10 conditions to become a couple, see how many of you are suitable

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Some people are just suitable for love but not for marriage, because they have to meet some basic requirements to be suitable as a couple, otherwise i

10 conditions to become a couple, see how many of you are suitable

The vast world is vast and there are many people who love each other, but not all of them can finally walk in hand in hand The palace of marriage. Some people are just suitable for love but not for marriage, because they have to meet some basic requirements to be suitable as a couple, otherwise it will be difficult to have a happy life even if they barely become a couple.

01, each other is a good friend

As a couple, the most basic thing should be friends, and they should be good friends or acquaintances. Unless you are just a purely physiological husband and wife, you will not even be able to be a husband and wife. , Even if you barely become a couple, you will not be happy.

02. Have common values

When things are gathered together, friends should have a basic understanding of the world and value of life, at least they can default to each other The other's life values, otherwise how to be friends? For friends, if they want to live together for a long time, of course they must have common life values. The life pursued is inconsistent with the life goal, and there are serious differences in views on things. How can the marriage proceed?

03, each other can fully understand trust

Understand each other’sThe basic premise of interpersonal communication, and if you want to be a couple, understanding is of course the most basic thing to do. If you don't know the other party, you should fully understand the other party's family background, education, temperament, personality traits, living habits, etc., at least a basic understanding.

Understanding is of course far from enough. After understanding, if you can accept what you know, you have to fully trust each other. Without trust, there will be no relationship, especially for couples.

04. It’s easy to communicate with each other in case of trouble

Of course, it is inevitable that there will be some problems and conflicts between people. Of course, the same is true for husbands and wives. Together, the possibility of friction and conflict is even greater. Contradictions are not terrible. The terrible thing is that they can’t communicate with each other and make the development of contradictions intensified to the point where they are out of control. Therefore, an important and basic requirement for being a couple isIt is easy to communicate with each other in case of trouble.

05. There is a spirit of dedication and sacrifice for each other

Between husband and wife is a typical combination of rights and obligations, but what you get is what you give Things are not always proportional, nor can they be completely equal. One spouse will always give more, while the other may give less. Of course, as a couple, you should not care about it, you must have a spirit of dedication and sacrifice.

There is no one owes anyone in a marriage, and there is no distinction between high and low. Being willing to sacrifice is also one of the basic requirements of being a husband and wife.

06, can be tolerant to each other

Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has shortcomings. Due to the close contact between husband and wife, more Can find mistakes and shortcomings, so as a couple, they should have a tolerant heart and be able to be correct and rational.Look at each other’s shortcomings and mistakes sexually, neither nitpicking nor conniving without principle.

Tolerate small and irrelevant shortcomings and mistakes, and help the other party correct big mistakes and shortcomings.

07. The interests and interests must be basically similar.

People have their own interests, but husbands and wives should be basically the same, and have similar views on interests and interests. The point of view, only in this way can we stay in step without going further and further or even deviating from morality. A long-term life can only be achieved if they are basically like-minded, and it is impossible for a married couple to be happy.

08, each other can firmly support each other

The important point of marriage is different from love. Marriage has to face more real life pressures and problems. Marriage is also more cumbersome and even tedious, so there are more difficulties and problems encounteredmany.

Whether it is a wife or a husband, whether in life or work, there will be some unexpected problems. This is not terrible. The key is to get the firm support of the other party. If you retreat as soon as you encounter a problem, it will be worse than a friend, and the future married life will not be able to go on.

09. Accept each other’s family

Many young lovers tend to ignore this point, thinking that marriage is a private matter of two people, so you can ignore the other , This is of course a naive romanticism.

Marriage is a matter of two young people. It is also a matter of both parents and two families. In addition to loving each other, a couple must also be able to accept each other’s family. If you can’t stand the other’s parents’ family at all Some actions, and they can’t do things that don’t care about you, then your future marriage life will be troublesomeendless.

10. Have a basic material economy as a foundation

Suitable for dating does not mean that it is suitable for marriage, because marriage is more of chai, rice, oil and salt in addition to romance In the real life of vinegar, there is no certain material and economic foundation, and the married life cannot go on. Therefore, two people who are too artistic may not be suitable for husband and wife, because they are most likely to sink into the romantic art life and do not know how. Tao live and earn money to support the family.

So to be a husband and wife, you must have the same values ​​and interests to talk to each other! Many young lovers tend to ignore this point and think that marriage is between two people and can ignore other things. Of course, this is a kind of naive romanticism.

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