After retirement, I understand

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Only when you can see clearly, reason clearly, and have a calm and calm mind can you lead your retirement life in a colorful and enjoyable life! 1. Af

When people retire, that is, when they have to let go of everything, many things do not need to worry about eating carrots. Only when you can see clearly, reason clearly, and have a calm and calm mind can you lead your retirement life in a colorful and enjoyable life!

After retirement, I understand

1. After retiring, I understand: eat and eat, sleep when you want to sleep

Decades of frustration have long been namedLichang sees it through, fame and fortune are just passing fame, and the last thing left is just "food and clothing".

Retired, still being able to eat and sleep is the happiest thing. So don't wrong yourself, eat well what you should eat, sleep well if you want to sleep, as long as you have a good degree, do everything you want, don’t suffer yourself.

2. After retiring, I understand: just leave and stay free

of our generations, most of our lives have no conditions and opportunities to go out and see Look.

Now that I have retired and my children and grandchildren have grown up, if the physical and material conditions allow, I can quickly put aside the endless trivial tasks and go for a walk!

We can go to visit the scenic spots, we can also enjoy the unknown mountains and rivers. We don’t care where we have been, as long as we enjoy the process. Just leave, talk and see, be capricious, let your mood go!

After retirement, I understand

3. After retiring, I understand: No matter whether you win or lose, you don’t want to compete.

Compared, it seems to be human nature. Everyone wants to compete with others and get ahead. But too much care about winning or losing will only make yourself narrow.

Fame and fortune are all things outside of the body, and more will become a burden. After retiring, there is no need to compete for success or failure. It's better to put these things down, return to the truth, and relax.

4. After retirement, I understand: I am indifferent and enjoy myself

Life is alive, in a good mood, and everything is fine. In life, no matter what you encounter, you should give yourself a smile.

After retirement, no matter how helpless life is, as long as happiness stays in your heart, life will not be boring. Let yourself maintain a relaxed and happy heart, and you will stay young and happy both physically and mentally.

After retirement, I understand

5. After retiring, I understand: don’t blindly seek longevity, just live it along

Confucius said: "Sixty and ears go smoothly". Retire, It just happens to be the year of earshun, and everything must be learned to live.

There is no immortality in this world. Don’t be superstitious and inexplicable to reverse aging. Don’t pursue longevity too much, if you go Into the misunderstanding, but ignoring the true value of life.