing in EQ

In short, EQ is like oxygen, invisible and intangible, but it exists in all aspects of our lives. EQ determines success, how do you improve EQ in the workplace ? Please feel free to tease the editor.