Why didn“t Shu Han reuse Zhao Yun but Wei Yan?

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In many people's minds, Zhao Yun is an almost perfect image of a military commander. He is a historical figure of the "male god" level in many people'

In the hearts of many people, Zhao Yun is an almost perfect image of a military commander. He is a historical figure of the "male god" level in many people's minds. As for Wei Yan, in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms," he has a rebellious mind. He is extremely arrogant in history. No matter where he is, he is a flawed image. However, for these two people, Wei Yan has been reused, but Zhao Yun has not. This makes people less understandable. Why can a person like Wei Yan be reused instead?

The so-called person Zhuge Liang hates most in his life is Wei Yan, who "has a bone in the back of his head". That is a novel The argument. According to official history, whether Liu Bei was alive or Zhuge Liang was in power, Wei Yan’s degree of reuse far exceededZhao Yun Zhao Zilong. So why did Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang abandon Zhao Yun and re-use Wei Yan? There is only one sad reason, and we have to start with the emperor's mind-Zhuge Liang does not have the name of an emperor, but he has real power. For the sake of his own foundation and Zhuge Liang for the foundation of the Liu family and the rejuvenation of the Han Dynasty, he could only reuse the flawed Wei Yan and abandon the nearly perfect Zhao Yun-everyone is not wrong, what is wrong is that era.

Some readers may have no objection to Liu Bei's reuse of Wei Yan. Because of the plump and beautiful errand of the Hanzhong prefect, Zhang Fei spent a long time in the halazi, but Liu Bei gave it to Wei Yan. As for Zhao Yun, he didn't even think about competing with Wei Yan for this position, because he knew how much Liu Bei valued Wei Yan. Readers who are accustomed to "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" think that Zhuge Liang wants to do two things most in his life. One is to fight against Cao Wei in the Northern Expedition, and the other is to kill Wei Yan by Annai, and even Wei Yan is the last one.The strange place was also designed by Zhuge Liang, and it can even be considered that Zhuge Liang murdered Wei Yan.

Why didn“t Shu Han reuse Zhao Yun but Wei Yan?

But when we talk about historical figures, we still have to take a look Official history. Looking at the official history, we will find that, in addition to trusting and reusing Wei Yan, Zhuge Liang was even a little bit pampered: "Five years after Jianxing, Zhuge Liang was stationed in Hanzhong, and he even regarded Yan as the front governor, leading prime minister Sima and Liangzhou governor." "Eight years." Moved to the former army division to conquer the generals of the West, lie in the festival, and enter the Feng Nanzheng Hou."

Don’t leave it alone, just talking about the "Prime Minister Sima" is enough to see Zhuge Liang's respect for Wei Yan: the prime minister has Two important assistants, Wen called Changshi, and Wu called Sima. Chang Shi is the Yang Yi who always challenged Wei Yan, and in fact, if you put this timeCompared with Liu Bei, Yang Yi is his Zhuge Liang, and Wei Yan is his Guan Yu. He is both the right arm and the confidant.

Why didn“t Shu Han reuse Zhao Yun but Wei Yan?

And poor Zhao Yun was also in Lite Zhuge Liang was relieved of the positions of the Central Guard Army and Zhengnan (Zhendong) General and was demoted to the General of the Zhenjun. When Wei Yan became a former military division on the holiday (an official of the prime minister's residence during the Three Kingdoms period, he was appointed as a staff member and planned military aircraft. It has been a year since Zhao Yun passed away with the punishment behind his back—he didn’t wait until Zhuge Liang resumed his post.

As for Zhao Yun’s character and abilities, the author needless to say here, because historians have said too much: "By nature and bravery, as a great marshal, he is still a man.First, this is the legacy of Zhao Shunping (Shunping Hou Zhaoyun) and Chang Kaiping (Kaiping King Chang Yuchun). "Lv Meng has measures, Zhao Zilong has courage, and Li Deyu has strength, these are all great weapons. "If you use Shunping's words, give up Sun Quan and take Guanzhong, Qin Long responds, and the Han Dynasty can flourish. "In the battle of Dangyang, the return of Mrs. Sun, the lord of the dragon will be inevitable, so no matter how hard you are, you will be better than the people of the Three Kingdoms." ”

Why didn“t Shu Han reuse Zhao Yun but Wei Yan?

These people didn’t grow up watching the novels Yes, they understand the history of the Three Kingdoms. As a party, Zhuge Liang naturally knows Zhao Yun's ability and conduct, but he prefers to pay attention to Wei Yan, who has flaws in his virtues, but stays away from Zhao Yun, because Wei Yan's shortcomings are so popular with the monarch.

Like Guan Yu, Wei Yan and Guan Yu have a fatal flaw, that is, they are not gregarious, just like when we watch spy war dramas, Li Ya in "Latent", Li Bohan in "Before Dawn", and "Underground" Ma Tiancheng, his grandmother does not love his uncle, but he is absolutely trusted by his superiors. There is only one reason: they are all aloof, stubborn and have no friends.

Why didn“t Shu Han reuse Zhao Yun but Wei Yan?

No one is a bird except Liu Bei, and so is Wei Yan , And Zhang Fei likes to make friends with scholar-officials too (in the later Han and even the Wei and Jin Dynasties, scholar-officials are synonymous with aristocratic family and officials), Zhao Yun's character is Fang Rouxian and kind (Shunping Hou came from here), such people are friends all over the world. Guan Yu is "rigorous and self-confident", "being kind to the soldiers and being proud of scholar-officials", Wei YanAt this point, there have been more and more inferior: "Yan is a good supporter of soldiers, brave, and high in nature. At that time, they all avoided it." Wei Yan followed the general as Wei Wei, Chinese Army Division, and General Liu Yan. It was awkward, Zhuge Liang's handling result was to let Liu Yan write a review, and before Zhuge Liang's death, he also killed Liu Yan who was in a trance.

Wei Yan fought with Yang Yi in front of Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang also "cherishes Yi's talents deeply. With Wei Yan's bravery, he often hates the injustice between the two and can't bear to disparage them." Every time his subordinates broke the sky. Zhuge Liang was even reluctant to even hit fifty boards each, but he sent Fei Yi and Jiang Wan to come forward and confide in him personally-no general in Shu, Liao Hua as a pioneer, the Shu Han could not withstand the fuss, and calming talents was the best solution. From another perspective, the dispute between Yang and Wei is not a bad thing. If these two people are intimate, it is worth worrying about.

Why didn“t Shu Han reuse Zhao Yun but Wei Yan?

In fact, if you think about it, if Guan Yu is not aloof, you will not be trusted by Liu Bei 100%. Similarly, if Wei Yan does not act like a stubborn donkey kicking and biting, nor can he get the respect of Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang. The abandoned Zhao Yun is a "negative model": good character, good popularity, adhere to principles, and must be the master or The superior stayed away.

Wei Yanao had no friends, and tasted bitter fruit: When he and Yang Yi complained to each other, Fei Yi, Jiang Wan and Dong Yun both came and fell into trouble. These stones not only killed Wei Yan, but also He smashed all his tribes, and there were military commanders among the hands-although Wei Yan did not shout three times "Who would dare to kill me", Wang Ping and Ma Dai still killed him, and even their comrades did not regard him as friends To see how much Wei Yan failed. But we cannot help but find sadly: People like Wei Yan are exactly what the leaders like, because not being gregarious means not forming a party, and not forming a party means no threat.

Why didn“t Shu Han reuse Zhao Yun but Wei Yan?

This is exactly what Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang abandoned Zhao Yun and reused Wei Yan’s only reason: It’s not that Zhuge Liang didn’t know people, nor was he broad-minded. Zhuge Liang was loyal to the sun and the moon, but for the sake of the foundation of Shu Han, it would be a great trouble to rule the country if the tail was too big...