“Because of introverted personality, I was fired 3 times after graduation“

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"I have just graduated and worked for less than a year. This is the third time I have been fired!" "It's not a job. I blame my introverted personality

"I have just graduated and worked for less than a year. This is the third time I have been fired!"

Xiao Jiao complained to me of unsatisfactory work, and she said that all three jobs ended up being fired. I have some Worry about her, quickly ask her:

"Why is this happening? What is the trouble with work? Already?"

"It’s not about work. I blame my introverted personality, poor communication skills, not good at dealing with colleagues, and my boss doesn’t like me. I have new tasks and new Challenge, never look down on me. "

"If I have an outgoing personality, it would be nice. ", Xiaojiao said with a bit of complaint.

After listening to her, I understand , She attributed the reason for her unsatisfactory work to: it was her introverted personality that dragged her down.

is my introverted character, which hinders my career development.

Does an introvert restrict career development? I totally disagree with this point.

This society is really not so friendly to introverts.

But the character itself has no advantages or disadvantages. In many cases, it’s just because I don’t dare to take the first step, and I don’t want to admit my hard work. Give the pot to the introvert.

Introverted newcomer in the workplace, habitual Of thinking that it is the introverted personality that restricts him, rather than that he is not working hard enough. This is the biggest thinking misunderstanding.

“Because of introverted personality, I was fired 3 times after graduation“


I often hear people asking questions like this:

I am introverted, what kind of work is suitable for me?

I am not good at dealing with the National People's Congress, can I not be an HR?

I am an introvert, how can I become an extrovert?

In short, in the eyes of many fresh graduates and newcomers in the workplace, introversion seems to have become Original sin has become a major obstacle to our growth and development and job hunting life.

Shooting the pot like this is definitely a misunderstanding of introverted personality.

Einstein, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Spielberg , Haruki Murakami...More than 70% of the successful people in the world are actually introverts.

The well-known Internet giants such as Ma Huateng, Zhang Xiao, and Li Yanhonglong are also "introverted Type" personality, but they have made products that affect the world.

Even in many companies’ top sales talents, there are more introverts.

Why can introverts achieve such achievements in their respective fields?

The reason is that many of us only see the disadvantages of the introvert personality, but do not realize its advantages.

The biggest advantage of introverts is the ability to focus, think, depth and empathize.

Focused, it is easier to do things to the extreme

Think more keenly to discover problems and opportunities that others cannot detect


Depth, more able to perceive the essence of touched things

Empathy, more able to understand the thoughts of others


and these are the biggest factors that determine a person’s success.

When you complain about the troubles caused by your personality, why not tap the potential of your personality, why not use your personality advantages to develop your own career?

“Because of introverted personality, I was fired 3 times after graduation“


In September, the company’s human resources manager recruited two HR interns, Xiaolin and Xiaoqing, both of whom were responsible for some basic personnel work, mainly organizing candidate information, contacting interviews, and handling entry and exit materials.

Both girls are serious about their work, and there is basically nothing wrong with their work.

The difference is that Xiaolin has a lively personality and loves to chat with her colleagues. She often sends out snacks to everyone, and quickly gets into the company.


Xiaoqing is a typical introvert and shy girl, she rarely talks at work, but often Take the initiative to find a boss to communicate with and solve any problems as soon as possible.

On the surface, the performance of the two girls is almost the same at work. The outgoing Xiaolin seems to be a bit social Advantage.

However, after the end of the internship period, the human resources manager only , Become a full-time employee directly after graduation.

The human resources manager said that he thinks Xiaoqing is more in line with the characteristics of personnel, especially after seeing her communicate with interview candidates several times, which is impressive.

Every candidate who comes to interview, she will enthusiastically pour a cup of hot water for the candidate, and she will personally send the candidate to the elevator after leaving , Attach the sentence "Be careful on the road, I wish you all the best".

“Because of introverted personality, I was fired 3 times after graduation“

In fact, in the workplace, we must understand that everything is based on performance and ability As a foundation, on this foundation can we talk about interpersonal.

Your ability is not good, your performance is not satisfactory, even the whole Everyone in the company likes you, but you can't get room for development.

I also asked Xiaoqing, "Why do you look so introverted but canShow how good at communication?"

She said: "Because of communication It is a professional quality that HR should have, and has nothing to do with personality".

Do not use introversion as an excuse to refuse to work hard. Workplace communication skills, reporting skills, self-expression skills, and active learning skills are the most basic professional qualities.

Ability has nothing to do with personality, and ability is not the patent of extroverts.

When you complain:

"I’m introverted and not suitable This job. ”

Should you reflect on yourself, are you introverted or are you refusing to work hard?

“Because of introverted personality, I was fired 3 times after graduation“


Introverted you, what should you do?

1. Find the right direction

Some people may ask: I don’t go social and entertaining, it really won’t affect my work And development?

AnswerIsn't it, what is really important in the workplace? It is your ability to create value, not how many friends you have.

In short, As long as you have your own competitive advantage, you Don't take the initiative to show, others will take the initiative to come to you.

You have to think about these questions:

1) What are you good at?

2) What do you like?

3) How can these things be combined with other people’s needs?

4) How do these things create new value?

On this basis, To make your own works and achievements, this is your personal brand.

2. Take advantage of your advantages

As ​​mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of introverts lies in focusing and thinking , Depth and empathy.

This kind of you will pay attention to the smallest things in life, It is easy to think of things that others can't think of when connecting and structuring.

You do not need to forcefully change your selfIt is necessary to give full play to your own character advantages and give yourself positive feedback to guide your goals.

3. Change mindset

Don’t refuse to contact new things, don’t refuse to contact strangers, step out of your comfort zone, and treat each challenge as a gift , Proceed with the mentality of success.

If you are afraid of speaking, take part in more speech contests to strengthen contact; if you are afraid of communication, try to boldly present your thoughts and opinions, make adequate preparations in advance, and sort out your ideas.

Get rid of the curse of "I am introverted, I can't do it." Only by bravely stepping out of your comfort zone can you really make progress.

Introversion does not mean failure. On the contrary, it means reliability and stability , Mature and trustworthy.

Don’t label yourself "I can’t do it", remove the curse of "I’m introverted, I can’t do it", and bravely step out In your own comfort zone, you can also shine in the audience and truly grow.