When you are lost, read Liu Bei“s life

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There is a saying that people who have never read Liu Bei are not enough to talk about life. 01 Although he had a bad background, he refused to admit

There is such a saying: People who have never read Liu Bei are not enough to talk about life.

How do you understand this sentence?

When I finish reading Liu Bei's powerful life, you will naturally have the answer!

It can be said that Liu Bei is definitely one of the most inspiring figures in the Three Kingdoms. Life is a history of struggle and inspiration.

When you feel confused, anxious, when you can’t find your way,I hope you can read this article carefully when you can't lift the energy.

When you are lost, read Liu Bei“s life


Although he had a bad background, he didn’t admit his fate

Although Liu Bei is called "Uncle Liu Huang", compared to others, such as Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu, Sun Quan, and Cao Cao are all powerful and powerful. Liu Bei has the worst background, humble and poor, and has nothing.

Liu Bei’s father passed away early. He was from a poor family and depended on his mother for life. He relied on weaving mats to make a living. He was a real low-level figure, a streetwalker. Little common people in the alley.

Imagine that a person from this background can eventually become a hegemon and compete with the second generation of officials like Cao Cao and Sun Quan. How different is this person? simple.

Although Liu Bei came from a bad background, he did not accept his fate, instead he had big dreams in his heart, which is much better than ordinary people.

When he was very young, he pointed to a big mulberry tree and said to a group of friends that I would definitely ride this kind of Yu Baoga car.

This Baogai car refers to the emperor’s special car, the emperor’s car.

After Liu Bei’s uncle, Liu Zijing, listened to him, he quickly stopped him: Don’t talk nonsense, children, this is to decapitate and destroy the nine races.

In fact, before Liu Bei, there were several heroes who had similar stories, including Liu Bei’s ancestor Liu Bang.

In those days, Qin Shihuang made a parade The world, the motorcade is vast and majestic. The middle-aged Liu Bang was only a small pavilion leader. After seeing this scene, he shouted: Niu A, this is how a man should be; Xiang Yu, the king of Western Chu, is even more straightforward. In other words, I want to replace it.

Many people General Manager complain about their poor background, poor family background, and the original family’s The impact of is indeed huge. This is undeniable. Some people struggle for life less than others have at birth.

However, this kind of influence is not absolute. The key to what a person can mix in the end is the struggle in the future.

Many times, don’t complain about anything. , Because you can’t change the facts, all you can do is face it and don’t bow to fate.

If you compromise to fate early, prematurely Give up, there is really no hope at all.

You can’t choose your background, but you can choose to deny your fate!

When you are lost, read Liu Bei“s life


Having been critically hit by fate, but never giving up

When meeting Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, LiuBei is 24 years old and still a peddler with nothing. The three brothers met and started from the suppression of the Yellow Turban Army and embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

It has been hard to start a business since ancient times, and it is even more difficult for a self-made person.

In Liu Bei’s life dictionary, one of the most frequent words is: escape.

Suppressing the Yellow Turban Uprising has resulted in many bigwigs becoming famous and making military exploits. For example, Cao Cao, Gongsun Zan, Dong Zhuo...

Everyone is doing well, Liu Bei onlyHe got a small county magistrate and was bullied by the post office. As a result, Zhang Fei vented his anger and beat the post office violently. The three brothers began desperately.

I have been with Gongsun Zan, befriended Kong Rong, and supported Tao Qian. When I arrived in Xuzhou, I finally had the opportunity to have my own base, but I didn’t want to be attacked by Lu Bu. His wife was beaten and lost.

I stayed with Cao Cao for a few days, but I was beaten up by Cao Cao so that his wife was scattered and the brothers could not be in groups.

Since he started his own business, Liu Bei has been on the run almost all the time. He was left under the fence along the way, and he was the king of job-hopping in the Three Kingdoms.

OKIt's not easy to get to Liu Biao in Jingzhou. He finally stopped a little bit. He had a place to stay. At this time, he was a 40-year-old middle-aged uncle. His career encountered a bottleneck and was confused and anxious.

Although he has been critically hit by fate for most of his life, he has not been tenderly treated by life, and he often cries, but he never thought of giving up the fire in his heart. Still working hard for this.

In fact, this is the truest appearance of life. There are always all kinds of bad things and all kinds of unsatisfactory things. You can cry, but you can’t be helpless, only There is hope if you keep working hard.

Liu Bei has a rare and valuable quality: Never give up.

It is precisely this qi, the battle of Chibi, Sun and Liu teamed up to achieve a big victory, and Liu Bei has truly established his position as the hegemon, and his career has entered a period of stability. At this time, he was nearly 50 years old.

At the battle of Hanzhong, Liu Bei, who was nearly 60 years old, finally won Cao Cao beautifully.

In the subsequent battle of Yiling, Liu Bei was burned to the end of his life by Lu Xun, a descendant of Dongwu, and died in Baidi City.

A person can always keep chasing no matter how difficult theChasing the dream in your heart is always hard to come by.

It’s fine to persist for a while, but it’s really difficult to persist for a lifetime.

When you are lost, read Liu Bei“s life


Don’t forget your original aspirations, your dreams force the pattern

Speaking of Yin Ren, the leading figure in the Three Kingdoms is Sima Yi.

In order not to enter the official career and become the fish on the knife, I would rather break my legs; in order to consume Zhuge Liang to death, I received a woman's clothing sent by Kong Ming to insult his personality At that time, he was still firmly in the army.

Sima Yi is indeed the king of ninjas, but many people have overlooked that Liu Bei is also a ninja, and the skill of forbearance is not inferior to Sima Yi.

At the time, Cao Cao and Liu Bei cooked wine with green plums, and they gave advice and talked with heroes. One was lofty and domineering, and the other was restrained and low-key.

Cao Cao said that a person who can be called a hero should be ambitious, good-minded, able to bend and stretch, and there are only you and me in the world.

At this time, Liu Bei was under the fence, worried that Cao Cao would be jealous of him, so he showed a very useless look. There was a thunder in the sky, and Liu Bei was right. Deliberately scared to drop the spoon containing the wine in his hand.

As ​​Cao Cao said, someone like Liu Bei who has dreams in his heart, Can always bend and stretch, will not be brave for a while, just like Cao Cao, who was defeated by Chibi in the future, begged Guan Yu to let him go on Huarong Road.

Liu Bei has spent half his life, visited the thatched cottage, and asked Zhuge to come out of the mountain to achieve his hegemony.

Many people may not know that Liu Bei was already a 46-year-old uncle at this time. Although he was not successful enough, he was well-known in the arena. Zhuge Liang is only 25 years old. He is famous, but he has not proven himself.

In this way, Liu Bei brought two brothers Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and three celebrities in their 40s to invite a young guy, respectfully three times.

This kind of low profile, so put down your body to beg for someone, how many people can do it, Cao Cao can’t, and Yuan Shao can’t do it.

Dreams force the pattern. If you have a dream in your heart, if you really want to do a career, you will not care about temporary gains and losses, and you will not care too much about face.

This is why it is not enough to say that you have never read Liu Bei before to talk about life.

Many people always feel that life is difficult and talk about their own misfortunes. , But compared with Liu Bei’s life experience, the frustration and humiliation you have encountered, what you have encountered is nothing to mention.

We often say, I hope you don’t forget your original intention and you are still a teenager when you return.

Liu Bei is the old boy who doesn’t change his original aspirations. He has been fighting against his fate and tossing for his original aspirations. He eventually became the protagonist of the times and a veritable inspiration in the Three Kingdoms. brother.

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