You have to bear the pain in life

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In the human world, there are certain things that you must face alone; for some roads, you must trek alone; no matter how long the road is, no matter

In this world, everyone is busy, everyone is tired, and everyone is tired. So we have slowly learned to pretend to be strong, live heartlessly, and smile without scruples.

Actually, this is just one person’s helplessness.

Walking in the world, there are some things that must be faced by one person alone; some roads must be trekking alone; no matter how long the road is, no matter how dark the night is, no matter how dark the night, you must be alone Go down silently.

In life, you have to bear the pain and swallow it yourself.

No matter how hard life is, swallow it by yourself; no matter how painful it is, carry it by yourself.

Don’t expect someone to comfort you, don’t expect someone to sympathize with your feelings, to bear the pain, and to suffer; the ups and downs of life experience, the joys and sorrows, do not cry pain, do not cry tired, only calm face Yes, accept it without reservation.

We can't change the outside, we can only change ourselves. In the face of the ups and downs in life, we can only run through ups and downs. Faced with the dilemma of no one to help us, let ourselves be strong.

True powerful people come from a desperate situation. They have tried their best to find the sunshine in life, so that their heart is no longer cowardly and painful. Tear them bit by bit, and quietly realize the counterattack of life.

The tears are wiped, the pain is carried, and the pain is swallowed.

Life, the harder you work, the luckier you are.

As the saying goes: You get melons when you grow melons, and you get beans when you grow beans.

If you want something, you have to give something.

In life, there is no way to go in vain. Every step counts. No matter how many setbacks we have experienced before or now, how many difficulties and obstacles we have encountered, I believe that there will be a willful turn.Ming time.

Many times, it is not fate that abandons us, but we ourselves abandon ourselves first.

A little harder, the more lucky.

We have to believe for ourselves that no matter how hard and hard life is, and persistence, we will come over; no matter how hard and tiring the day is, we will be happy.

Believe in yourself, the more you live, the stronger you are. We have no backing, we are the mountain! No one can be trusted, and can only rely on their own step by step efforts to become truly strong.

Turn pressure into motivation, brave enough to fearless, independent enough to never ask for help.

In life, you cannot rely on anyone, you can only rely on yourself.

The hardships that we should endure in our lives are indispensable at all. No one can help us choose, or even determine the future direction. Perhaps others’ ideas and suggestions, we can refer to, But ultimately we have to rely on ourselves.

It's like the inner hurt. We must digest it, resolve it, and even heal it by ourselves. This is the most effective.

Everyone grows up in stumbling, and while growing, they learn to be strong and independent! After a long time, I have understood too many human feelings, and realized the cruelty and ruthlessness of reality!

The years have made us vicissitudes and made us stronger.

Only when we are strong, everything around us will be pleasant to us, we have the ability to protect the people around us, we have the ability to fight for everything we want, and life will be happier.

We have no backing, and we are brave to move forward. We should open the way in the mountains and build bridges when we meet the water when we are alive; no one feels distressed, but we love ourselves; when we have no money, we work hard to make money; when we fall down , Get up hard by yourself; when there is no umbrella, I am running in the wind and rain; others look down on you, just look up to yourself.

Count on others, and only if you lose and rely on yourself can you win.

You have to bear the pain in life