People who reach forty, three kinds of friends are not allowed

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I used to think that after 40, people will live more transparently and have a thorough understanding of life, at least not as confused and helpless as

People who reach forty, three kinds of friends are not allowed

I used to think that after forty people, they will live a more transparent life, I have come to the realization, at least not as confused and helpless as the age of 20 or 30. I chatted with an older sister two days ago and realized that many things are not what we imagined.

The eldest sister told me that she had brought a lot of trouble to her life because she had made some friends recently. She told me that in the futureBe sure to make friends carefully, it will be too late if you don't regret it later.

The eldest sister used herself as a lesson for the past, telling me that I must stay away from the following three kinds of friends, otherwise it will cause me a lot of trouble.


Friends who don’t work properly, don’t make friends

When we were in our twenties, the newborn calves were not afraid of tigers. It is still full of strength to rush forward. When life is difficult, there are parents behind. In thirty years, career and life have been stabilized. Parents are still self-sufficient. We only need to manage our small family.

But when people are in their forties, there are old and young children, children are not self-reliant, and when the most need to spend money, the parents are old again, and the body is in a situation that makes us feel distressed and doppelganger. Lack of skills. At this time, we are afraid of falling down, because we are the pillars of the family,The dependence of the elderly and children.

People who reach forty, three kinds of friends are not allowed

People’s instinct is that they tend to slack under pressure and want to escape reality. When our thoughts are flickering, we are most likely to be biased by negative things. If we make friends who are not doing our job properly at this time, our minds will be easily disintegrated and we want to escape the burden on our shoulders. But at this time, the whole family is leaning on us, we cannot relax, there is no way out, we can only biteTeeth rush forward. Friends who are not doing their jobs will corrupt our fighting spirit and let us avoid our own responsibilities. After all, everyone wants to have a easier life on their own.

So, when people reach their forties, our responsibilities are heavy, there are old and young, and don’t make friends who don’t do their jobs, and only know how to make fun and spend time.


Friends who love to chew the roots of the tongue, don’t make friends

There will be two groups of people in their forties: the one who has a good family and does not worry about food and clothing. , I have a lot of leisure time every day, so I live a boring life every day. I like the Li family to make short remarks. With such a person, sooner or later I will get involved in the right and wrong, and then I want to get away. difficult.

There is another kind of unsatisfactory life, and it is hard to see that others live better than yourself. As a result, they provoke discord, add fuel and jealousy, and secretly buckle people with shit basins. SuchPeople who are not right in their minds, small belly chicken intestines, if you have been with them for a long time, they will also get in the wrong, or be dragged into the water by them.

The most important thing is that there are clearly some people who have caused troubles, and when they are held accountable, they will let the innocent you take the blame. In short, being with these people who like to chew your tongue will ruin your reputation. It is not easy for people to live at this age, and they have to allocate some energy to deal with these rights and wrongs. It is tiring to think about it.

People who reach forty, three kinds of friends are not allowed


You can’t make friends with others.

Some people are always full of negative energy. It seems that their world is always The haze is obscured, and there has never been a sunny day. These people sigh and complain every day, as if the whole world owes him.

Those who like to complain, a little thing will make him complain. I kept sending out an indignant text in the circle of friends to vent my dissatisfaction, such as "It rained without an umbrella today, God deliberately opposed me", "Go to work hurry up and be one minute late in the end, my life "Why is it so bitter", "Today is very unlucky. Auntie Cleaner just messed me up with dirty water, and even the street sweepers bullied me"... In short, they complained that everyone was accustomed to it, and they thought it was not worth mentioning. I think it’s a trivial matter.

Okay.When people who like to complain are together, over time, you will become bitter, feel that everything is not going well, everyone is bullying you, or seeing you not pleasing to your eyes. When people reach their forties, there are still many important things in life waiting for us to worry about, such as growing up children, aging parents, and our careers. We don't have the energy to complain, we can only move forward, we have to remember the burden on our shoulders at any time, and we can't slack off.

In short, people in their forties have a heavy responsibility. Try not to enter those bad circles. Those friends who are harmful to others should draw a clear line. Don't let them affect our lives and affect our family members.