I observed those great people for a whole year and they taught me these ten things

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I especially believe in one sentence, that is, by looking at what a person says and do on a daily basis, you can probably determine the person's futur

In the past two years I have resigned to become a freelancer. I have met many people of all kinds. I especially believe in one sentence, that is, by looking at what a person says and do every day, you can probably determine the future direction of this person . This sentence is not an exaggeration.

I am not a good talker, but I like to communicate with the good people around me, listen to what they say and see what they do. I have observed a lot of powerful people around me, everyone is different, but there are 10 points, which are their common characteristics, and they are also the ten points that I have benefited the most in the past two years and want to write and share.

Always learn, never eat his own money

The biggest characteristic of successful people is: always learn, never stop. Any blank time, either reading or holding a mobile phone to read.

They are dedicated, aggressive, motivated, and love to learn. They will not beStopped for graduating from college, or getting married and having children, on the contrary, it lasts for a long time.

The so-called middle-aged crisis is a crisis of middle-aged people who stop studying and spend time off work every day. Which successful person have you seen around you is eating your money every day? They have thrown away their old books long ago, and they have saved a lot of new books!

Arrange and plan everything ahead of time

There is a very famous person in my circle of friends. She has two children, both of whom have just started school and have attended many training courses. As the boss of her own company, she is responsible for the food and drink of all employees. However, the children learn to travel abroad, but none of them are left behind.

Her biggest secret is to plan ahead. Not one day ahead, but one month ahead of schedule to arrange things for the next month.

I have known her for a year, I have been secretly learning from her, The whole family of seven people, young and old, are now properly arranged by me, without delay, and can do anything.

To run after life, don't let life drive us away.

Superb connections and resources

In the second half of life, everyone understands the hardships of life and efforts have become the norm. No matter how bad they are, they will fight for the baby's milk powder. But some people struggled to stay up all night and didn't make a lot of money, and they still couldn't do anything.

In the second half of life, people help each other and make use of each other. If you don't have the connections and resources, and no one can help you, you can only make hard money on one-third of your own land.

No one is born to be particularly social. If you don’t understand this truth at the age of 30, you still feel that you are introverted and unwilling to communicate with others, and you are unwilling to overcome your weaknesses. What is waiting for you is Was slowly eliminated.

Don’t watch TV, don’t gossip, don’t gossip.

I talked to my assistant yesterday. The biggest feature of the people around who are worth hundreds of millions is that they have a gas to make money. The biggest difference with us is that people think about how to make money when they have time, and we think about entertainment gossip when we have time.

People feel that nothing is a matter. And when your glass mind is overwhelmed, everything except work to make money is a matter. You spend a lot of time to solve some of the discomfort and unhappiness caused by the glass mind. As for the mention of working to make money, you immediately lose your breath.

Continuously try new things

Many people lose their enthusiasm for new things without knowing it. In fact, you are old.

Many people think a lot when facing new things, and are reluctant to try a new step.

Many people are asking questions and waiting for others to try first.Following the trail

But the people who rushed in front have eaten up all the bonuses. All that is left for you is the opportunity to spend money.

I can control my emotions

I have seen too many people who break down in the middle of the night, both single and married. Of course, when he collapsed.

When I collapsed, I thought everything was dim and there was no hope. The mood plummeted, and it was decided that the work would collapse completely and could no longer proceed!

But slowly, I found out that even if something big happened to those successful people, what immediately appeared in their minds was not what to do, but a list of how to solve one, two, three, and four, and quickly clam down.

Try it, don’t give up too early

No matter for yourself, for the project, or even for the children, the eternal way of doing things is: try and don’t give up too early.

I have seen a successfulThe child of a meritorious person took his child to a training class. At first, the child didn't want to go to the school. We all advised him to give up and don't torture the child. Only he insisted not to give up.

In his opinion, at the beginning of an event, when there is no sense of accomplishment, the sense of frustration is extremely strong. But if you don't persevere, there will never be a day when you can gain confidence, and you will feel frustrated throughout your life.

Sure enough, after three months, the child became the best in the class. Now he has won awards in various competitions. Children with an extra skill will have greater choice in the future.

Seeing the advantages of others

Continuously perfecting yourself madly

Most of you, seeing peers, especially those who are stronger than yourself, will be hostile attitude. The end result is that friends gradually move away and have nothing to do with each other.

But what a smart person does is: be friends with you and learn the sparkle in youPoint, let yourself kill everyone in seconds.

Continuous progress and tossing is the greatest stability

When we graduate, we don’t want a stable life. For a slightly flat life, we feel that we have lost our talents.

After being tortured by life for many years, after seeing the cruel reality of getting married and having children, I realized how much I look forward to a life of nine to five, and it is best to go to work and wear sweaters.

Those who really have such a life know that in the face of the great changes in the world, their inner panic is self-evident.

True stability is the continuous improvement and blessing of one's own abilities, rather than sitting on a stool and repeating yesterday's time.

View and layout are the most important things

View is a magical thing, the more you hold it, the bigger it is, just like desire, but if you ignore it, it will shrink and shrink. There is not even a piece of sand in the eyes.

Someone often tell me: What you said does not exist, it is impossible.

But the great man dumped you 100 blocks because he did a lot of things that you didn’t believe in and couldn’t do.

You can't do it, not everyone can't do it.

That's it.

There are many people who say: What you said is nonsense, we all know it

You knew it a long time ago, but you didn’t do it, so this is what we have gap.

That's it.

Finally, I would like to give everyone a recent insight:

In the process of a person’s hard work, the biggest enemy and the most shocked evaluation do not come from strangers, but People around you, such as parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.

The most common thing is that people around you will pity you when you areEnvy you when you are gong, look down on you when you have small grades, and slander you when you have great success.

Subtle psychological changes and reactions are just what human nature looks like. Of course it is also the changes of these people that hurt you the most. But if you know that this is normal, you can be less injured.

I observed those great people for a whole year and they taught me these ten things