“I don“t want to leave, teach you to cherish.“

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Many friends once complained to me about their target: "He has time to post to Moments, play games, and chat with other people, but he doesn't reply t

“I don“t want to leave, teach you to cherish.“

Many friends once complained to me about their object:

"He has time to post to Moments and time to travelI have time to chat with other people, but he doesn’t reply to me. He knows that I’m waiting. Isn’t it worth a few seconds for him to reply to a message? "

"I want him to accompany me, but he would rather go to friends and play games than to come to me. "

"I will not contact her, nor will she actively contact me. I don't ask her, she never asks me. The two are obviously lovers, but they are estranged, even worse than friends. ”

"I’m sick, and told him that she was tepid and irrelevant to say: morerest. I have a high fever of 39 degrees, and my aunt is rolling on the floor in pain, and he will not ask for a leave to take me to the doctor. ”

"I moved and cleaned up for 2 days, and a bunch of heavy things were lifted up and down, and he did not come to help me . Sometimes when I get off work late, he never comes to pick me up or call me a car. An ordinary friend treats me better than him. "

"He was in a relationship with me, and was also ambiguous with other people. He told him to block him, and he secretly contacted me . Every time I said to change it, I forgot it again after a few days. ”


Every time I receive such information, I will say, since he is so bad, then you should leave him. Such a person is not worthy of your nostalgia. Take a step back and say, even if he can always be with you, will you be happy? Will you be happy if you live this life forever?

However, many people’s replies are: "unhappy," "not willing", "inseparable".

“I don“t want to leave, teach you to cherish.“

Many people are like this, even if the other person makes a mistake, even if the other person is not so good to himself, even if he doesn’t just love You, even you know, he doesn’t love you, you still don’t want to leave him.

Remember that the movie "Forgive Him 77 Times" has Such a line:

If you lose trust in a relationship, you can already be sentenced to death, but it’s really hard to leave, especially when forgiving him has become a habit.

Yes, it’s really hard to leave alone. If it weren't for the disappointment accumulated for too long and too much neglect, who would want to leave a person who has been in love for so long?

Many people may have a diary in their hearts to record the things that make you unhappy. In the beginning, you will care about these things, make trouble with him and quarrel with him. You are jealous and you are wronged.To cry and run away from home, you toss yourself to prove that he loves you and want toget himcare. Later, more unhappy things accumulate, and you get tired from tossing, and slowly look down. I'd rather be sad and wronged by myself than talk to him.

I'm noisy, just want you to coax me. But if I stop making noise, I will be disappointed, or even give up. At this time, what else you say, I don’t want to listen.

Every time you choose to forgive, some people will cherish you more because of your forgiveness.And some people only get better and less care of your feelings.

Until one day you can't bear to choose to leave, the other party is still indifferent, letting you cry, letting you look back three times, he won't say a word If you want to stay.

“I don“t want to leave, teach you to cherish.“

People who always forgive others, in It must be miserable in your love life, because someone has already got your seven inches, he knows you will forgive, and he knows you won’t go.

Zhang Xiaoxian once said: Sometimes, when we are willing to forgive a person, it is not that we are really willing to forgive him, but that we are unwilling to lose him. We do not want to lose him, but pretend to forgive him.

However, many people don’t understand. Not everyone is willing to forgive you 77 times.Not everyone can continue to be with you after forgiving you 77 times.

If one day you can’t find me, please remember that I also gave you a chance. Later, I didn’t love you anymore, but I didn’t dare to love you again. .

If you love me, please be nice to me. I really don’t want to leave the church to cherish it.

Who likes to stay up all night endlessly,

Just waiting for one,

Small, long-lost message.

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Love is often lost in reality, showing affection, often not far from separation, it feels better to be realistic, flashy, romantic love is not as good as always silent Accompanying, work hard for the family and children, as in romance novelsLove is just a pastime for the rich. There are still many ordinary people in the world. The fantasy is so beautiful that you can't accept the reality!


When we say "I love you" in love, it is because I love you who shine. And when I say "I love you" again in marriage, it's because I love you with scars. I want to share a saying I like very much: "When we love someone in the dark, our love is like the light of a flashlight, hitting that person, making that person a god in your heart, but do you know? Although the light is not on you, you are the light itself.


I like someone. That’s right, but the thing is that she doesn’t like it Me, only now I understand that my liking for her is just my sadness to myself, so the enthusiasm for not getting a response, I just let it stop.


The person who pushed me to hell has also Take me to heaven. If I can come back again in this life, I hope we will never meet. With a desireless heart, in exchange for lies and betrayal again and again, I think as long as I can bear it, I will ToFor as long as I treat you well enough, I can move you. It turned out that I thought it was just what I thought, and in exchange for it, I just changed things time and time again. After today, I will not wait or forgive, and I will be separate from now on. Tianya, never see each other.

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