Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

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A perseverance and a responsibility, in order to achieve it, there will be a steady flow of motivation, only when there is pressure, there will be mot

A perseverance and a responsibility. In order to realize it, there will be a steady stream of motivation. Only when there is pressure, there will be motivation. Tired and happy.

When a person is alive, there are ideals and dreams. For the sake of poetry and the distance, and for their own future, everyone is working hard! In order to realize that he has a steady flow of power spontaneously, this is also a responsibility of perseverance.

The motivation for doing things comes from effective self-motivation management

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

Some people feel that being a human being is very tired, they have no motivation in life and work, do not want to go to work, have funeral culture, have a negative attitude towards the future, and live very tired , This kind of mentality is very dangerous!

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

A post-90s confession: No motivation, no dream, and NoI have goals, I have no special skills, no outstanding appearance, no strong background, I am introverted, not good at dealing with people, thin-skinned, and people have no independent opinions. I easily believe in people, a lot of sentimentality, and easy Moved, my friends asked me to borrow money. I borrowed money when I had money, but some didn’t return it to me. I thought he had forgotten and didn’t care about it. I was very confused. I didn’t have a life plan and didn’t know. What I want to do, I am living in a muddle-headed reading, playing games in a depraved manner, watching movies to pass the time, watching my previous friends are getting better and better, I also want to change, but everyone knows the principles and can do it There are not many of them. Sometimes they are inexplicably sad. Sometimes they want to commit suicide, but they just think about it and don’t have the courage. But I feel so tired to be alive (Negative negative culture mentality, It must be adjusted in time, otherwise the whole person will be abolished)

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

Being a person requires concentration, endurance, and endurance;


Anyone who gives up halfway, pays a lot and has no results, can not explain to oneself, 99 degrees of boiling water, waste of coal, electricity and manpower can’t drink

Endurance, decision One's mood, pay, Move a person's destiny, every truth, every sincerity, as long as you are serious, everything will change, everything will be sincerely paid, and move the world of others.

A thin road, one person will see one’s own excellence, helpless dreams, one will persevere in working hard, spend the greatest time on reading and change, and give oneself a reason to survive . Endurance is a great power that can produce wisdom and compassion.

Endurance is a great power, and it is difficult for ordinary people to do it. Only by relying on a belief and firm confidence can it last. The impulse of the moment is very simple, everyone can do it, and it won't take long to turn back, so it doesn't make much sense. However, long-term persistence is valuable, long-term cultivation can produce wisdom, and persistence is the greatest wisdom and compassion. A lifetime of sorrow, and the last smile, is also the brightest smile and the warmest "sunshine

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

People who are wise and compassionate must have patience, and those who are impatient must have no wisdom and compassion. If you do not have the stamina to do anything, just Will give up halfway, be impatient and upset, do something harmful to the body and mind, and be upset when feeling impatient, sighing and unable to continue, and finally choose to give up not reading. This is the performance of impatience, which affects both physical and mental health. Affected personal future, affected family members. CapableEndurance, don’t give up halfway, you will create your success

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

Being Perseverance, a quality of will to consciously overcome difficulties and strive to achieve a predetermined goal

Perseverance is also called willpower, which is when people consciously overcome difficulties and strive to achieve a predetermined goal A quality of will; perseverance is a person’sThis kind of "psychological endurance" is the "stamina" for a person to complete study, work, and career. When it is combined with people's expectations and goals, it will play a huge role; perseverance is the crystallization of whether a person dares to be confident, whether he can focus, whether he is decisive, whether he can control himself, and can not bear frustration

From the perspective of psychology, traditional concepts related to perseverance include: perseverance, courage, resilience (resilience), ambition, demand for accomplishment, sense of responsibility

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

Among all the winners, whether there is perseverance, whether strong or not, plays a decisive role; for losers, lack Perseverance is almost their common fault. So perseverance is extremely important and valuable. Perseverance will help you overcome fear, frustration and indifference; it will continuously increase your ability to cope with and solve various difficult problems; it will turn occasional opportunities into reality; it will help you achieve ideals that others cannot achieve... Therefore, ancient and modern The ancestors, philosophers, great men, and celebrities at home and abroad all spoke highly of it. Perseverance is a bridge to achieve ideals, Perseverance is a bridge to achieve ideals, a ferry to success, and a ladder to success

The road to success is often full of thorns. There will be many obstacles and dangers when it is rough and uneven. HaveAs people, all have a tenacious will and perseverance.

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

Lack of perseverance:

Those who are not focused, Those who are not focused, will not have perseverance, will be focused, and can be pierced. "But some people just can't do this, they are not specific, they have too many goals, and there are countless expectations. It's so high. One goal has not been reached, so they think of another. This mountain looks atThat mountain is high, everything is half-hearted, although very hard, it is nothing but a basket of water. Because of lack of perseverance, nothing can be done, and nothing can be done well. Indeed, if a person does things without perseverance, nothing can be done.

Those who are not confident

Those who are not confident will not have perseverance. This kind of people lack confidence in themselves, do not believe in their own strength, and things have not been done yet, but they are thinking about personal gains and losses. What if they fail? How to explain to the leader? It is often one step further, two steps back, the result? Because they don’t have self-confidence, they exaggerate their weaknesses, and let the weaknesses cover their strengths, and they appear powerless...The failure of this type of person is not due to others, but to themselves, so there is no perseverance or perseverance. Of it.

Those who are not decisive

Those who are not decisive will not have perseverance. Such people have poor independence, do not have independent opinions, and do workLack of solutions, lack of style, indecision, fear of wolves in the front and tigers in the back, there are always unexplainable concerns, always worried about this or that, but not about success. There is another problem with this kind of people: they are easy to accept other people's suggestions and influences, so they often change their original intentions and make things out of character.

Those who are not in control

Those who cannot be in control will not have perseverance. This kind of people cannot suppress desires, do whatever they want, do whatever they want, have good emotions, are impulsive, cannot obey rationality, and do not know how to restrain themselves. Therefore, their ambition is a respectable and praiseworthy ambition, and they are often treated by those humble people. Interfered by desire, the matter was completely defeated.

Those who cannot stand setbacks

Those who cannot stand setbacks will not have perseverance. Why can some people make a comeback after the fall? It is that he can endure setbacks, endure failures, endure trials, endure pain, persistenceBelief is to move forward without stopping, to fight and struggle without stopping, so that he can repeatedly fight and finally become a great man. Therefore, the following sentence of French Napoleon is quite reasonable: "The glory of life is not to never fail, but to repeatedly fight."

Perseverance can determine how we face difficulties, failures, The attitude of temptation, see if we fall down or stand still. If you want to lose weight, if you want to revive your career, if you want to do anything to the end, you can’t rely on "temporary enthusiasm" alone. You must have perseverance to get it done, because it’s you who take action The source of power can push you to any goal you want to pursue. A person with perseverance will inevitably be consistent in his actions and will never stop until he reaches the goal.

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

Specific measures to strengthen the cultivation of perseverance:

Perseverance is a psychological factor, and the cultivation of perseverance can be carried out from the following aspects:

First, a clear purpose. Cultivating perseverance The first step, and perhaps the most important step, is to know what you want. Strong motivation drives people to overcome difficulties.

Second, desire. If you have a strong desire for the goal you pursue, then It’s relatively easy to cultivate perseverance.

Three, self-confidence. Believing that you have the ability to implement a plan will motivate people to persevereFollow the plan carefully.

Four, a clear plan. A clear plan, even if the plan is incomplete or not completely feasible, will inspire perseverance.

Five, recognize yourself clearly. Knowing that your plan is very reliable, coupled with experience or indirect knowledge, will inspire perseverance. If you don't recognize yourself, just guessing will destroy a person's perseverance.

Six, willpower. The habit of concentrating on creating a plan to achieve a certain goal can create perseverance.

Seven, cooperation. Compassion, understanding, and close cooperation with others often make people have perseverance.

Eight, habit. Perseverance is the product of habit.

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

Being a person must have perseverance, because I love responsibility goals, so persevere!

It means strong will, perseverance, persistence, and patience. Persistence means not changing, not wavering, always Like one. Persistence is a perfect expression of willpower. Persistence is also a manifestation of perseverance. Some people say that the most awesome success comes from the most stupid persistence. Some things are simple. Ordinary people can do one day or two. Two months is okay, but it will take a few months, half a year or even a year, it’s actually very difficult. Today we don’t speak the truth.

Those who persist will not carry it hard, and those who persist are looking for goals. A persevering person is definitely a self-disciplined person. He is definitely a person who has tried countless methods and will not give up easily. When a problem is difficult to solve, he will say angrily: too difficult, I will not do. People who will persist will often concentrate on solving it for a long time

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

The real persistence is your firmnessWhen you can't hold on, you still stick to it, struggle to touch yourself, and try to make the last effort. Persevere and make your persistence look effortless! When you feel tired, maybe you are on the upward slope of your life. Keep going, and you will find that you have reached another height in your life. Even if life is difficult, stick to it. I believe that tomorrow will not be worse than today, and if it can be worse, then today’s worse is nothing.

This is a famous celebrity line that insists on!

  1. Persistence in a great cause requires unswerving spirit. ——Voltaire
  2. The most terrifying enemy is the lack of strong faith. ——Roman Roland
  3. Will lies in tempering, success lies in persistence. [2] ——Zhou Haizhong
  4. As long as you have a strong willpower, you will naturallyHave ability, cleverness and knowledge. ——Dostoevsky
  5. There are not many people who can stand still, stick to the right view, and survive the difficulties. ——Hugo
  6. As long as you continue to work hard and work tirelessly, there is nothing you can't conquer. ——Seneca
  7. Success is not about the strength, but how long it can last. ——Johnson
  8. How can the plum blossoms smell fragrant if you don’t turn your bones down. ——Huang Chang
  9. "Don't be ashamed to be the last." Even if it is slow, even if it fails, he will definitely achieve the goal he aspires for. ——Lu Xun
  10. Gou Youheng, why bother to wake up and sleep more again and again; the most useless, I am afraid that it will be exposed to cold for ten days a day. ——Mao Zedong
  11. Perseverance, the dead wood does not break; Perseverance, the gold and stone can be carved. ——Xun Kuang
  12. Poor and strong, not falling into the ambition of the sky. ——Wang Bo
  13. One money a day, ten money for ten days. The rope saw the wood broken, and the water dripped through the stone. ——Ban Gu
  14. Strongly support the boat against the current, and retreat with a slack. --Dong Biwu
  15. Qiji takes a leap and can't take ten steps; the horses and horses are driven by ten, and the achievements are hard to give up. (Qiji: a handsome horse. A horse: a horse that doesn’t run fast. Drive, and the horse walks for a day.--Pre-Qin "Xunzi Encouraging Learning"
  16. Only perseverance can make us successful, and perseverance The source of the lie lies in unswervingly and resolutely adopting the means needed to achieve success.—— Chernyshevsky
  17. As long as the skill is deep, the iron rod will be ground into a needle.——Anonymous

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

Being a person requires strong execution: without execution, nothing will be accomplished

Wish: If you don’t want to do it, you must not do well. The willingness to execute comes from: goals, interests, crises. Goals Only when there is aspiration, there is interest and there is motivation, and when there is crisis, there is pressure;

Environment: corporate culture environment affects action, and to act, you must create an environment for action;

: If you want to do it, you have to know how to do it. Improve methods, skills, and knowledge.

When the mind is trapped, it is like an invisible net that traps us firmly, IWe rush from left to right, but still can't escape. At this time, it's actually because we lack execution.

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

Some people often plan their lives, have long-term ideals and short-term goals. They are good at making various plans, and they plan very detailed. However, after the plan was formulated, their actions could never be kept up, or two days after implementation, they were released for various reasons or excuses.abandoned. After a while, they will start to formulate a new plan, and then they will end up in a hurry and give up halfway... into a vicious circle. In their lives, it seems that what they are best at is to make plans. Such people, we can call them giants of thought and dwarf of action. Perhaps you have been the same for a long time. You have imagined many things to be accomplished and made various Various plans have also made some basic preparations for these plans, but, unfortunately, you may not have achieved your goals so far. No matter how good the plan is, no action is in vain. The point is that when your plans are consumed one by one by yourself, you actually have no direction for your future life.

Because of your failure to implement, you actually blocked all the possibilities and all the ways to change your life or destiny.

In the end, you can only dream of a lifetime in your own fictional beautiful future. you do notDo you think this kind of life is sad?

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

Execution is an important ability for a strong inner heart. We cannot ignore it. To improve execution, the key is to say less and do more, and do what you say. So, from now on, abandon all the previous plans and start from simple trivial things to improve execution.

If you achieve these 6 points, your execution will definitely improve. Quickly look at the collection!

01. Change our attitude

We need to change our attitude towards doing things. How can we improve execution without changing our attitude? We can’t make ourselves feel that we are required to do anything when we do anything. We have to change our mindset. Only by looking at things with a happy mind and doing everything well with our heart, we will naturally improve our execution ability.

02. Narrow personal goals

Improving execution requires setting goals for ourselves, but our goals must not be too big. Goals that seem to be difficult to achieve will actually make When we are under a lot of pressure, we may have the idea of ​​giving up in our hearts. Therefore, we need to set a suitable goal, and narrow the goal appropriately so that we can enhance our self-confidence and improve execution!

03, remind yourself repeatedly

In fact, many timesWhen we all know what we are going to do, we just drag it away from implementation. Therefore, we need to repeatedly give ourselves some tips to improve our execution. Recognizing what we need and what we can't do at all times, and letting ourselves have a clear goal is very helpful for us to improve execution.

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

04. Work needs to be followed up continuously

Do anything Need to holdIt is good to follow up, and you can’t procrastinate, as this will cause you to do nothing well. Only by continuing to follow up on the tasks you are responsible for and completing the tasks with one effort can you show your stronger execution.

05. Make a good work plan every day

Another effective way to improve execution is to make a day’s work plan in the morning and strictly implement your plan. Work plans can be arranged according to the degree of importance, and each plan is completed one by one. It is impossible not to do the plan within a day. Over time, everyone's execution ability will be improved!

06. Do a good job summary every day

No one needs to do summary and reflection. Before going to bed every night, we can find time to summarize our work of the day, what are the good things we need to continue to carry forward, and the bad things need to be improved, then we will record them.This is a lesson, it will also help everyone to improve execution!

Others have talents, achievements, promotion and management, that is, they understand these five powers

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