A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

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Many people would say that it mainly depends on the mood. When you have free time and are happy, you can sort it out. If you are unhappy, tired and di

A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

When talking about cleaning up housework, many people will say that it mainly depends on the mood. When they have free time and are happy, they put it together. If you are unhappy, tired and confused, you just want Ge You lie, take care of houseworkWell, it will be stranded indefinitely, anyway, if it is not cleaned up, it will not have much impact!

This article tells us whether mom and dad love to work and whether the house is tidy , How to have a subtle influence on the child.

There was once a very popular video called: Your look is the look of your daughter’s future husband.

An elderly father, watching his daughter go home from work, he was very busy and dizzy. She is a mother, wife, nanny, employee and other multiple roles, while the son-in-law is leisurely by the side "Eating hot pot and singing songs."

A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

After school, my son often throws his schoolbag away, and books are scattered everywhere.

Every time I saw me, I was very angry. Once, because the books were scattered everywhere, I couldn't find them before I went to school. I was a little angry and said: "Yes, let you go around, I really don't know who you learned from this stinking problem."

My son glanced at me and said: "I didn't learn it from you. I just lost a few books. Who should be to blame for our mess?"

My wife and I belong to careless people, and seldom clean up the family.

Every time I go home, I feel tired and paralyzed. I lie on the sofa and brush up the circle of friends. At first, the wife would clean up a little bit, but then she got tired too, because the daily work also made her very tired.

After a long time, we have developed a habit of laziness. Unless there are guests at home, we are absolutely unwilling to clean up.

After a long time, the behavior of the two of us has seriously affected our son. He also became lazy after returning home from school. After finishing his homework, he lay down and watched TV. Books were lying around. A family of three seems to be living in a "pigsty".

In fact, the behavior of parents deeply affects children. How can a family with a messy room raise promising children?

A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

Last Saturday, I went to my colleague Xiaohe’s house as a guest. Their room was well cleaned, bright floor, and the entrance The neat shoe cabinet is in sharp contrast with our home.

Xiao He’s daughter is doing homework in the study. I took the gift I bought for her and came to the study. After she saw me, she said happily: "Thank you, uncle."


While talking to her, I looked around the study room and all the books were neatly placed on the shelves. The study desk is also very tidy, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

I smiled and said to her: "Your house is really clean, not as messy as ours."

She said: "Uncle, I am used to it. Mom and DadHe is a person who loves cleanliness very much. Since I was a child, I have been strictly demanded by them. Once I got up without folding the quilt and my mother refused to let me eat breakfast. Later I remembered it. "

During the meal, I said to Xiao He: "No wonder your daughter has such good academic performance. It has a lot to do with your living habits."

Xiao He said: "Perhaps, a comfortable living environment will make people happy. If the room is messy, we will feel very depressed. "

Later, I learned that Xiao He often dedicated time to clean up the house. He felt that our external environment is an internal projection.

If it is dirty and smelly In such an environment, people will have negative energy, and their temper will become very irritable.

The mess at home will also bring confusion in our minds, which will make us lack calm when encountering things. , Children’s academic performance in this environment is naturally notGo, because this environment makes him very bored.

A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

The Harvard Business School survey shows that children in a school with neatly arranged desks are often those Children with excellent grades, optimistic and cheerful, because tidying allows them to learn to plan, learn to be patient, free from dust, and have a clear face.

If our home environment is messy and dusty Feixu’s, then we often get irritated in front of our children because we can’t find a certain item. We have paid too much attention to children’s academic performance and neglected to cultivate their ability to classify and organize them!

Children have a strong ability to imitate. They will unintentionally imitate the practices of their parents. If you often keep your home very clean, then in this environment, he will alsoDevelop a good habit quickly.

On the contrary, if the family is chaotic, then his life and mood are also chaotic, and his academic performance will naturally not be good.

A person's room hides his own state of life, hides his child's future.

Psychoanalyst Alberto Aiger believes that:

In the life of a couple, there is a chaos behind him, indicating Subconsciously hesitate to leave room for the other half.

In fact, the unwillingness to clean up the room may be due to the influence of the family in childhood.

We always leave the appeal of cleaning up the room to our parents. We can be lazy if we are lazy. After we get married and have children, this stubborn concept has been affecting us.

A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

French psychologist Mariz Wayan said:

If you don’t like to clean up the housework, it means that people haven’t Get rid of the dependence on others as a child, and expect that someone will follow to clean up for yourself and solve problems for yourself.

My friend Sophie is a senior Chinese teacher at a school. What makes him depressed is that his son's academic performance has been poor..

Later, he communicated with his son, and his son said: "Every time I get home, I feel bored and don’t want to do homework at all. I feel very depressed."

At the beginning, Sophie thought it was an excuse for the child to make it difficult to study. It was not until he read a book that he knew how much family disorder had affected the child.

The chaos and disorder caused her a lot of trouble: the library borrowed books were lost before being returned in time; forgot to pay the electricity bill and the power was almost cut off; often spent an hour or two rummaging through the cabinet to find a credit card; if so Looking for books, she often has to flip through it for a long time.

Later after she realized the seriousness of this problem, she often took time out to clean up the room. As time went by, she developed a good habit. She no longer had to dig through boxes and cabinets when looking for things. All the items were placed. All of them are in order, and what makes her more gratified is that the child's academic performance has improved.

Learn to organize your own room and let the family live in a comfortable environment, where the future of the child is hidden. Especially for children in grades 1-6, parents should pay more attention to habit training, which is conducive to laying a good foundation for subsequent learning and laying a good foundation for the development of their children.

A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

A 20-year study conducted by Harvard University some time ago showed that children who love to do housework follow Do notCompared with housework, the employment rate is 15:1, the income is 20% higher than the latter, and the marriage is happier.

A survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences on 20,000 elementary school families across the country also shows that children who do housework and clean homes are better than children who do not do housework in a messy home. The ratio is 27 times higher.

There are many examples that prove that if you want a child to become an elite, let him do housework and clean up the house is essential.

The Rockefeller family of American super giants has been passed down for six generations. From generation to generation of elites, there has never been a single prodigal. It is because of the inheritance of the house rules that the children have been allowed to keep accounts and do housework since childhood. Zhao Xicheng, the father of Zhao Xiaolan, the new US Secretary of Transportation, has raised 5 very good daughters because he asked Zhao Xiaolan to take his sisters to do housework since he was a child, clean up the room and help.The family makes expenditure planning. Because he helped the family share the labor since he was a child, every child is independent and simple, without arrogance or rashness. After he grows up, he has become an elite in all fields.

A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

Children are important family members regardless of age, so tell them what they should bear in the family Responsibility is very important, and taking on housework and cleaning the room is the best way. Children of different ages canWhat kind of housework to do? The following housework list may be useful for reference.

6-8 years old

Being a child When they are 6-8 years old, parents should let their children do simple things independently.

  • Classify and organize the clothes that need to be washed and the clothes to be worn
  • Organize your schoolbag
  • Organize and wear yourself
  • Get ready to go to school alone
  • Learn to sort and throw out the garbage
  • Clean the house with mom every week
  • Clean up the dishes and the dining table after meals

7-9 years old

Children aged 7-9 can teach them to use some household appliances in the previous housework. Of course, the most important thing is to remind them to use them safely.

  • Clear your schoolbags and wear them before school
  • Learn to cook with a rice cooker
  • Learn to wash dishes
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean
  • Safely use common appliances such as microwave ovens
  • Clean up your own room
  • Cook simple meals with mother’s help

8-10 years old

For children 8-10 years old, parents can allow their children to participate in the formulation of family plans and encourage them to express their opinions.

  • Prepare the purchase list
  • Make a plan with parents
  • I can cook simple meals by myself
  • Sort the clothes and wash them with the washing machine
  • Fold the clothes and put them in the closet
  • Keep your bedroom tidy
  • Help mother clean the house

How to do it better Guide your children to do housework

▐ Start with internal housework

Let children start learning from their own work, including the ability to take care of themselves.

For example: learn to put on and put the clothes on your own; tidy up your own toys; put dirty clothes in the basket.

▐ Housework schedule

Parents can design a housework plan and discuss with the child what he can do? What do you want to do?

▐Learn from family activities

  • Choose dishes: Let children participate together, from choosing dishes to washing dishes, Let the children know that the food they are eating can only be eaten after these steps, and teach them to do housework through learning.
  • Cooking: From washing rice to cooking, parents and children participate together and tell them how much to fill, which can also teach children the concept of saving.
  • Sweep the floor, wipe the table: You can let the child try to do simple housework by himself, or the parent can teach the child how to do it, in order to clean the table and floor.
  • Dry, collect, and fold clothes: When drying clothes, you can let your child take a hanger to help mother dry the clothes; folding clothes can be taught piece by piece.

▐ Let the child understand the meaning of doing housework

According to the child’s age, choose the housework that is within the ability. It is not easy to be too difficult , So as not to have resistance and fear due to setbacks.

No matter how the child is doing, don’t forget to give him praise and encouragement. Let the child know that you have seen every "little thing" he does. Because he is young, his ability and endurance are limited. Naturally Not as proficient as adults. But it doesn't matter, mom knows you worked hard.

In addition, the husband and wife’s division of housework should be properly arranged so that the children have a correct understanding. "Home" belongs to everyone, so every person in the houseEveryone has an obligation to do one thing.

A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

Educator Suhomlinsky once warned his parents:

Don't protect your children from labor, and don't be afraid that your children's hands will become hardened.

Let your children know that bread is hard to come by.This kind of labor is real joy for children.

Through labor, you can not only understand the world, but also understand yourself better.

Children who have been trained to do housework and tidy up the room since childhood have strong social and environmental adaptability, and often know how to take care of themselves and others better than children who can’t do housework. Such people are more loved and welcomed by others. .

So, I can't bear to use a child to kill him! Let the children learn to do some housework within their capacity!


A family with a messy room cannot raise promising children

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